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  1. I don't get it. I feel I've healed and moved on, but the past few nights all my dreams have been about us holding hands, getting back together, etc. Then in the morning I'll feel it eating at me. Luckily I usually have activities to do to get her out of my head again. What do dreams really mean anyways?
  2. Just talk about how your day went, how they're doing, things that happened during the day, etc. Build conversations off that. My ex and I used to talk everyday about random stuff that happened during our day. But if you have nothing to say, then keep the phone conversations short. Just say you have to go do something. Relationships aren't based off phone conversations, they're just another nice thing to have.
  3. This sounds a lot like my situation. My girlfriend was coming off a horrible break up and her past was haunting her. I came in and was "the greatest guy in the world" to her. I helped her get through some tough times. Then on Tuesday she broke up with me and it "wasn't me, it was her." Now it has basically turned the tables and it sucks not knowing how she's feeling right now. The best thing you can do is try to keep no contact. Ignoring may seem childish, but the feelings are still there between you two. Give it some time and see what happens from there.
  4. This is a great post. I think you hit pretty much everything on the head. It's tough moving on, but eventually it hits you that they aren't there anymore and there's no reason to think about what you can't have. If they come back, then great. If not, then you're moving on and living for yourself now.
  5. It sounds like he thinks you will always be there no matter what. Set your foot down and make it known that you are prepared to move on with your life if he can't commit 100% to you. That's the only way he will realize that you're serious.
  6. Here's my original thread on the break up: It's crazy how far I've come. I was completely heart broken after the break up. I finally realized today that it was stupid of me to even think about being there as a friend. She told me she needs to figure her stuff out as a single person right now, and I need to give her that space. If she really wanted me around she wouldn't have broken off the relationship. She's smart enough to know what she did. I think once she realizes that I'm not going to call her or be there whenever she needs me, she'll realize what a mistake she made. I treated her so well and did basically anything she wanted me to. So, until she is ready to commit 100% to me again, I won't be there. I'm not going to wait around for her to get to this point either. I've already met a new girl that I like and we are going out this week. If a serious relationship forms out of this, then I'm completely ready for it. I feel like I've recovered enough to realize this isn't just a rebound girl. I don't care if the ex finds out either. In fact, I hope she does and realizes that I'm not just a pushover that will be there all the time.
  7. I haven't told my ex that I'm doing no contact. I really feel there is no reason to. I made it completely clear that I'm still here to talk, but I'm not going to call her. She can call me if she really wants to.
  8. Great post...it really is true. Falling in love with someone is great, but then when they don't have the same feelings as you it comes back at you so hard.
  9. I brush my teeth every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed. If I'm going out clubbing or to a party or something like that, I always brush before I leave. I don't understand either. It really is gross to think that a lot of people don't do it. It's just sort of a routine for me I guess and I care about my hygiene. Some people don't.
  10. That sounds fine to me. You can't avoid her because you work with her, so you might as well still be polite and say hi every now and then. Let her initiate a conversation if she wants. But definitely don't try to go out of you way to talk to her.
  11. Looking at you a lot...smiling whenever he sees you...trying to be close to you all the time. At least that's what I do if I like a girl.
  12. Theres other things like she lies alot about really important things, and she tells other lads she loves them and i sit here and take it. You take that? Well there's a big problem right there. If my girlfriend ever lied or said she loved another guy, I'd get really pissed off and make sure she knew. It sounds like you hold a lot in from what I read. You need to let your emotions go and tell her how you really feel. Otherwise, this relationship won't last. Trust me. I was the same way in a past relationship. My biggest regret is not telling her how I felt about certain things.
  13. I've tried my best to heal. I haven't talked to her since we broke up and it's been about a week. But everything I do just reminds me of her. I'll be listening to a song and I'll think she likes this type of music. Another song will be about a break up or a girl, and I'll think of her. I'll be working out and think how she does the same workouts as me. I'll be driving around and see someone driving the same type of car as her, and I'll think of her. I'll hear someone say something and think she would say the same thing. Etc, etc... It's like nothing I do can get her off my mind. The last couple days I've tried my best to block out these thoughts but I just can't help it. I think I'll be making progress and then I start thinking of her again. It's so hard.
  14. I think NC is the best way to go. I've been NC for about a week now and it's helped me heal and stop thinking about her. It's tough, but I'm trying my best to move on. The only thing I can hope for is she's doing the same and maybe misses me. If not, then I'm prepared to live my life without her.
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