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  1. So, a little less than a month ago my boyfriend - of only about two months- said he wanted to take a break. Obviously I was upset because he was the one who wanted things to move so fast and I had been reluctant about that. I end up giving my heart to him only to have it crushed. He said I shouldn't be so upset and that he only wanted to figure things out, blablabla. Well we ended up getting into a huge fight and didn't talk at all for almost a week. Then he started texting/calling me again telling me he missed me and if I would come over. I did, we slept together and then watched a movie, he cooked me breakfast. It was just like we were never apart. Well, I felt like crap after that and vowed to myself not to do that again. Well about three days later he asked me to go out to dinner which I did and we had a great night together again! I was just over there yesterday and last night also. We haven't discussed anything though beyond the agreement that we're not sleeping with other people. He, like a lot of men, finds it hard to talk about relationship "issues" but I know I need to ask him what we're doing. How do I go about this in a good way? Or is that even the talk I need to have? Is he just lonely or could it be he's realizing he made a mistake and we're going back to dating and taking it slow this time? These are a lot of questions but any advice you could give would help me out! Thank you!
  2. So I had written before about my boyfriend seeming to want a lot of alone time lately. He told me Monday that he wasn't "dumping" me - he just needed some time to figure out his life,etc. He said he wasn't doing this to date other people or anything, but that I could. I figured that was a sign he really wanted to break up so I took the initiative and said that's fine but I'd like to go get my stuff. Then he got mad and said he was "hurt that I was so quick to throw things away". So I didn't go get my stuff! He said he probably just needed a week or two and then things would be back to normal. He said I was making things worse by all this "probing" as to what space means,etc. But what else am I suppossed to do? He called me last night to say good night and said he would "hopefully get a chance to call me tonight". He also said that he was just doing this because he wanted some time to himself and that he was enjoying this time. He said he was missing me too though. I just don't know what to do! He makes me sooooo happy and I love him dearly. I honestly don't think he wants to date anybody else because he does like his alone time. (Unless he's been lying to me, which I doubt). I just don't know what to expect, how to react. I haven't called him and don't plan on it. Is that what he wants? Am I some stupid woman ignoring the signs or do men really need space sometimes? I've been crying and feeling sorry for myself the past two days. Any insight you could offer would really help me. I'm at a loss here and kinda feel like I'm in a nightmare!
  3. So I've been dating a wonderful guy for two months. After only two or three weeks of dating he asked me to be his girlfriend and that we not see other people. I think he really does like being alone sometimes but I keep taking it personally. I really don't think he wants to break up or anything. I just want to know what's normal amount of time to spend together. We usually spend one or two nights a week together and then Saturday and Sunday night. I'm just used from my last relationship to spending every single night together. Is it okay to not spend every night together even if we are "offical"? That might sound stupid but I'm not the best at the relationship thing. Just need some advice because I've been driving myself crazy over it!
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