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  1. Wow this is a crazy post! I'm sure people on here will have all different advice for you. What I think is that he did to you exactly what you did to him a year ago. You met another guy while you were away, got a taste of the single life, and so broke up with him. At that point he was really sad and confused and wanted you back for months. You were out partying knowing you had a guy sitting in his room wishing he was with you. However he then got a taste of the single life too and met another girl and rediscovered the excitement of someone new. And then you started wanting him back again because you realized what you lost, and he saw the opportunity to kind of have both you and her after him. You didn't think he'd actually find another girlfriend. Am I correct with all of this? I'm kind of paraphrasing what you wrote to put it more in perspective. Then it seems like he didn't know what he wanted, you who his family know and who he loves dearly but also who dumped him seemingly out of the blue and he is already comfortable with, or the new girl who comes with the excitement of a new thing (don't you remember those first months?) Right now he has chosen the new girl. I think you should try and move on from this. I'm not saying he won't change his mind, he is obviously very close to you, but if he wanted to be with you he would because you've made it clear to him you want him back I think. It's hard but I think you have to kind of let go of him.
  2. How do you think you'll feel if you see him touching another girl and another girl touching him? That would make me shudder!! However if you must my advice is to at least find a girl less attractive than yourself.
  3. i think the most romantic thing was laying on the roof watching the air show (planes doing tricks) and eventually the sunset. we both got very sunburnt but it was well worth it.
  4. to be totally and brutally honest with no intention of offending you or hurting your feelings, seems to me he's lost interest in you and is keeping you around until another girl says yes since that one didn't.
  5. don't play the whole dating game. if you want to talk to her than call her. if you have other things to do and decide she should be the one to call then wait. you're the guy so i'd say call her.
  6. he has commitment issues. there's a reason he has TWO ex-wives. he can't commit. and if what you're looking for is a committed relationship, he isn't the one for you. to put it bluntly.
  7. do you know how much experience he has in dating? seems like in the beginning he was acting out the character of the perfect guy to date, one that would admit to crushes and make you feel very special. are you sure what he said was genuine or an act? my advice here, since you haven't talked since monday and its now practically friday, just move on. if you're so perplexed by his behavior, ask him. say something like, listen, i don't know what's going on with you, could you explain. see what happens.
  8. my advice would be to make yourself less available. if you're available and ready for him whenever he decides to call you up at 10 pm you aren't giving him any reason to prioritize your relationship cuz in his eyes its there when he wants it. maybe next time say, well, i'm tired from class and working all day, but we can get together this saturday night if you want...see if he makes some reference to that being the guys night out or something. i had a boyfriend like this, all he ever did was hang with the guys and hang with me when the guys were busy. i loved his attention whenever i could get it but looking back if i had made myself less available he would probably have tried harder for us. don't make the same mistake!
  9. not a good idea. get a boyfriend who is willing to invest in you for a relationship and then do him. eventually either you or your ex will fall for someone else, and if it happens to be him first, for you it'll feel like breaking up all over again. (believe me, i've done this. dated a guy for 4 months, we realized the relationship wasn't working but we were both hot for each other, and still got together strictly to fool around. not a happy ending)
  10. i understand what you mean by "weird." i sent an email to a guy telling him about serious stuff and just found out it was read but not replied to. makes me feel very very weird. and not a good weird. just...weird. discontent. dunno what to do. sucks. yeah idk about your situation but just felt i'd share i totally understand this "weird" thing.
  11. ask him if anything you do bothers him. see what he says. if you haven't already figured it out, you won't, so there's no other way to find out than to ask. and his friend obviously lied so theres no point in asking her.
  12. you can easily date without your work knowing. you already take lunch breaks together anyway. just don't be physically affectionate at work. seems like you guys got chemistry, ask her out again and make sure you say its a real date.
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