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  1. I travelled for four months internationally...I found friends along the way so I was never really alone. There were times I remember thinking I wish I was alone actually. I had bouts of major homesickness though. Everyone is different I find...some people are too fearful to be alone for any period of time...others thrive in it...I think if you just do it, you'll be fine...and it's a personal growth experience
  2. Girth is the problem - not length
  3. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a couple of months now...I'll cut right to the chase...his penis is way too big. It's by far the biggest I have ever seen and it's becoming a real issue. The first time we had sex, and ever since then, it's been painful and at times almost impossible to even get inside. Lubrication is not a problem. I get very excited, and have also used lube as well...this helps, but it's beyond that. He is gentle with me. My sexual experience has mostly been with guys with an average size penis, and it was far more enjoyable. While it would seemingly be a good thing, it now stresses me out even thinking about having sex with him, and I find myself not wanting to anymore. This also makes orgasm for me almost impossible because I'm so distracted by it. It hurts during and sore afterwards - and we don't even have sex for that long!! I figured after awhile I would just stretch out and it would get better...but that doesn't seem to be the case. We have sex maybe twice a week right now (wish it was more, but I can't due to soreness) and I don't think I'm "stretching out" at all. He understands this is an issue, I've been really sensitive about saying too much because I don't want to hurt his feelings. I really like him...but what do i do???
  4. http://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1761914 we were supposed to go to a friends social out of town tonight and it appears i may be going on my own...he hasn't called. i thought for sure he would. i'm really disappointed he's not willing to work on this. i don't want to go on my own, and i don't want to break up. i have enough dignity to know i am not being treated the way i want. he went out drinking with his buddies last night and i stayed at home and got some work done. I know I shouldn't call him. I have no reason to. I'm not going to apologize...last night I said to him 'I've been really clear...if after our conversation you still want to go out, I can't stop you' and that's exactly what he did. Also last night he texted me saying 'I hope your not serious about me not going to the social' (because on the phone I mentioned since we weren't getting along it would be a good idea - hoping that would give him incentive to start getting along) I replied to the text saying 'the way we are getting along right now I can't see it being a good idea can you?' in which he replied 'it would be worse if i didn't go'. i'm so confused. i really wish he would call :sad: :sad: :sad:
  5. I said I was studying till like 9...that's not the whole night...we still could of done something afterwards
  6. (ps. we've been together over a year) K...following previous post. I spoke about the issue of us not getting an QT last night. He picked me up @ bed time as per his usual garbage...and I was rather mad at this point cause I had been dwelling on this issue. So we talked about it, and he got really defensive, and was finnlly like'ya know, your right...' cause I was saying how him and his friends have things that they DO together, but we didn't have that: except of course for CSI which happens to be on at bedtime...so really we're not even spending THAT time together. Then I got kind of upset and didn't really want to talk to him anymore and went to sleep - probably not very productive argument. So tonight is Friday night and I told him I have to study...because I do, and partially because i'm "making myself not available" (which totally sucks..because i AM available!) When I asked what are his plans for this evening he said he was thinking about getting drunk...he didn't mention who, but this is obviously is not me because I have to study in the morning. I want to express to him, that 'HEY last night we talked about this, and it's friday night', and maybe him and I could go for a glass of wine later or just chill out the two of us - but that doesn't seem to be crossing his mind at all.. i obviously did not get through to him.
  7. Also I should note - when I said 6 months.. I meant like an actual date. We've gone out together like, with his friends, or my friends, or families, or other obligations. Just not QT
  8. I see what your saying..but it's not like he is the one phoning his friends all the time. They are the ones phoning him - every 20 minutes his f'n phone rings. I have spoken to him about it, but it seems there is no end in sight. he does have 2 roomates as well...2 single guys who love to patry. If I had 100% control, I would have him take one night of the week and ask me to do something. He hasn't asked me to do something in months...he just assumes I wanna come over @ 10 oclock at night.
  9. okay.. this may just be a vent - but here goes. my boyfriend is so popular. In his social network, he is honestly EVERYONES best friend. I mean, I don't blame them, hes a pretty good guy - but its really getting annoying! Mostly, I enjoy and am used to an equal relationship, but this is different. I have a pretty busy lifestyle...hell, I go to school full-time AND work 30 hours a week and still find time for the occasional social event, but not as busy as him. He only works 35 hours a week and yet somehow he is way too busy to see me... him and his friends have routine "24" nights and previously "OC" nights..him and his other friends hair "hair cut dates" and him and his other friends have gym dates, and then you add the guys night which is everyday friday, not to mention in the last 3 months he has been to newyork for 4 days (with the guys), miami for a weekend (with the guys), fort lauderdale for 4 days (with the guys) etc etc. plus he plays hockey and soccer. OKAY! So that's all fine and dandy that his life is full..and i gotta say, theres nothing WRONG with that..but I feel like my life consists around me waiting for him to pick me up. I have a busy life and I don't need to add things to make me feel complete, but I haven't been on a date with my boyfriend in about 6 months! ugh
  10. I think I've broken up with a guy before summer started. The reason is obvious - more potential for new action in the summer.
  11. While my situation isn't the same...I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years almost 2 years ago now. One of the hardest things I ever had to do. At the time I thought that the dumper must have it worse than the dumpee, cause i was in so much pain about it - especially since he didn't do anything wrong...I just felt we were in different places in our lives. I felt really guilty...but more so, I just felt sad and missed him a lot.
  12. emma34


    I haven't always been such an axious person. When I was in high school I had lots of friends, had good relationships, and never worried what anyone thought of me. It's been a couple of years...and gradually, its getting worse. I don't talk to ppl much anymore, and am very quiet. I'm anxious all the time, and am always worrying if ppl think i'm weird or rude or something. I feel like I never know what to say to ppl and I feel like every conversation I have turns akward within 2 minutes. I've taken mood stabilizers and anti-depressants, neither of which helped, and for the last 7 months or so I've been off any medication because I really don't like taking it. I'll be all for it, but then once I start taking it I just can't wait to get off. Has anyone ever taken anti-anxiety drugs? Did they work??
  13. Looks like she wants her cake and to eat it too! I wonder how her live-in boyfriend thinks of her flirting with you and calling you - I know if my boyfriend was doing that with his ex I would be furious. Since she is obviously not strong enough (or just plain willing) to 'give you closure' i think its time to consider the fact that actions speak much louder than words in a way. She flirts with you and leads you on because she is insecure and enjoys your affection, knowing she can get it. It is childish. But the fact that she has moved on with this new boyfriend of hers suggests that she in fact HAS moved on....so if I were you, say straight up to her your not comfortable chatting on the phone and her flirting with you knowing that she has a boyfriend, if anything out of respect for him (whether or not you have respect for him really isn't the issue...its respect for yourself REALLY). She probably is feeling kind of confused herself and is having trouble letting you go...but she has a new boyfriend now and its time to either get back together and leave it behind..and its lookin to be the latter. I don't want to encourage this resentment, but maybe it wil help you move on - because she sounds like nothing but trouble for you right now.
  14. If I was to put myself in your shoes, I can understand your frustration and confusion. I gotta say, if it was me, I would probably want to take a bit of a break...after 5 years and he is still confused about whether he wants to be with you forever?? Either way, don't rush into marriage - and don't think that marriage proposals will make anything better or resolve anything.
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