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  1. My current girlfriend of 2 months is someone I can really see myself spending the rest of my life with. She's perfect in every way and has a great personality. She talks about marriage all the time and says what songs she's going to play at it and everything. We're both only 18 years old though, and she's still in high school while I'm in college. I still haven't told her I love her yet, but I do. I'm worried I might be moving too fast. Should I tell her how I feel or would it scare her away? The last girlfriend I had dated me for 6 months and I never had these thoughts, so it's kind of weird. I never even though I'd get married or want to get married until at least 30 or so.
  2. Thanks for the great replies guys. I appreciate it. You guys are right, I just need to get myself motivated somehow. I woke up today with a new attitude. I just told myself that I seriously need to get my act together. As soon as I woke up I ran a mile on the treadmill and lifted some weights in the basement to get my energy level up. As for school, it has been rough this semester but there's still about 3 months left. I can bring my grades up. I'm going to try my hardest these last few months and make the best of it. As for my girlfriend, she has told me in the past that me being shy is a good thing. It just feels like it's not to me, you know? Maybe I'm just overreacting here.
  3. This guy is nothing but scum. Anyone that cheats will lie about it and get his buddies to back him up. You are being pulled along a road that will lead to nothing but sadness. Get rid of this guy before he hurts you anymore.
  4. Lately I've been feeling really down about my life. It seems like there's nothing in my life that's going right at the moment. I can't get myself motivated for college anymore. This weekend I planned on doing a lot of homework and studying for my tests that are on Wednesday, but I ended up doing nothing. I pretty much spent my weekend on the internet and sleeping. My grades during the first semester were great, but right now I'm getting C's and D's. When I'm in class I just lose my train of thought and sometimes fall asleep. I'm not even sure if I want to do the major I'm in right now. I have scholarships that depend on my grades and when I think about my screw ups this semester, it's almost like it's too late for me to recover in my mind. I feel tired all the time. It doesn't matter how much sleep I get, I still feel the same way. This messes up my concentration and I get off task easily. I recently moved out of my parents house and got my own place. It's nice and I feel independent, but it just feels like there's something missing. I feel so alone and worry about things way too much. I can't stand it. I've lost contact with all my old friends and really don't talk to anyone in college. I'm shy so it's hard for me to initiate and keep up conversations. But what I hate the most right now is how I feel with my girlfriend. She's a great girl and I love her so much, but she's wild and I'm shy. I'm worried that because of this I'll lose her to some crazy guy. She has a lot of friends and whenever I see her talking to another guy, I get worried. If I lost her I don't think I'd want to live anymore. Seriously, I can't stand this anymore. I need some advice.
  5. I just told her today that I'm not, and she didn't really seem to care. I did tell her that it embarrassed me that she asked in front of her family. She said that sometimes she doesn't think before she speaks and is sorry. So at least now everything is settled with this.
  6. I was never circumsized as a baby. The other day my girlfriend asked me if I was or not kind of as a joke because it was in front of her family, and I just kind of shrugged it off. She didn't ask me again but I have a feeling she will. Does it really matter in a relationship or not? I want to tell her that I'm not, but it's an uncomfortable topic for me.
  7. I'm probably going to go to Bath and Body Works and get some stuff. Any advice on what stuff girls like from there? Also maybe a Blockbuster gift card because we like to watch movies together.
  8. So I've known a girl for a couple months now. We're not really dating right now, but I can tell she likes me. I asked her on the phone what she wanted for her birthday and she said, "Just you being there is all I need. I don't really care what I get." But I have to get her something. She recently went on a trip with her family and brought me back some gifts, including a necklace, that she made for me. I'm not really sure what to get her though. It's going to be a family party so I can't really take her anywhere then. Any ideas? She's turning 17 btw..
  9. When I have those thoughts I know I would never go through with it. They just linger in my head because it seems like such an easy way out. It just scares me to think that my life could be gone in a second and not knowing what's after it.
  10. That's kind of creepy that he's coming out to you so much about this and it was only a "fling". I guess if you like the guy then keep him around but it sounds like he's obsessed with your feet...
  11. Every now and then I'll feel great and then the next day I'll feel like crap. Like the other day, I hung out with my girlfriend and felt great and sociable. Today I feel terrible. Just really tired, alone, and kind of like I don't want to talk to anyone. Even if my girlfriend calls on the phone it doesn't make me feel any better. Sometimes I'll have suicidal thoughts. Then the next day I might feel better again. I don't know what's wrong but I'm tired of feeling like this. My parents don't make it much better either, especially my father. He constantly drills it into me that I spend too much time doing stuff like videogames, computer, hanging around with friends, and not enough time actually working. When in reality I go to college and do work, but he works all day and comes home and sees me on the computer thinking that's all I've been doing all day. He doesn't realize how crappy he makes me feel. Sometimes I just wish I could pack up and move away somewhere else and start over. Don't know what's going on...I just need some help with this. I don't know how much longer this can go on.
  12. My first kiss was so bad. I wasn't sure what to do and we just sort of locked lips for a few seconds. At least by the second kiss I knew what to do now and my girlfriend got her tongue involved...lol.
  13. You can't write because you can't think of anything or is it because there is too much going on around you? I'm a big procastinator myself. I can't concentrate unless I have a deadline to make. It's kind of weird but it's how I do my work. I wish I could change it, but it's how I've always been. I usually go to a really quiet place and get to work.
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