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  1. here are a bunch of poems i have written and ide like to share them with you guys, please tell me what you think. On a beach never forgotten On a beach never forgotten, You lay there soaking up the sun, Watching the 3 of us at play, Looking dumb as it takes 3 of us to wrestle with a single fish, Then only to be showed up at the Island by out-digging all of us in the search for littlenecks, Loading up the boat, was never a hassle with you to remind us where to put certain things, On the way home, stopping at our 3 lonely lobster pots, Waiting with anticipation for that first lobster we’ve ever caught, Only to see an endless supply of spider crabs. Coming home later that day, with a boat full of fish, and other billingsgate treasures We remember how great the day was, and no day will ever be exactly the same. A last sunset night On a last sunset night, With the last wisps of light, All the colors of the setting sun, Be reflected upon your warm face, Remembering all the years that have gone past, Taking it all in at your own pace, Wishing for it all to never end, Waving to a set of impatient fisherman, and walking back with the other few Saying the final goodbye and going on the short walk home, The sand seeping through your toes and the loved ones by your side, We watch you disappear down the beach, the warm wind blowing around you, Not knowing that this would be your, Last sunset night. May 12, 2007 A Hearts Story Ever heart has a story to tell, Although every one can spill their words, The heart can never say it all, From a hearts first love, To its last heart break, Someone can try to explain it all, But trying to find the time is just to hard, The heart will always change, It has a mind of its own, A thousand words can not tell one sentence, The only way to explain, Is through this lone tear in my eye, If only it could fall, That would say it all, That alone can tell a hearts story. Loving Memory In loving memory of you is all it says, But the whole story is only told through those who loved, Wanting you is our way of thinking, Thinking of the good times, And the hard times ahead, Wishing for that day to have never come, Seeing your face in that picture frame, Upon that wooden stand, Waiting for that day to be with you again, It’s all I can think, But with your blood flowing through my veins, And guessing your last wishes, I will carry on knowing I have your strength within, But all I can read, In loving memory. A lonely Night It is another lonely night, Sitting here, thinking of you, Wishing you were still here so I would not have to be this way, Trying to think I’m still wanted, By those who said they did, Only to be forgotten but one day later, Waiting for that call, and having it never come, It seems as though, I am remembered only for this tragic time, But all I feel is another night alone, With only me, myself and I Years have passed The years have passed, And now that you are not here, they seem to drag on forever, Remembering all those times, Where we talked and spoke to one another, Trying to forget those who have forgotten me, Thinking of who really cares, And who really doesn’t Sifting through those who say one thing and mean another, But it doesn’t matter for now, because I know, That you will always be with me in my heart, And even though my heart aches for you to be here, I can only think, What if I had been better? In the years that have passed. One week later It’s only been one week later, Life seems to drag on forever, Why is this feeling sustaining, Just waiting for this first tear to fall, I sit here thinking, As each hour goes by, Waiting as time creeps to a slower pace, But I am still sitting here, With a lone tear in my eye, It will still be there, But one week later. A lasting memory It had been such a long time, But since these last few weeks, Our old memories have been restored, To what they were once before, Before life became such a hassle, Now we remember how it used to be, The laughs and the tears together, But soon life will separate us once again, This time we have more times to keep, In our lasting memories. An early summer night A fire is blazing, The sky is clear, But one cloud streaks, accross the bright midnight moon, Looking out on the moonlit and fire burnt waters, I see nothing but your face, reflecting back at me, Thinking of you all the time, Everything is different, But knowing you are at peace, Leaves me with a full filled empty heart, Seeing the pictures of you, leaving a tear on my page. A feeling gone away Tis a feeling gone away, Gone by the loss of so much, Thinking how dumb I am, to think such a way, When being granted so much, All I can do, is be saddened by the loss, Only wanting to be done, Sitting here now, Thoughts running through my mind, Thinking how life could be, If only I hadn’t of lost you. A dream A dream of you, Sticks in my head, One night thinking of you, Sits in my mind like lead, It starts with us all, sitting side by side, Only moments later, Seeing you up front with my father, Standing there, as if it was your wedding day, To only be reunited by our sides, in the pew, Singing joyful songs, at that time, But the only think I could do as I woke, Was to have tears stream down my face, As I remember the words, In loving memory A simple little poem Its only poems that I can write, That expresses what I say, But I can only be a fool, Because I can ever duplicate the thought I have of you, So many thoughts, they can never be told, Not in a little poem, Nor a thousands pages, But the words of your lips, and wishes of your heart, Will always be remembered, When we think of you. Another night alone 6/3/07 It’s another night alone, I sit here pondering, Why it’s always like this, I try to be together with others, But im always held back for reasons that are too numerous to count. It seems like im so far from those I love, Even if they are down the hall, or down the street, Sitting here in the dark, Makes one realize, How life is so worthless, After trying and always having to give up. A reason to be forgotten 6/3/07 I am a reason to be forgotten, Why I am here I have no idea, I will never be as good, And have no reason to be, Wishing these feeling in my heart would leave, But the pain is always brought up, as soon as it starts to disperse, Reasons to forget me are so true, I have nothing to offer or give, My poems mean nothing, They are as empty as my heart wants to be, And as I sit here, I find myself thinking, why I have not left already, And this reason could be my last, Just wanting everything to be different, A time without me, A spot where I will be filled, By something better than I So I will end up being, A reason to be forgotten. A feeling gone away 6/3/07 My heart has been replaced, By a feeling gone away, Everything I once wanted has been torn from me, Can never be seen again, I see no reason, To keep going, I have no strength to care, Life is a task now that will lead me nowhere, Ide rather my life be spared to those who care, Than to myself, With a heart gone away. A nightmare realized 6/3/07 Continuously feeling lost, I don’t think I will ever be found, Nightmares run through my head, Of losing my all, I am so scared, of losing everyone, I wish for everything to be different, I want everything to be normal, I feel as though everything is wrong, Things just aren’t right, Work and death, running through my head, Thoughts of every kind, Losing everyone and everything is a constant threat, I don’t know why, but I can’t lose the thought, Because it’s all so true, I’m going to be alone one day, Going to be crazy forever And my nightmare will come true. A Heart of nothing 6/4/2007 I offered you my heart, But all I got in return, Was the same lonely heart? That I had to offer, Sitting here now, Wondering the worth of my love, Feeling as though, It’s a value of none, Been turned down, so many times before You were the one, who opened up to me, But no that I have lost, I having nothing else to give, But my heart of nothing What my eyes have seen June 6, 2007 What my eyes have seen, Is that of what no one wants to? I wish I could get rid of these memories, Seeing everything again in my head Just reminds me of the pain, From that night till now. I still imagine the pain, My eyes have seen so much, I wish to never relive it But my sadness brings it all back To what I’ve seen, again and again. Re-living those last hours Wondering how it will end I could only imagine a nightmare, But I wish my love could have saved you Even though that nightmare came true, And even if I do wake every day. Awaking to a nightmare, That never should have come true, But it all comes back to what I have seen In the sadness of my heart. Drifting June 5, 2007 I am drifting from you Like a raft on water My thoughts drag me away As if I’m tied down I can’t get back Trying to go home To the way it was But I am drifting from you And I have no power left To come and see you So this is a final chapter To a lost way As if it was all drifting away. I Don’t Know Why June 5, 2007 I don’t know why I have lost Lost this feeling, gone so far from me Wishing I could have it back But knowing it has slipped through my fingers I don’t know what to say But goodbye. Every Strength is a Weakness 6/9/07 Because everyone has a strength, It is also their weakness, From boldness to crowdedness, From sport to brains, A combination of any which, Can cause many pains, It is a power that one may keep, Or also kill, Its writing that you say is mine, But it is a weakness, A weakness that I don’t want looked upon, Something that means nothing, My dear words are useless, In this desperate time of needs, Because ever strength does have a weakness. Change 6/21/07 What is this feeling of change? Everything was once just so, Now it is all screwed up, with one big blow, Many events have lead to this, But one final impact, Just tore me apart, My insides are gone, ripped away, What I once had has been changed. thanx of those who read them all god bless
  2. so im only 15, but im well on my way through puberty and such, well what i wanted to find out, is for the girls around my age, is it sexier to have a lil chest and stomach hair or shaved off, (but i leaving my arms and legs) but i am a pretty hairy guy so idk, just want an opinion or 2 thanx
  3. hutch007


    one, im 16 and a half.... and i could go get condoms and stuff, i was jw about the topic too
  4. srry i didnt even say who the "we" was..... its a girl who i met a few weeks ago.. and just for the info, we have already made out in the church
  5. so really, being religiouse and everything is just an idea? thats what i was thinking, so really there is no specific religion.... they just say that couase way baq when everyone hated eachother and wanted there "ideas" to be the top one.... well anyways the reason i brought thisup is couse im going to church this sunday, and we have been talking and this will prabably upset alot of people, but we plan on kissing and some other sexual stuff, "not sex" but i think its kinda wrong, but we also both really like eachother andhave no where else to hang or go couse we both have homewokr and stuff to do,, (and dont wrry wede be far off when no one will know where we are) but is this really as wrong as it seems, couse some of my friends have told me to just go ahead its no big deal andothers r saying its a huge deal....
  6. ok well im 15 so im young and still learning everything in life and religion and god and everything.... but what im saying is, is there really a god, couse opinions go both ways. ok well i do think there is a god but what kind, couse there are so many diff. religions with so many diff. veiws and such, but then again theres scientific info that like he not real or somthing. Like god could be real couse * * * created everything we know as today, what created matter, what created the galexies and everything, but then again why havnt we seen any angels or anything in the last 1,000 years, couse technology? and everything, and also, the story of adam and eve, that kinda has to be fictional couse humans evolved from apes and stuff, (and im srry im not really educated with diff, religions and stuff so feel free to say anything,) so if anyone couls give me opinions and help with this that would be AWSOME
  7. Aurian, thats pretty funny, couse this spring when it gets warmer and the snow melts away, me and this girl i now, are planning on doing it in the woods , it is after all the only place we can do it
  8. hutch007


    what are like a few key things, that you can do from start to finish when having anal sex. like scicne i cant get stuff in stores and stuff, so what can i use as lube thats around my house, or like how can i get her relaxed, and all that. thanx
  9. ok so i met this girl, and we both plan on gving eachother oral sex. well from what ive noticed, is that a lot og girls dont liek the taste of a guys cum, anyway to fix that? also, do girls not liek a lot of hair on a guy down yonder. and what do girls like when a guys goes down on her, what makes her horny and what will give her alot of pleasure (in a general sense) (and yes i have looked around and didnt find much on these topics.) THANX TONS!
  10. alright, well me and thig ril have finally gotten a little bit tighter in a relationship and we are both ready to start on a more intmaite relationship. She says shes willing to give me handjobs now and let me feel her up and finger her. one thing though, ive never really done any of these things and dont really know anything really. any tips on motions or what to say or how to do give her alot of pleasure help!
  11. how can i tell my friend that a girl, that i want to kiss her with body language??? we might have a date tomaro for lunch and mabey goign to a park, but i think she thinks of it as just friends, but idk. any sugestions?!?
  12. with my ex, it drover me nuts when she had one hand on my chest and one playing with my hair
  13. yea man i know how you feel, except, well im 15, so your not alone. and yea just do what i do, be friends with girls hang out with them "date them" so to speek, and then later on hopefully, they will relize they are looking for the same thing u are, and mabey theyll be right there for you, just keep waiting....
  14. yea there are alot of other guys out there, take me for example
  15. um... i know how you feel... and well im a guy. it goes both ways i was sapose to have a girl call me today about plans for tomaro afternoon, and she said shede deffinatly call me around 6 or 7. its now 11 15 and i feel like ive been duped again, and the sad thign is, shes a close friend so i feel like its even worse, not just sum random guy on myspace so refrane from makeing acusation about guys always being the "bad end of the deal" and i apologize for the terrible typing and spelling hope u have better luck than i do
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