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  1. No, he broke up with me about a month ago. We just talked on the phone a few days ago. I'm still confused about why we broke up, etc. I told him I just needed to talk to him. I think he did date this girl for like 3 days last week, but I guess it didnt work out cause he changed his status. He never told me, I just knew from his facebook status and stuff. I didn't tell him I knew, I was kinda upset. he even im'ed me one night and said he had a bad night.
  2. It is hard. My ex and I are still friends, yeah yeah I know we shouldnt be, but not everyone is the same. I don't call him everyday or anything. He im's me first. He still talks to me and is still very nice to me. A few days ago we were talking on the phone(he was suppoosed to come over but he couldnt cause of work) and I kinda got upset and we kinda had an argument about our relationship, why we broke up etc. No yelling, I wouldn't call it an argument but I was just really upset and he got mad a little. But later that night he im'ed me and said he was sorry for getting a little pissed earlier. He has been very nice.
  3. Do you think it's possible for feelings to come back? My ex broke up with me cause he said it wasn't working out and his feelings just faded. It's a long story but I still believe he is the one. If I can't be with him now, i would love to be with him in the future.
  4. I kinda now how you feel. My ex broke up with me cause he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. it hurts so much cause i still love him and would do anything to get him back. He still wants to be friends and even asked to hang out next week. I still want to be friends, but it's gonna hurt knowing I can't hug or kiss him when I see him. I shouldn't see him, but I'm going to act like I'm fine and happy and maybe he will see that. I want him to miss me
  5. Well my BF seems to be acting normal now. Even said he missed me. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. It's not like I'm gonna change myself personally. I'm just gonna try more to get into college and not bother him so much.
  7. I'm still trying to be positive. I'm not gonna be "annoying" like he said I was, I'm gonna change and see what happens. I will prove to him that I am fine.
  8. I thought I was a good girlfriend...I guess not.
  9. I'm a failure then.. he talked about the future though, like doing different stuff..
  10. He says he loves me, if he didn't want to be with me, I think he would have told me or not asked to see me last night.
  11. Yeah, but why would he wanna see me if he wants to be alone and single? if he thinks I'm a physco, why would he wanna be near me?
  12. Yeah. I kinda tried to hint around it, but I just told him I'm glad he's not stressed anymore and that I'm sorry if I can be annoying, I don't mean to. I'm gonna try to change(not all of myself), but I'm gonna act like I'm more grown up and actually try harder to go to college. I'm just saving up money right now and working. I told him that! I wanna see how he reacts.
  13. I just wanna know why he was acting fine last night?? Do you think he changed his mind and realized everything is okay?
  14. Don't tell me I don't love him cause I do. I wouldn't be this upset if I didn't. and no, it doesn't take 6-9 months, there's no time frame. He said when he first met me, he knew I was the one.
  15. I know, I feel bad but I DO know him. I do love him for him.
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