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  1. annie, I've always struggled with online dating too. I'm tempted to go back to it, but I don't know if I can deal with it. I hear all of these stories about how women get flooded with messages on those sites and that doesn't happen with me. I also feel like my personality translates better in person than over technology, so it's a tough medium to use. I feel your frustration!
  2. I'm a little late to the conversation, but can I add my vote for dresses? I always refer to them as grown up sweatpants. I can't stand jeans and would prefer a dress/skirt and leggings/tights any day. Now I just need to lose weight so I look presentable in all of those dresses that I purchased over the past few years lol. I did just get a new skirt from Old Navy and wore it today for the first time at work. I was told that I looked nice, so that's a bonus! I do really well with online Old Navy purchases, somehow. And for the nail conversation, I have busted toes from running as well. I try
  3. You open your windows and hope for a breeze haha. I have no balcony, central air, or pool. I also live in a converted Victorian house. I'm sure the homes where annie lives are older apartment buildings and probably don't have those kind of amenities. My best friend has lived in LA, Durham and now Alexandria and she has always lived in apartments like what you are describing.
  4. I love that, Fudgie! That's such a great perspective to have. I'm borrowing it
  5. I may be wrong, but if he doesn't give you a new year long lease, then it turns into an implied month to month lease. That's how it works here. Unless it says something in your current lease that it automatically renews for another year. I'd read through it.
  6. I would make sure that none of your bedding is touching the floor and pull your bed away from the wall. Mice usually run along the perimeter of the room, so those two things should help prevent them from finding their way onto your bed. Did you call your landlord again? If he's not actively addressing this, you can call the heath department and report him. Traps aren't enough. Like someone else said, you have to find where they are coming in and fill those holes.
  7. I think one of the most difficult parts of a breakup is not putting all of the blame on yourself. I don't mean that you think you caused the break up and you are obviously well aware of his faults. I mean that it's hard not to see it as not being good enough or loved enough, etc. That's not really it though. It doesn't have to do with you, it has to do with him. There wasn't anything you could have done or said to make this turn out differently. Or to make him handle it better. It has nothing to do with not being good enough. It just wasn't right between you. And unfortunately, due to some of
  8. Did you check under the stove or behind the fridge? I still never caught the one I saw here. I found a new apartment though! It's smaller and more money, but the kitchen is gorgeous and updated, there's hardwood floors, two closets (I just have one now), free laundry in the basement and off street parking. I told my landlord today and all he said was that he'll give me 24 hour notice of any viewings. I then asked if he can take out my a/c unit whenever he gets a chance, which he insists on doing anyway. He didn't answer. It's so sad because I really love my apartment and the location of it. So
  9. annie, can you get back into dancing like you were before you moved? You seemed to love it so much and this is the perfect time to add something like that back to your life. I think you're handling everything really well. Cognitively, you know that this is all in your best interest. It's completely OK and normal to be hurting though. We can't necessarily choose who we have feelings for, but we can choose how we act on those feelings. Even though you knew he wasn't right for you, that doesn't mean you didn't love him. Like everyone else is saying, it just takes time and it'll slowly keep gettin
  10. I can't believe him, annie. He's just so selfish. It's unbelievable. You are too kind and generous to be with someone like him. And seriously....cats? Does he even listen to himself talk? Who says that? I think you should call up some girlfriends and make fun weekend plans. Get back into dancing. Life your life again.
  11. I'm so sorry annie I 100% agree with what everyone else has said. It says a lot about his character that he convinced you to stick by him while he was at his worst and now that he's slightly improved his situation, he bails. I know it hurts now, but you don't want to be with someone like that. You deserve SO much better and you'll find someone who is smart enough to realize how amazing you are. Logan doesn't deserve you. We're all here for you and you have a ton of friends there to support you as well.
  12. When I had the mice licking the peanut butter off of the traps without setting them off last year, I joked that of course I can't find a smart man, but I found smart mice. Maybe put less bait in the cup so they have to work harder to get it? The exterminator also told me to put them T shaped against the wall, so when they're running along the wall they'll run right over it. I live in an old house too. This area is mostly Victorian houses that have been turned into multiple apartments. I'm taking a second look at an apartment and there's a good chance I'm going to go for it. I hope your extermi
  13. This is one of the kind of traps I have in my apartment right now: link removed
  14. annie, have you tried the plastic mouse traps? I like them better than the wooden ones. It's harder for them to lick off the bait without setting it off because they have to step on the lever to get to the dish with the bait. It's also easier to clean up. Also, traps are one method, but you have to seal up the holes that they are getting in to really stop it. Your landlord should be taking care of that. You have to fill them with steel wool or that expandable foam stuff. I feel your pain though. I swear I've heard them in my bedroom at night. I tucked in anything hanging off of my bed so they
  15. justagirl, I live in a house built probably before 1900 and probably hasn't been renovated since the 70's. There are so many holes in this place, it's ridiculous. I also live directly in front of a bar/restaurant, which I'm sure contributes to the problem. Don't worry! Plus you probably rent from a company that would be much more responsive. My place is owned by just this one guy who hates being a landlord or spending money.
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