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  1. He lies, a lot, all the time. He lies instead of stopping his behaviors. What else do you need to know...??
  2. Of course it's their own money to do with what they want. But if you're going around acting broke and then you buy yourself something nice, or if I'm spending a decent amount of MY money on you and it's never reciprocated on special days, then I'm going to get annoyed and turned off by you, because you're clearly selfish and cheap. And any girl that puts up with that is being a doormat. I don't know what the specific situation is with the OP, but I'm guessing there's a good amount more to this story than just her demanding he spend a lot of money on her. OP needs to be honest with himself a
  3. If you want to know once and for all, tell your husband that you are going to get a lawyer and immediately have the attorney send a cease and desist letter and file a restraining order for him and you both. A strongly worded letter will let her know that she will be sued for harassment if she continues and that charges will be pressed. Also, "mutual friends" should be told in no uncertain terms that they are not to share a single thing about your lives to this woman. Or else, they should also be cut out of your lives. Who needs friends like that?! If you haven't done so already, you need t
  4. I have more questions. Do you EVER spend money on her? Do you go cheap on her birthday/your anniversary, and then buy yourself stuff or splurge when you feel like it? So we've established she doesn't like camping, but what I'm unclear on is why she's making such a big deal about the fact that you don't spend anything on her. I'll be honest with you, I've dated guys that take me to cheap places, or treat me like they're completely broke, and then they turn around and buy themselves something ridiculously expensive. It's annoying and a turn off.
  5. Hey men, Have you ever asked someone out on a second date when you weren't all that physically attracted to them? I went on a casual coffee date this afternoon, and then later in the evening he texted me and asked me out for a 2nd/dinner date. We're going to meet up for dinner on Wednesday night. During the date we had some nice laughs, but I had a hard time telling if he was attracted to me or not. He didn't make a ton of eye contact with me, like he would look at me and then look away type thing ... but I can be the same way when I'm feeling shy, and eye contact can be a bit nerve wra
  6. OMG. I feel the same way. I'm 33. Back in my 20's, guys would tell me I was "cute" or "beautiful" although I'm really quite average at best. Now that I've gained weight, I feel unattractive, right when I'm trying to date again. Ugh. You're not alone!
  7. You won't need to badger the right guy for marriage. This is exactly why I left my partner of 6 years. And please don't tell us that we don't understand. I walked away from someone I was/am deeply in love with in order to stop being a doormat. And I'm alone in a huge city with no family within 8 hours, and a 12-year old that I'm solely responsible for. So please don't tell me about hard to leave. If you're old enough to want marriage and kids, then you're old enough to understand that those things require emotional stability, which is severely lacking here. Your boyfriend is selfish and e
  8. Every day you stay with him, you will lose yourself more and more. Because when you stay with him, you're doing two things: 1) Being miserable because you don't know what he's up to, who he's talking to, or whether he'll cheat again and 2) Constantly convincing yourself that you're too weak to leave, and then constantly hating yourself for it. When a guy cheats on you for years, the appropriate response is NOT, "Now you need to get serious and prove you're committed to me by marrying me and getting me pregnant!" This will not mean that he's actually committed to you!!! It will o
  9. This is a serious question: Did you have a question here? Or was this just more venting...? Personally - I left someone after 6 years. And this is someone I thought was the love of my life. I loved him, and still do love him. We were even raising my son together. We broke up not too long ago, in fact. Is it hard? YES. EXTREMELY HARD. But you know what else is extremely hard? Staying at home taking care of little kids while your husband is out partying and banging his friends. You want marriage and kids with this loser? Well, be careful what you wish for. If I were you, I'd be wor
  10. I'm thinking the way you're thinking Greta. My interest level has dropped significantly. I think I'll just not respond. If he has half a brain in his head, he'll understand why I didn't bother to.
  11. Even if I did take him at his word, I'm not sure I'm impressed. He is almost 40 years old. A guy that goes out drinking until past midnight on a Wednesday night isn't really what I had in mind. And apparently, he did it twice in one week, if I'm to be believing him. (Although the first night he was apparently only out until 10 or 11pm...) I'm not really sure why a tax accountant would need to be wining and dining people until the wee hours of the morning in the middle of the week, but hey .. who knows.
  12. Agree with you, he probably isn't, but we haven't really talked all that much. I'm not invested or anything and neither is he. In any event, I was just curious as to what most people would say. I'm kind of surprised that a lot of the discussions on this thread are about whether or not we should have even bothered talking on the phone or not. To me, that's a minimum and a must. I would like to talk at least 2 or 3 times before meeting up in person.
  13. I would like to clarify something .. it wasn't a "phone date" .. we had only sent, by my count, less than 8 messages back and forth within only a day or two. This isn't someone I've been talking to at length. I see no point in going out of my way to meet him in person if we aren't even capable of having a conversation, or don't have anything in common. I live in a major city so it will probably be, at minimum, a 2 hour escapade just to get myself fixed up and drive 45 minutes to go meet him somewhere. Also, it was not an "appointment". He just told me - twice - that he would be home by 7 a
  14. Hey guys, I'm curious about something and just wanted your opinions. I am trying online dating (ugh) and started messaging back and forth with this guy that I seem to have a lot in common with. We didn't message a ton, only for a day or two, but then he asked me if I would be interested in meeting up for a date some time. I don't want to go out with someone before I've even spoken to them, so I messaged back and said, How about we talk on the phone first? He agreed to this and we exchanged numbers and he told me he would be home by 7pm the next night and would call me for our first chat.
  15. Yeah I'm definitely feeling the nausea I'm sick to my stomach.. I hope this goes away soon!!!
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