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  1. He lies, a lot, all the time. He lies instead of stopping his behaviors. What else do you need to know...??
  2. Bionic - Several times, you called me shallow: Your reply: Apparently, you ARE creating arbitrary rules about what is shallow or superficial in relationships. You keep saying something, then turning around and saying, No, I didn't say that, you're missing the point... Yet I'm quoting you, and addressing what you're saying, but you keep turning it around and saying you didn't mean it the way you wrote it. Then you go on to say that racism and having a small penis are both issues that are "skin deep," which is exactly what I'm objecting to. Someone having a small penis isn't an issue of aesthetics. Obviously, this doesn't mean that a man with a small penis is worth any less than another, but it's not a "skin-deep" issue. Not being able to have a normal sex life with someone is a pretty serious issue, and to say otherwise is just being, shall I say, stupid?
  3. Actually, I did read your post thoroughly. I quoted you verbatim. But hair color has nothing to do with sexual satisfaction. There's a fundamental difference here. You're comparing apples and oranges. If I did choose a blonde over a brunette, I wouldn't be giving up my sex life because of it. And comparing dumping someone based on their penis size to racism is completely nonsensical, and I won't even humor you by addressing that comment. Maybe some people aren't concerned with marriage or children. I'm not sure how you can call them "clearly shallow" because of it.
  4. But even if someone is overweight, they can still have sex.. Or have small boobs.. things like that.. but this happens to be a pretty significant trait that he has.. I mean, it's not the nicest thing to say, but seriously.. that's a problem! Sex is a hugely integral part of a relationship. It's a way to cement the bond a couple has.
  5. Who's to say that it has no depth?? Sorry, but I totally disagree. It's not like it's an issue of his hair color, like, Damn, he's blond, I'd never talk to him. That's not the issue at all. You're saying that preferences are okay to have, but on the other hand I'd be wrong for dumping someone because of my preferences?? That makes no sense. Then what's the point of having preferences if you're not allowed to exclude dating partners on the basis of them??? P.S. I never treated him badly, I just didn't sleep with him. And dumping someone because they dont match your preferences isn't "treating someone badly."
  6. There wasn't just an issue of length.. the width was also the smallest I'd seen. It was literally like a gummy worm.
  7. I don't think it's that superficial to judge a guy because he has a small penis.. I mean, quite frankly, we are all sexual beings, and not being able to fully connect with someone sexually could restrict the way we connect with them altogether. Actually, I don't think it's wrong at all to have a preference for blond/brunette, large/skinny, etc. It just doesn't make sense to me to judge someone for a preference. When you fill up your plate with food, you go for the stuff you like, correct? You wouldn't put something on your plate that you despise. So what's the difference???? Calling people superficial for having a preference is being superficial yourself, because you're judging superficial people. Wheee!!!
  8. Hey Carl, Welcome back to the convo Lol.. I'm not at all implying that kzkz is weak or pitiful, not even close.. What I'm simply suggesting is that it's never a good idea to completely base your own self opinion on OTHERS' opinions of yourself.. If I'm dating a guy and he says, "I don't like your thighs," I can wig out and obsess over my thighs, or I can conclude that this guy should no longer be my boyfriend. It's up to me. It's dangerous to go to such lengths to please people who are that picky... That being said, I am starting to believe that "confidence" is a BS idea and that no one has it.
  9. Yeah.. It's old Actually, a really random thing happened.. The guy that inspired this thread lives very far away from me.. and we had generally stopped talking, not because I broke it off with him, but because we had a falling out and he decided it was best not to continue contact with me. But he randomly messaged me this morning. I hadn't spoken to him since around the time this thread was posted. Woot!!
  10. Bionic - Again, this happened nearly a year ago. It is currently a nonissue. And of course, I would never ever say to someone, "Sorry, your wanker is too small, have a nice life." My tact or lack of it was never the issue. I have earlier indicated that of course, I would break it off with him in the nicest way possible. And I do agree with you Jaded.. You can generally get an idea of a woman's "assets" just by looking at her, whereas it's a bit harder with men, unless you're only looking at their weight..
  11. YEAH!!! Seriously, why do people still care about this? I almost had a stroke when I saw that this thread was back. This thread is nearly a year old!! Look, I'm not going to bother apologizing for my position. Had we ever had sex, I honestly don't even think I would have been able to tell whether or not he was inside of me. THAT IS A PROBLEM. I disagree, Carl. Absolutely no offense meant to kzkz, but if women can make him so insecure that he'd want to try that surgery, that's a bit scary in and of itself.. I mean, that's basically taking your own self esteem and handing it over to someone else. No one should ever be able to have that kind of power over you, and if you're doing something that drastic to please someone, chances are that there is more of an issue with you than the person you are trying to please. End of rant.
  12. I'm not sure why my previous post was deleted, so I'll try again. And this is a repeat of what I've been saying all along: If he didn't think it was a big deal, he should have said so. Like maybe a "I'm not too big into Valentine's Day, so you don't have to get me anything".. Instead, he put in a Gift Request and didn't reciprocate or even attempt to provide an explanation. I'm sorry, that's pretty childish and selfish. Then he dared to show up at my doorstep a few days later telling me he was upset that I blew off his bday dinner the night after VDay. Then he blabbered something about not being good at Valentine's Day. Frankly, if he can put in a freaking gift request, he can improvise something for Valentine's. It's totally ridiculous to tell me after the fact that he's "not good at Valentine's Day" or some such horse poo. If he thinks he can ruin my Valentine's Day and then expect me to go out of my way for him AGAIN on his bday, he's got another thing coming. Anyhoo, for those who want an update, I dumped him and haven't spoken to him since. And I'm much better off for it
  13. JH!! I have been following your thread about the breakup.. I think you did the right thing girl!! But more importantly, I hope you feel that way too, even if it takes you some time to get over it.. and we'll all be here if you're feelin down LOL Eva - That guy in the pic isn't my boyfriend.. he's a good friend of mine.. that's actually one of my better pics.. I usually look tired in most pics lol
  14. Anyone else in a bad relationship wanna dump their crappy bf with me?? I'm glad I dumped him. The more I think about it, the more I realize how bad he was in other ways. Like.. subtly talking down to me, acting arrogant (even his family members thought he acted like a p#!%k).. what pic.. the avatar?? noooooo that's not me that's a pic of me uploaded to this post, with my friend Derek so you can see who's been doin all this b!+chin
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