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  1. My ex and I had been together for 10 months now. Early, he used to spend time with me, we used to talk often, laugh, have fun. He made me his world. After 4 months or so he started getting distant and stopped spending time with me. When I confronted him, he said that he thought I was using him and that his sister said I was using my past as a way to gain sympathy and love ( I had been through an abusive relationship a couple of years ago) He added he didn't fall for all that but due to cultural and religious differences he thought this was the best excuse to push me away. Drama happened we cried, talked things out and every thing went back to normal for a while. Again he started pulling back, being indifferent, preferring his friends over me. I had no idea why. But he said he was depressed and that I wasn't being supportive by complaining all the time that he wasn't as talkative and loving as before. I often felt hurt and started to get insecure about our relationship and I would get emotional over little things. He explicitly stated that his female friends held precedence over me especially one friend who he says he like a sister because he knows them longer than me. I felt upset and said that I was not his priority. He got all defensive that he didn't mean it like that. "Just because I prefer pizza over pancakes. Doesn't mean I hate pancakes." His blame shifted to me, that I am the reason he was getting indifferent because I wouldn't stop creating drama. His opinion was that I was making a mountain of a mole hill over petty issues. I don't think cancelling our date three times..or not being there for me when I have a bad day was too trivial. However considering that he was feeling overwhelmed and hurt by all the pressure I was seemingly putting on him. I promised I will try to change that. Later he asked for a break, but insisted he wanted to keep talking and hanging out with me. It was really strange that he was more at ease when on a break than otherwise. He stated that my expectations were high in this relationship and he can't keep up with them so he needs space to figure it out. He felt he was becoming numb. But we will be going on date on my birthday and that I was important to him. He still cares for me. My birthday came, he texted me a happy birthday. I asked if he would call. He simply said..no because I will get the wrong idea. I got a bit upset. I asked if the date was still on and he says "Its unlikely that will happen". I panicked and asked I wanted to talk what was going on. But he kept ignoring me the entire evening and went off to play video games. I got furious, I had held resentment from the past few months and I left a voicemail crying that I am tired of his indifference and lack of empathy. I felt unimportant and didn't hold much value in his life. And he doesn't message or talk to me again". At night he responds saying that I am only hurting myself in all this and making him responsible for hurting me. He broke up with me. After a few days we talked over the phone. He said he didn't know whether he wanted me in his life anymore. I created too much drama. I should have accepted the fact that he remembered my birthday and texted me. About the date, he said he "became " and forgot about it completely and that he was sorry, he doesn't us spending good time together. "You are not good enough"...that's what he exactly said. He was in fact paranoid and scared of meeting me. We decided to give each other space for a couple of weeks. His friend told how he had taken off a week from work since he was so upset. Later when I talked with my ex again, he stated he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. I proposed maybe we should talk things through and spend some time together and see how it goes. He repeated the same thing that he was sorry but he thinks he will never have feelings for me again. Then he said he wasn't good enough for me. Some things in the past turned him off. His reasons were that it was both his and my fault for him losing his feelings. He sarcastically added that I could have a second shot at the relationship if I could reverse time. He wants to be friends though. I told I had still feelings and can't be friends right now. And have gone NC since then. I just don't understand what did I do wrong? All I ever asked was to be treated with love and respect and suddenly that is "high expectations". I wanted us back together and work things out. But I guess I hurt him too much and he doesn't love me anymore. How can he just lose feelings, in a couple of weeks and say he can never have them again? I feel guilty and sad. I can't seem to concentrate on anything anymore. Any advice on this situation?
  2. I ve just got a vibrator form my boyfriend (we have been dating for 6 months) I felt strange, since I wished for a more romantic gift... I ve never even used a vibrator before.... I am curious why the hell would a guy buy a vibrator for his girlfriend??? I always had the feeling that he is just after sex in this relationship, but now this present somehow "insulted" me... I don t know what to think... Plus this is his first present for me... What do you think guys? Would you buy such thing to someone you real care about??? As a first gift? Thanks!
  3. Hi all . I in the past was in contact with an old friend . he told me that he could not talk to me anymore because I’m married. Well he started contact with him again . with in the past month he would text me randomly . and his texts were very short . So my birthday just passed and he sent me a really cute birthday message . Later that evening we were texting each other and catching up for two hours . He said that he missed me. When I tried to talk to him two days later . I got no response. He has done things like this all month but will respond when he wants to . He also talked about getting together like we used to . I am really confused why he would start contact with me again and kinda disappear . He started this . Why would he ?
  4. Happy Birthday my lovely friend ...10 years have gone by in a blink love ( and we were only early 40's sob ) I wish you a happy day and much love and kindness and happy blessings on this ...the strangest birthday I hope you ever have xxxxx I LOVE YOU XXXXX
  5. I found the You Tube Channel of a friend who I no longer have contact with on any level. I worked with her, We were good friends, I was toxic our friendship ended but we still worked together I got help left her alone (Unless something work related happened which was rarely) I don't know why maybe she saw me grow as a person and she told a mutual friend that she wanted to be friends with me again. I was both happy and scared. Happy that she saw me grow as a person but scared if we became friends again I would fall back again. I told the mutual friend that I have nothing but love for this person because by God putting her in my life I felt so blessed that I grew as a person, So anyway a few months later I got a transfer and I knew I was never going to see or hear from this person ever again (unless God has other plans) I thought about saying nothing but then I though no, This person was special to me and God blessed me by putting her in my life. So I gave her a little good bye ceremony. She had told me she wanted to be writer so I gave her a blank journal and wrote some inspirational things, I told her she was a blessing in her life. I gave her three ribbons two blue one pink, I said it was symbolic since I was not going to be around The pink was if she ever had a baby girl. The blue was for a baby blue and the last blue was if she ever got married and needed something blue. The final thing I gave her a pen which I had engraved with an acronym starting with her initials and the letters MJBYLYAKY GB which I told her was acronym for MAY JESUS BLESS YOU LOVE YOU AND KEEP YOU GOD BLESS. Saying goodbye like this made it so much easier to let go and I hope it did the same for her too, I am not saying I never think of her or I never miss her or that I never reflect back on my mistakes sometimes. But I just want her to be happy in her life, Anyway for some unknown reason I looked at her You Tube channel and I noticed she changed her profile pic (She had not posted in many years so I just assumed it was doormat) So an idea came into my head to wish her a happy birthday but how do I do this on a public forum and not embarass her (One of my toxic traits was that I did not respect social media boundaries to say the least. So how do I do this,My you tube channel does not have my name but she might be able to guess it was me For example I might wright something like For all those out there who like Michael Jackson and don't want to BEAT IT (The song) I would like to wish you all a very Happy birthday and for a special friend who because God put that person in my life I grew as a person May Your Silver (she turns 25) year and every year after bring you closer to your golden dreams. The end, My meaning is for it to be an eternal birthday wish,Kind of to let her know in a way that although our season in life is over, She is not forgotten. BUT I am torn about whether this is a good idea or not. Part of me says It is a great idea and might make her birthday a little bit special. and ANOTHER part of me says Leave it alone. The way you said goodbye was more than enough Thank You all in advance for taking the time and any opinions that will help me decide one way or the other,\
  6. Hello everyone, I need some advice. So I have been with my partner for going on 4 years this August. He is a very nice guy who I love. There a just a few issues that I am not happy about. I just turned 27 and he is 28 years old . Both are entrepreneurs ( just explaining this for a little background). He can be a bit selfish in some ways. If we go to get some food and the bill is $20 he asks me to send him $10 which I don’t mind doing however, I used to treat him to dinner all the time just being nice. I stopped doing that because he barely reciprocates. He literally tries to split everything down the middle. I remember going to the laundromat one time and I had 2 dollars in cash and my debit card. My wash was 2.75 he asked me if I had the $2.75, I said I have $2 but I could take money out of the ATM. His wash was $8 and he had a $20 bill on him. Instead of him loaning me a $1 he let me take out $20 from the atm with a $4 transaction fee. When it comes to sex he hasn’t went down on me in almost a year but he always just pulls his pants down and expects oral which I do smh. I told him that he hasn’t gone down on me in almost a year and he said he will start doing it. This was almost two months ago. He said we can hold out until my birthday which was on April 16th, 2020. My birthday comes he gave me a card that he got from the dollar store the day before. Which I was thankful for. Then he said we were going to get lunch and took me to McDonald’s. He then said we were going to eat somewhere for dinner and when we went to the Columbian restaurant the restaurant was out of food. He winded up getting himself something and I didn’t get anything for dinner on my birthday. I asked him could we try to eat at the Columbian place the next day to make it up and he said yes. The days came and went and he has not mentioned treating me to dinner. Remind you it is quarantine time so I get that things are closed. However, him taking the extra effort to see if some other restaurants had food or even cooking me dinner would’ve been so appreciated. I cook everyday and I go down on him whenever he wants. I talked to him about 4 times about why he doesn’t go down on me and he says he will do it next time. He doesn’t aim to please me during sex at all. We never have date nights only if I suggest them. I used to get him gifts throughout the year but I stopped because he was always taking but never randomly did nice things for me. Every time we have alone time he’s always talking about his business 24/7. He never asks how I’m feeling emotionally or if he does he turns the question back around to it being about him. He is funny, smart and attractive. I never have to worry about other women and when I complain about something he does try sometimes. Am I wrong for not feeling satisfied in the relationship? Or even calling off the engagement? Please let me know. Thank you
  7. So I’m turning 19 next month, I have been with my boyfriend for the past 7 months, he is a few years older than me. I absolutely love giving gifts and really try hard to make them very thoughtful. My boyfriend is taking me on a weekend trip for my birthday which I love and am very excited for. However I found out today, he also ordered me a pair of $150 vibrating panties. I know I mentioned before that the idea of having a pair seemed like fun to me, but I never wanted him to buy me a pair, especially not for my birthday. His past gifts just haven’t been romantic and I feel like this one isn’t either. Not sure if I’m just overreacting though, I would love some advice, thanks in advance!
  8. So I met this new guy and he lives kinda far from me. He has visited and everything was great. But i acted on my fight or flight response when hed take a while to message back. To make it worse bc i consulted friends for there comfort they messaged him trying to help Behind my back and told me after. After a day of silence he said yeah we cant talk anymore. But then a few days after that wished me a happy birthday I said thank you and and made a joke about it it's the following day. No response. No happy birthday the next day. Is there a way to fix this why would u bother saying happy birthday after u said u couldnt talk anymore? I really would like to be able to talk again. And realize what I did wrong here.
  9. I have the best relationship with my boyfriend and I’ve never been happier in a relationship than I am now. We spend almost every day together and love each other’s company. I have seriously never been happier. But sometimes he goes out with his friends and I’m left at home by myself, which is fine! I’m not one of those girlfriends that doesn’t let her boyfriend go out! I love that he has friends and goes out and has fun, but it makes me feel lonely because I don’t have any friends and I don’t have anyone to talk to or anywhere to go when he’s not around. I used to have quite a few friends but I’ve slowly been pulling myself away because I’ve realised that they’re not the best friends. So now I’m feeling incredibly lonely. I spent my birthday crying to my boyfriend because I had no friends to celebrate my 20th birthday with. And I feel bad for burdening him with my problems. Most of the time I’m fine with not having friends but as time goes by it gets to me more and more and I’m scared that I’m the future im going to end up depressed because of it. I have a bit of a past with mental health so I’m scared I’m going to fall into that again. I guess I’m just after some reassurance. Is it normal to not have any friends but still have an amazing relationship?
  10. I went through a lot of trauma in life and learned very early on that my thoughts, feelings and opinions don't matter. To this day, it's hard for me to open up to people and to speak up when necessary. This has been causing problems in my relationships, because the closer people get to me, the more they realise how little they actually know about me. I like talking about facts, so my boyfriend for example knows my birthday, my favourite kind of cake and that I dislike being out in the rain. But he doesn't know how I feel about my birthday, or why I like that certain kind of cake, or what's the matter with rain. It's not that he hasn't asked, but I simply don't know what to say. As soon as my own feelings are involved, things get hard. I'm terrified to be rejected if I put my feelings into words, and I can't seem to get over it. People always joke that I've literally told them every detail of my day without mentioning myself or how I felt about something even once. It feels lonely in my world, and I want to share what's on my mind with those I'm close to. I wish I knew how to overcome this.
  11. I was with my Ex for almost 5 years. I had posted a thread on here explaining it. We split up around July of last year, and have not spoken a single word to each other after November 1st. We remained Facebook friends, up until a week ago when she posted a new cover-photo with her rebound boyfriend (They've been together since we last had contact) and quickly unfriended me. Out of the blue, completely unexpected. I was kind of upset she unfriended me, as we had kept in touch just by liking each other's posts occasionally. Which wasn't ideal, but not contacting her first-hand made it easier to move on with my life and helped me cope. I'm still coping, I am. Even 96 days after our last conversation. But, it has indeed gotten easier. My birthday was 2 days ago. I was casually just sitting at home on my day off alone, and I get a text. The very last person I expected to wish me a happy birthday, did exactly that. It caught me completely off guard, and I spent over an hour debating on whether or not to reply. A sudden rush of emotions flooded me. Her: "Just wanted to wish you a happy 24th birthday, I hope it's a good one, and I hope you're doing good." Me: "Thanks young lady. I'm doing good. I wish you the same." That was it, she didn't reply (I ended it with a closing style statement just to avoid a converstation). 3 months ago, I would've killed to recieve a text from her. Now, I just feel confused, and lost. It brought back many demons I shut out. Many glimmers of hope still cross my mind like a pest that I try to rid away. What if she was thinking about me? What if she misses me, but is too-stubborn to reach out? Or what if she is just seeing if I would reply? Maybe to see if I am holding a grudge? I still talk to her family monthy, her parents and I were and still are very close, we just keep things about "her" distant/not talked about. I don't know. All I know is that no-contact has helped me cope and let me spread my wings. I guess now, the counter is reset. But I feel, indifferent. Most days, I find myself thinking about her many times, it does get easier, but her texting me set me back a few steps. But I chose to be indifferent, and reply to her. Part of me hopes this is a foreshadow of what is to come, perhaps she will reach out again much later in the future, but the damaged-part of me knows not to give my hopes up because she cannot be trusted, nor be a partner, ever again, after what she did to me. I like to consider myself a strong and independant man, but thinking of all the stuff I went through because of her, left part of me in pieces. And I am unsure of whether or not they can be pieced back together, ever again.
  12. My ex and i were together for 8yrs. We are in our early 40s. We were also engaged. Our relationship had hit really bad/stressful time. So he broke up w/me about 7months ago,and i moved back home. He now has a new woman,she is now pregnant! Anyway i just discovered via facebook that now they are engaged, and she announced it on my birthday! Did he just seriously propose to my replacement on my birthday? SMH!
  13. Hey everyone, I'm breaking this into two parts so you can skip the backstory bit if you want. BACKSTORY So last year I started dating a female friend. We've been close friends for 10 years now and both belong to the same group of friends. The last few years she's been away at Uni and travelling but every time she comes back we always partner off to talk about things, including relationships. She's always been great for giving me advice and vice versa. Last year at a party, she drunkenly admitted she'd always had feelings for me. I reciprocated and we kissed. The next few weeks we found ourselves meeting in private and started having sex. We started dating after that but still tried to keep it quiet to our friends but obviously they all found out. Things were amazing for a while and i think she loved me or at least she said she did. Things got bad when she went back to Uni for her last year. It was fine while she was over there, talked every day made sure we kept each other in the loop. But when I went to visit in February, after the first few days, we ended up arguing over stupid stuff and she got uncharacteristically upset about things. I ended up leaving on weird terms. After a week she ended things, saying she thought she was ready for a relationship but isn't. I was absolutely gutted. She said she wanted to stay friends but all we'd do is argue over the phone and message for the next month. When she got back, we agreed to meet and realised the chemistry was still there. We carried on meeting a lot and fell back into sleeping together. We agreed to dial things back a bit and begin by seeing each other. I was happy again, things were great and the arguments stopped. She went back to Uni, we talked every day, she finished up and came back by the beginning of this summer. THE SITUATION Since then we've seen each other a few times a week. Gone on holiday, done pretty much everything together. There's not been a single day when we haven't talked and planned out our weeks together. She even started staying at mine and hanging out with my family while I'm at work. Well back in September she broke her leg and ended up on crutches. She came to see me the first week but since she lives in a different city said it was gonna be hard for her to come over again. I offered to come see her as usual but suddenly she started making excuses. I didn't think much about it until it started getting ridiculous. She did come up once but spent the entire time on her phone and left early the next day to go meet friends. I'd booked off two weeks at the end of last month for my birthday where we'd planned to go away for a week and then the next week I was having a birthday meal and party. The weeks before this she started to message less and less, kept making excuses and was suddenly busy seeing friends all the time. I finally started to ask what the hell was going on and she kept making excuses. We didn't go away because of her leg apparently and then she didn't even go to my meal and turned up to my party late. She acted distant and then left early when she said I was acting distant. We've talked on and off since then until finally she told me last week that she's met someone. She's apologised for hurting me but she just doesn't think we work anymore. I told her I'm absolutely heart broken but she's downplaying the whole thing saying she thought we'd stopped seeing each other a while back and were just hanging out as friends which is bull. I don't know what to say. I've literally just completely lost her. She said she wants to stay friends but that'll be it. I told her I didn't want to. Well the horrible part was that it was her's and another friend's joint birthday this weekend. I didn't wanna go but all our mutual friends begged me and I didn't wanna be rude to him. The night started off alright, it sucked obviously because she was there and I just felt like crap for the most part. She tried to talk to me but I was still hurt. Later in the night, she starts an argument because apparently I'd talked crap about her which wasn't true as I hadn't said anything to anyone about the situation. I went home and she rang to apologise and asked to come over so we could talk. We did but after I explained that I've still got feelings and it's not fair on me, she started crying and ended up leaving. She apologised again over message the next day and said she'd miss me. A few hours later I get a message saying that her new guy is annoyed at her for coming to mine last night and she can't speak to me anymore. I messaged this morning to see if that was it and if we were just not gonna talk anymore. She said she wants to but we can't atm, maybe in the future we can meet to talk. I'm absolutely gutted. I've never felt so alone. I just feel like everything's been pulled away from me all of a sudden and my future's gone. I'm just trying to come to terms with the fact that she just doesn't want me anymore and she's long moved on and see's me as not even a friend anymore. It's her actual birthday today and I don't even know what she's doing. I'm just out of the loop and by myself. What's worse is that I'm supposed to be going to a christmas meal with friends next month and she'll be there. I've paid a lot of money for it and I don't even know if I can go. I'm gonna have to see her and know she's happy and with someone else. What do I do?
  14. I have never liked the fall/winter season, I miss the long sunny days and warm weather. Any tips on how to enjoy winter? I'm looking forward to my birthday and Christmas, but I feel like all my friends stay at home and watch Netflix. I do have a busy routine but the short rainy days are not fun.
  15. I have an awful feeling I am late ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I haven't missed it in years But anyway ....Happy Birthday my lovely friend I hope you had/are having a wonderful day Love you vic xxxxxx
  16. I was looking for advice my bf of 6 years who I was saving for a house with split up with me the day after my 30th birthday after surprising me on my birthday with a trip away and lots of gifts. I am absolutely devastated as I had no clue anything was wrong, he told me he is not interested anymore and would rather be out doing other things than spend time with me. Has anyone went through this before and how did they cope? I feel my whole world has collapsed
  17. Am I just being too sensitive? We all just moved in together and mind you, it is our roommate's birthday today. My boyfriend said he was going to call me back after work, but he never did. Lately, its been bothering me that he never calls me after he gets off like he use to. He now just goes straight home and he and our female roommate get off at the same time. I get off later so I usually come home to them hanging out. He forgot to call me back, didn't read any of my texts. He went straight home, gave her the wine for her birthday that we were going to give her together for her birthday, and they went surfing together. I came home early so we could maybe grab dinner together, but now I feel super left out and disregarded. I also have thats weird gross feeling in my stomach. Am I too sensitive?
  18. So, I've been dating this guy for nearly three years and he has never once bought me flowers. Ever. And for some reason that bothers me so much. I'm not even sure why; I just know it makes me want to cry. I feel like it has to do with a few changes I've noticed in our relationship like his lack of effort recently for much of anything. For example, he didn't get or do anything for my birthday this year other than tell me happy birthday. I went all out with his. I even returned the watch I had already purchased for him so I could purchase the one he told me he actually liked. I buy him things spontaneously when I have the money because I find things that remind me of him or that I know he likes; they make me think of him. Which makes me wonder if he's ever thinking of me when he's out and about. Does that make sense? I mean, it's just so hard not to get upset in some way about it because all too often I'm greeted with this, "guess what???" And I get excited thinking there's some news, he has plans for us, or something; anything but it's always some announcement for a new thing he bought for his car. It's always the car. And then he never has money for anything else unless it's the car. If we go out to eat he'll ask if I'm paying and if i mention that he has money and I thought he was paying (since I've already paid for a few of our meals) I'll usually get, "but I need that for __insert car related item here__" and normally I don't care i just accept it because I know he's a grease monkey and he's proud of it; it's part of his charm. But for once I would like a simple gift. Just something small that says he misses me or appreciates me or was thinking of mr. It could be a foot rub that lasts more than two minutes. Him doing a simple chore that I normally do. Flowers. Chocolates. A "guess what" that has something to do with me and not a car. Recently I just feel like he isn't trying anymore. He says I love you and hugs me and cuddles me still but there's just something missing. I don't feel special ever recently and it sucks. Am I asking too much?
  19. We've been broken up 3 months after a 4yr relationship and NC. We had a great relationship and friendship,( we were livers and friends) he said he was happy with me and didn't want to lose me however he still had feeling for his ex. So he went back to her and wanted us to still be in each others lives said it hurt him to end things with me. Even asked if Id take him back if he ever came crawling. I got extremely vicious during the break up and he blocked my number. I sent him an apology of how I handled things. Recently attempted reach out when we ran into each other. He didnt want to talk. He said my actions damaged him and he needs to recover. Apparently he is the victim. A week ago 8am he text me happy birthday with several emojis, yep I cried. I responded, "thank you, its tomorrow", the next morning7am on my bday he text me Good morning, Happy birthday. I thanked him. I tried calling him yesterday to congratulate him on his retirement (heard from a mutual friend) well I'm still blocked. Hate I cant let go of a man I cawho dropped me??? Well I'm hurt that I'm still blocked I thought the HBD text was an attempt to break the ice. Im kind of pissed he text me HBD it stirred up feelings in me that Im already struggling to lay to rest. He knows I seek answers to everything. He puts tremendous thought into what he does(Virgo man). I want to know why he texted me 2x HBD. Why bother? He has ignored me for 3 months. Couldnt be to reconcile, otherwise I still wouldnt be blocked. Is it a control thing Why??Yes I should let it go but my personality seeks answers to everything.
  20. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 months now but I still don’t feel like I’m in love or falling in love with my boyfriend. Our conversations don’t go very deep it’s usually just about family and friends and their lives. I love having deep conversations and I want to be able to talk to the person until the cows come home. The thing is the guy is such a decent guy and he will do anything for me. He even took me to Paris for my birthday, he holds the car door open for me and is such a gentleman but I just can’t bring myself to love him. Our relationship also lacks intimacy..I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t want to be stuck in a loveless relationship and marry someone I don’t love. But I am terrified if I let him go I won’t find someone that cares for me just as much or find anyone at all.
  21. Raising a glass to you my dear girl!! I hope you had an awesome birthday ! I know on the other side of the pond it’s a little later in the day 🥰xxxxoooo
  22. HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY Birthday vic , I will say it again haha but how has a year past so quick eh ahhhh I hope you have the most fabulous day for the most fabulous person :D:D Lots and lots and lots and lots of love and many blessings are sent to you xxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  23. I met him around my birthday off of Bumble. He is very kind, great sense of humor and wonderful personality. We've seen each other quite a bit. I met his family tonight at a birthday event I was invited too. Everything feels so natural and I'm genuinely happy. I've dated lots of wrong guys before as you all know! Heck was even in a relationship with one for a decade three years ago. I always had poor judgement when it came to guys not because I picked the bad guys on purpose. It just was me never having good self esteem or self confidence that I latched onto whomever. I took a break for several months and focused on what it is I really need and my own personal wants. My big thing is getting healthy and losing weight. It still is, the funny thing though is I'm doing that subconsciously. I'm making healthier choices and working out. I thought I needed to lose all the excess weight before I found a guy to date. But on Bumble I signed up not expecting much but still wanting to leave it open to finding someone regardless. I learned with the last guy I dated that being overweight or thin the guy has to want me and accept me for me! I swiped right on this guys profile and sent him a quick hello. Then it took off from there. I feel in my gut I've found a good guy. Everything comes natural and he embraces me. He doesn't mind I don't drive or other 'setbacks' he's truly given me a chance because he likes me. I can tell him all the good and bad with my mental illness and he won't run off or judge. If you remember the last thread about how it ended with that guy who wouldn't sleep with me because of my weight? This guy finds me attractive and isn't trying to change me, he wants to be intimate. He just makes me really happy! sorry I'm rambling..I don't have any questions or seeking advice. I just wanted to share.
  24. It’s my boyfriends birthday tomorrow we have been dating for 3 months and I wanted to say this tonight at midnight so I would be the first one to say happy birthday but I don’t know if I should say it...... Idk if you are asleep yet, but listen to me really quick. I love you, first of all I’m happy to be with you. I’ve realized that you are my inner peace when I am going Thur a lot I know you are there for me. I love how when I am with you I don’t have to think about anything else you make my world slow down. Everything turns positive when I am with you. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Happy birthday I hope you have a great day. (I also hope this message maybe made you smile and not nervous)
  25. So, today is my birthday. I've cut off contact with my ex after letting him lead me on for a few weeks. I finally had enough and told him I was done with the games and stopped contacting him. I noticed yesterday that he deleted his profile from the dating app and assumed he has met someone else. It hurt but I decided I wasnt going to let it control me. Today he texts me "Happy Birthday!". I replied "Thanks" and that was it. He hasn't initiated contact in weeks and he didnt reply to my thanks. I'm trying to not think too much about it but he's the type who doesn't remember dates. He can't even remember one of his daughter's birthdays. We aren't friends on Facebook or anything. I refuse to get drawn back in but I can't help but to wonder why he felt the need to text me. Thoughts and insight appreciated. Is he just trying to stir me up?
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