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  1. I ve just got a vibrator form my boyfriend (we have been dating for 6 months) I felt strange, since I wished for a more romantic gift... I ve never even used a vibrator before.... I am curious why the hell would a guy buy a vibrator for his girlfriend??? I always had the feeling that he is just after sex in this relationship, but now this present somehow "insulted" me... I don t know what to think... Plus this is his first present for me... What do you think guys? Would you buy such thing to someone you real care about??? As a first gift? Thanks!
  2. Hi all . I in the past was in contact with an old friend . he told me that he could not talk to me anymore because I’m married. Well he started contact with him again . with in the past month he would text me randomly . and his texts were very short . So my birthday just passed and he sent me a really cute birthday message . Later that evening we were texting each other and catching up for two hours . He said that he missed me. When I tried to talk to him two days later . I got no response. He has done things like this all month but will respond when he wants to . He also talked about getting
  3. My ex and I just broke up a week ago. I found out he was with his ex on his birthday. When I went to his house and confronted him that same day, he kept lying and saying he wasn’t with her. Finally after saying I had proof, he then switched his story and lied again. When I asked him why he didn’t tell me he wanted to be with her instead of me he goes “I don’t have feelings for her, I only see her as a friend”. To make a very long story short, when I met him a year and a half ago, he said his ex and him were broke up for a year, didn’t have any bad feelings towards her. We dated for a year befo
  4. My ex and I had just broken up 4 weeks ago. This is not the only time i have mentioned to break up. But this is pretty much like the final so im still trying to get over it. We have been good friends for the past 6 years since [emoji310] time. I i was the one who confessed and suggested dating. It took him close to 3 months to gave me a Yes. Right at the beginning when i knew him, he wasnt one to share his emotions or personal matter; family etc. After we were in the relationship, somehow i got greedy and expected more.. Its been almost a year since we were togethe
  5. Disclaimer... my spell check add-on doesn't work on this forum and I'm about to leave for work so I don't have time to re-read everything. If there are mistakes, sorry. My birthday, my Mom's birthday, and my brother's birthday all fall within a week of each other. So my family usually gets together for dinner sometime that week to celebrate. Well, that get together is happening this weekend. My brother and my Mom have both met my girlfriend in passing. They haven't really hung out with her though, it was just a quick Hi nice to meet you kind of thing when they were at my house.
  6. Happy Birthday my lovely friend ...10 years have gone by in a blink love ( and we were only early 40's sob ) I wish you a happy day and much love and kindness and happy blessings on this ...the strangest birthday I hope you ever have xxxxx I LOVE YOU XXXXX
  7. We didn't have an ugly break up, it was mutual, but we're not really friends. His birthday isn't for a few more days, but one of my friends asked if I was going to wish him a happy birthday still. I remembered he put a lot of effort into my birthday when we were together, I figured a birthday text wishing him well wouldn't be horrible contact. The more I think about it the more I think it'd be rude not to, but I keep seeing stuff about people using holidays/quarantine/events(birthdays) as a reason to check in and cause pain but that's not really the vibe here.
  8. I found the You Tube Channel of a friend who I no longer have contact with on any level. I worked with her, We were good friends, I was toxic our friendship ended but we still worked together I got help left her alone (Unless something work related happened which was rarely) I don't know why maybe she saw me grow as a person and she told a mutual friend that she wanted to be friends with me again. I was both happy and scared. Happy that she saw me grow as a person but scared if we became friends again I would fall back again. I told the mutual friend that I have nothing but love for this pers
  9. LSL


    Hope everyone is well I havent posted for some time in here but is it normal after nearly a year of being split up after a 6 year relationship to still have some down days? I am so much better since Iast posted on here, still doing my fitness and now started driving lessons but the past couple of days I have been feeling down about the break up, it is my ex birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm not sure why I am feeling sad. We haven't spoken since March before lockdown so I defo wouldnt text him happy birthday as the guy broke my heart but Have any of use had this feeling before?
  10. Hi all I’m a newbie. So I was in a 4 year relationship with a man, we spent every weekend, holidays and some midweek days together; he was my best friend too. He sent me a text out of the blue just before my birthday Dec 2019 stating if nothing more he needed time out. I reached out thinking it was work pressures and told him to take as much time as he needed and that I was here for him. He replied saying Geezus H are you not sorry ??? Moving on we met up hoping he was going to explain himself, I asked him outright and emails if there was someone else etc? He said there was not but he needed
  11. You know how a significant part of birthday joy is your close people cherishing and making you happy, by showing you how important you are to them? My boyfriend has always claimed how much he loves me and how he wanna spend his lifetime with me. We are in a long distance relationship and I have made lots of sacrifices neglecting my pride so far and he still does things even though I have asked him not to. But on my birthday, everything escalated. When my special day came, I didn't expect gifts or material stuff from him (although I have sent him present just without a special event) but at le
  12. I have been married for almost 2 years now but I have been with my husband for 8 years in total. I feel like we are still getting in the same fights since we’ve been getting from near the beginning of our relationship. We are very different people. I like doing things and having plans for things, especially big events. I like preparing gifts or food or events for birthdays and holidays. My husband is the opposite. He doesn’t care about holidays, let alone having a plan for one. He likes doing fun things by himself and does not consider asking me to join him or create things to do for us togeth
  13. I have a problem with my boyfriend. We are both in our 30s and we have been together for almost 3 years now. He used to be a very patient and absolutely good hearted, nice person. He was also much more mature than me. The past 6 months or so he has changed. He seems to forget about me a lot. Even when I'm with him it feels as if he's not really there with me if it makes sense. He's always in his own head and his memory is really bad. I am not sure if he doesn't care much about me anymore or if it's not about me at all, but it really hurts. He almost always cancels plans we have last minute
  14. Another year on Earth! I count birthdays as blessings! I’m 38 today! Two years from 40. I’m blessed with no cancer and a great family celebration! Too many more!
  15. Am I just being too sensitive? We all just moved in together and mind you, it is our roommate's birthday today. My boyfriend said he was going to call me back after work, but he never did. Lately, its been bothering me that he never calls me after he gets off like he use to. He now just goes straight home and he and our female roommate get off at the same time. I get off later so I usually come home to them hanging out. He forgot to call me back, didn't read any of my texts. He went straight home, gave her the wine for her birthday that we were going to give her together for her birthd
  16. I got a text early in the week about a co-worker whose birthday is coming up. The person asked that we all bring something for a salad bar on Monday. I absolutely cannot stand the birthday girl. She has tried to get me fired, she is super bossy, and tells me I am fat. It has gotten to the point where I just won’t talk to her. I leave the room when she comes in. Everyone else complains about how much of a she is, and has been since she started. Is it the right thing to participate and bring something for her birthday even though I hate salads and her lol?
  17. Hi, I'm "Johnny", and I'm kind of new here so I'll try explain things as best as I can... I'm in a fairly recent relationship, just closing in on the 6 month mark, but I am getting increasingly worried with my girlfriend... At the 3 month mark it was her birthday, and from that on she started to act strange... She stopped texting me like she used to, she stopped showing care and affection towards me, we started being together only once per week, if at all, and I thought it could have been a rough week at work so I let it slide at the time... Two weeks have passed, and I've decided to confr
  18. My ex and I dated in highschool, and I broke up with him at the end of our senior year. Fast forward 4 years later, we don't talk anymore, we're not even friends for that matter. He asked if we could be to which I politely declined. I no longer wish him for his birthday as I don't see it as appropriate. But every year hes one of the first people to always send me a happy birthday text that's quite heartfelt. His birthday is before mine and I almost feel guilty for not texting him happy birthday for his special day when he sends me a happy birthday text for mine. I'm not sure why he's reaching
  19. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 months now but I still don’t feel like I’m in love or falling in love with my boyfriend. Our conversations don’t go very deep it’s usually just about family and friends and their lives. I love having deep conversations and I want to be able to talk to the person until the cows come home. The thing is the guy is such a decent guy and he will do anything for me. He even took me to Paris for my birthday, he holds the car door open for me and is such a gentleman but I just can’t bring myself to love him. Our relationship also lacks intimacy..I don’t want to hurt h
  20. We've been broken up 3 months after a 4yr relationship and NC. We had a great relationship and friendship,( we were livers and friends) he said he was happy with me and didn't want to lose me however he still had feeling for his ex. So he went back to her and wanted us to still be in each others lives said it hurt him to end things with me. Even asked if Id take him back if he ever came crawling. I got extremely vicious during the break up and he blocked my number. I sent him an apology of how I handled things. Recently attempted reach out when we ran into each other. He didnt want to talk.
  21. Hey everyone! i got a question... So ive been dating this guy since June; initially i was skeptical of him because i was seeing someone else at the same time and thought that other person was worth pursuing more but this guy ended up proving himself more interested and i started to like him more. Anyways, his birthday is next week (He'll be turning 28 and im turning 25 in november) and im unsure on if its too early for me to get him a birthday present. not necessarily something insanely big and extravagant but maybe a small playful gesture gift? not really sure if were there yet and if getti
  22. I have recently split up from my partner...during the time we were together his family had nothing to do with me. Anyway that's a story for another day. We have one daughter she is two years old. They give gifts to my partner to give her at xmas and her last birthday, but never bother to come see her and never request to spend time with her (even though I have never stopped my ex from taking her over to their house, they live ten minutes away). He rarely takes her to see his parents, and blames me for them not seeing her?? Her second birthday was five weeks ago, nobody from his family called t
  23. So, I've been dating this guy for nearly three years and he has never once bought me flowers. Ever. And for some reason that bothers me so much. I'm not even sure why; I just know it makes me want to cry. I feel like it has to do with a few changes I've noticed in our relationship like his lack of effort recently for much of anything. For example, he didn't get or do anything for my birthday this year other than tell me happy birthday. I went all out with his. I even returned the watch I had already purchased for him so I could purchase the one he told me he actually liked. I buy him things sp
  24. I know I'm sure this has been asked hundreds of times... and I've read many articles but I want peoples opinion on my specific situation. I last saw my ex in the flesh late February of this year... and it wasn't a positive experience. We were trying to be friends initially. Which is something I know he desperately wants. He told me after we broke up that he still wants me in his life and would love to be good friends with me when things settle down. Unfortunately, while trying to be friends, we started hooking up with each other. One night he makes this "joke" as he calls it *eyeroll*
  25. I met him around my birthday off of Bumble. He is very kind, great sense of humor and wonderful personality. We've seen each other quite a bit. I met his family tonight at a birthday event I was invited too. Everything feels so natural and I'm genuinely happy. I've dated lots of wrong guys before as you all know! Heck was even in a relationship with one for a decade three years ago. I always had poor judgement when it came to guys not because I picked the bad guys on purpose. It just was me never having good self esteem or self confidence that I latched onto whomever. I took a break fo
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