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About Me

  1. I would like to hear your thought, guys and gals, if you would ever take back a former boyfriend, or girlfriend that cheated on you. If not, why and if so, under what circumstances?
  2. Hi guys, I don't really do these thread things but I have been reading a lot of them lately. So basically me and my childhood sweetheart broke up about 3 months ago. I'm now 22 and was with her for 7 years! We loved each other and did everything, travelled and talked about marraige and our kids. I got on brilliantly with her family as I was practically raised there. She broke up with me. She is in a tough course in college and it was coming near her exams so she stressed. I gave her space because I knew how hard the exams were and how much pressure she put herself under. Her reasons for bre
  3. Do you ever believe, that years down the line, more mature, older, wiser... two young loves can reconnect and live happily ever after? All the advice here seems to be cut out, block... but what, if two people are just meant to be?
  4. Hi All! After reading so much about doing NC, how many of you had an ex come back to you after they've seen that you've become a different, albeit, happier person again after they've been out of your life for a while or a long time? I'm asking because my friend, Julie, is going thru this. We were out recently and we saw her ex at a lounge we like to go to. She has not seen this guy or talked to him in five years. She was totally lost for a while after they broke up. She did all the pining and whining and crying when they broke up, but then she finally employed the NC method and she g
  5. My ex finally returned my phone call and has agreed to meet with me next week. I have not seen him in 3 months and have only spoken to him twice since the break up so there has been plenty of NC and time to heal. Of course like most of you I am hopng that at some point in time there may be a reconciliation. If nothing less I think it will provide closure but as I said I would prefer a second chance. What is the best way for me to handle this so it might lead in the direction I am hoping?
  6. Hello and thank you for letting me seek advice from you all. I appreciate any and all input I may receive regarding my situation. I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I have been in a relationship of one year with my gf. For the most part, we have got along great and never really fought, other than petty issues that every couple has. About 6 months into our relationship, my girlfriend started to lose interest in any form of sexual intimacy - basically we haven't had sex in over 6 months. I understand sex isn't the corner stone of a healthy relationship but I didn't realize how much
  7. I have been dating someone the last 2.5 months and one night (before date 9) a friend questioned what kind of man he was because he had to run to work for a moment before meeting us but didn't tell me and it sent me into a negative/suspicious frame of mind about the person i was dating for absolutely no reason (yes we were at the bar at the time, so alcohol clouds judgement) Long story short, i was a bit weird/tough around him that night and expelled a few feelings prematurely (I said i knew what i was looking for in general, not sure about him specifically, not too bad) On date 10 I apolo
  8. Me and my ex that I met at work have been broken up for almost 4 months. NC the whole time except him texting me a week after my bday(a month after our break up) to apologize for not wishing me a happy birthday which I accepted. Since then we've somewhat become friends again. We started off as friends, until I confessed to him I had a small crush on one of his close friends & in exchange he admitted his feelings for me. In the past I have felt that although I never acted on those feelings and they passed, it might've been a factor in our breakup. He gave me fluff reasons like "it's not the
  9. You hear about alot of ex's getting a second chance with their mate, but what are the odds you will get a third chance...say 1 year and a half after the second chance. And the ex is hinting that "maybe someday we will get back together" instead of, "No way will we ever get back together!"
  10. so i've been going out with her for atleast a month and it's been going great. we'd talk on the phone for hours, txt each other, hang out during lunch, go on dates and make out during some of the more boring movies (like The Return...God i swear...) but now she's getting obsessive. and clingy. she's been txting me lately and all she wants to do is say hi, get the watsup, and cyber. i'm thinkin " * * *, i'm not your 24/7 phone sex slave." and when it's not that it's her constant obsessive "oh i love you so much" every other txt. and that's fine i think, but i'm not her 24/7 worship center ei
  11. Long story short I just learned that a woman I have been long attracted to, a woman who I can still remember vividly the day I met, who I can tell you how much she struck me with her beauty, grace, and soul (mostly soul) on the first day I met her; is getting a separation from her husband. I don't know the reasons, but her happiness is paramount to me; and I am having a heck of a time going between excited for having a potential second chance and feeling awful that she is not content with her life. I do want to go and seek her out, and maybe get some closure or maybe reconnect with the wom
  12. What's the best way to fix a relationship if you get a second chance? Can people change and avoid the mistakes that ruined their relationship the first time? Can anyone recommend some books or youtube videos on the subject? In my case I did not have both feet in the first time, I held back because I thought she was too chubby for me, two of her three kids were really annoying, She didn't get along great with one of my daughters, she could be bossy and demanding, at times I was lazy, argumentive, grouchy and drank too much. We're still good friends and I'd really like a second cha
  13. "Dan" and I had been dating for 14 months or so when I decided I needed a break; my dad is terminally ill and I had just changed careers so life was quite overwhelming and I just wanted to focus on me and my family. During the 2.5 month break, Dan and I were lightly in touch and very civil but we mostly did our own thing. I did miss him while we were apart since we always had a lot of fun just doing things together but I did notice that I wasn't dependent on him for emotional support. During our relationship, there were a couple incidents where I felt emotionally unsafe when we fought (he
  14. We've been broken up for 2 months now, dated for 10 months, but were good friends for a few years before this. He broke up with me because we had a rocky month. I made a mistake and did something that hurt him, but was genuinely sorry and remorseful but we had trouble communicating how we were feeling. I didn't know how to fix things, became a little more insecure because he was withdrawing and he stopped prioritising the relationship and stopped trying to work things out. I maintained no contact for around 6-7 weeks and then reached out and met up to apologise for the things that I did wrong,
  15. I’ve been here since who knows how long and the more I mature the more I understand that none of the posts apply to my situation. The responses from the people helping may not be wrong to a particular situation but they may not always be right as no one can predict the future. Chances are they’re right, in the moment, for those who don’t realize their real problem (not the mistakes they made, but why they made their mistakes). They all happened to be right in the moment for me, but my recent situation brings me back to one, 6 years back, where I just got a temporary solution to my heart break,
  16. So some context My ex 24F and I 24M dated for around a year. Very happy relationship, no major fights, travelled, spent time together, had fun together, overall I'd say we were a really good fit. I definitely see a future with her. Around two months ago we broke up. Some personal circumstances made me quite isolated and depressed. I wasn't really as aware of this as I probably should have been but the reality was I was quite lonely. On the opposite side she got incredibly busy with work, community and university to the point where we started to see less and less of each other. She was in
  17. Me and my ex (he is 18 and I am 19), that I was together with for three years, broke up about a month ago. The first post I made was about the break up, for the people that are interested. But long story short: he broke up with me a year ago because he said that he has lost feelings for me. He begged for a second chance 2 months later, and I took him back. 10 months later I broke up after him telling me that it seems like he has lost feelings again, even if he said that he didn´t mean it that way. He even cried like I have never seen him cry before. I then sent him a message, two days later, a
  18. I've been in a relationship with a guy for 6 months. I found out while he was out of town he hung out with a girl and did not want to tell me. He finally admitted after I had my suspicions and broke u with him. He says nothing happen and he was afraid I would get mad if i knew they hung out but I've never been mad when he hangs out with opposite sex because he tells me. He wants a second chance. Would you stay or chalk that 6 months up to a lesson? They talk on the phone and social media
  19. There's a girl I met in a highschool class. We sat a row across from eachother and quickly become friends. I am led to believe that she was sexually interested in me, she would constantly touch me and get her to help her with schoolwork. This one time she "brought the wrong textbook" and decided to move and sit beside me to share, meanwhile she couldve shared with her friend who sat beside her. She sat very close to me and touched my legs and arms. I however, didnt really reciprocate and was instead more cordial because she was going through a breakup with her boyfriend at the time. Even
  20. I hate what happened with my 22-year-old friend. I just liked having someone to hang out with nearby and I didn't have to travel far to see who could spend so much time with me like that. He didn't even have to date me. I just liked hanging out with someone who had a lot of the same interests and time as me. His back and forth one day acting like my boyfriend and the next day as just friends was pissing me off also. I don't like the back and forth. If he just wanted to stay friends, he didn't have to do all that cuddly stuff when we were out. I didn't ask him to. I didn't know how to bring up
  21. hhans

    Forgive her?

    My gf is abroad on an exchange program, we're both 22 and been together for a year. After two months apart I noticed her behaviour becoming weird, I confronterend her and had to drag it out of her. She ed a guy, twice. I dumped her on the spot, dropped off her stuff at her mom's place. But I've been thinking about our relationship before she left, it was golden, I'm trying to see the bigger picture. I was furious, I made her feel like for what she did. I've been through lots of emotions and am able to think quite rationally now. So i called her without notice, she was crying, and happy I c
  22. Hello! I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and a half a few months ago. I was going through something, and I thought she deserved better. Instead of talking to her about it, I broke up, telling her I was not in love anymore. For the context, she is an exchange student in the US for 1 year and should come back to our country in a few months. We were each other's first love. She was also my best friend and my first girlfriend. I contacted her a few times between then and now, asking her to delete my pics on her social medias, which led to some hurtful sentences. But I think I just w
  23. We date for 5 years, I'm now 28 and his 24. The first few years was amazing, he said how much he loved me and can't see a future without me. He want to grow old with me and spend the rest of our lifes together. However, the last 1.5 years of my relationship wasn't so great, he was flirting with other girls online which I caught and forgave, which happened twice. Then he met this girl through his sister and I can tell he was attracted to her but he told me i was delusional. during that time he also talked about how much he would spend on a wedding, asking for ring size and ask where i would mov
  24. My Gf and I broke up three weeks ago. We’d dated for 8 months. We had an honest conversation with each other and she stated she felt like something was missing. She felt like she should be further along and feels like she’s holding something back, however she doesn’t know what it is. We had a lot of things planned this summer and she also felt that she had to end things now before we made those commitments. She told me I made her so happy and she always had a great time with me. She said she hates herself for having to make this decision but she wants me to find someone who is all in, and not
  25. My sons dad and I separated in January of this year and I moved out of his house in Feb. We had been together for 4 years. Initially things were good as most relationships are but then things went down hill. The majority of our issues were caused by my ex's mums behaviour. She was never accepting of me and it got worse and worse especially when she found out I was pregnant. Without going into too much detail she made it very clear I wasn't good enough for her son. I think alot of it stems from their relationship having issues. The way she treats him is awful and he's had a slightly strange upb
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