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  1. creatine and protein are best mates, they're meant to be used together
  2. im not fulfilling my potential and i know it, im letting myself down
  3. crying wont solve anything and threatening to kill yourself would make things even worse. if you really want to change, goto the gym, lose weight, build confidence and eat healthy. it takes time and he will be there for you because he loves you
  4. well ive got a mate in the same situation, and the real reason why my mates is dating his obese gf is cause she puts out when ever he wants her to. shes basically just an easy pick up. perhaps hes happy with what hes got knowing he wont have to compete with someone else over her?
  5. perhaps participating in some sport club? its good for your health and u will relieve your stress
  6. things got weird with my ex, i ignored her. i didnt know what to say and i didnt want to act like the relationship never happened. in the end i pushed her away.. i think i regret doing that.
  7. cut off the relationship, think of how many times she has lied to u. and not to mention everyone else
  8. hmm ur gf will eventually find out man, dont go back to her. wow must of had a crazy night!
  9. try getting another female friend or go out and get a girlfriend to replace her. it just takes time i guess
  10. what about u do those things in movies, tell her u love her, she changes her mind and stays with u
  11. the gossip could be she bas a boyfriend? take that in mind
  12. i reckon u should catch up and have a few beers
  13. yea im not an angry drunk, it was my first time i went agro. im usually the fun type but i was having relationship problems at that time. i dont talk to her now, but thats cool cause i got my feelings out and im better for it
  14. i pulled my hair out when i was about 7 and only stopped when i was about 15. i went to counsellors,gp, the works and they all gave me some different answers. the real cause of my hair pulling was due to high stress. it was school that stressed me out
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