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  1. You should try waxing. Try the peel off wax (the one where you dont need to use the fabric strips). Its really good because you dont have to wait a few days for your hair to get long enough for the regular wax. I used to have the same problem. Maybe its because we both have light skin it shows up on us more? I started waxing my underarms when I was a teenager and after a few times it became lighter and finer and now I can just shave it without a problem.
  2. Have you tried couples therapy or something similar? I dont think you should get married if you are having this problem. Maybe you could convince her to go by not saying that it is to do with sex. She probably feels like you're blaming her and wont want to go if she knows its about that. Also does she have any illnesses? Is she anorexic? Is she on anti depressants? Does she take medication?
  3. Um... there is like a huge chance that she has been sexually abused. Have you asked her that? The more you pressure her to have sex, the more she will pull away from you. She has a negative view on sex and there must be a reason for it. Ask her about it.
  4. Yes!! I thought I had an iron deficiency too! But I had blood tests and I had normal iron levels. Your right, I bet no one would believe that you can actually get physical symptoms like this from depression! Maybe if they knew they would stop saying/thinking things like 'why don't you just get over it and forget about being depressed' (!?)
  5. Cuz I can do whatever I like without someone telling me i'm wrong I love being single
  6. Hey it really sounds like your depressed and very anxious. Did something happen to you to make you feel this way? I would suggest going to a different doctor just in case he did mention to your mum that he saw you. You can get medication from a doctor that treats both depression and anxiety. A councillor or psychologist would be a great place to go also. (They cant prescribe medicine, but will help you to talk about your problems and figure out whats upsetting you) If your too nervous to go, try medication first. It will make you feel quite a bit better and will then make it easier to go to a counsellor/ psychologist. I would recommend a psychologist because they are better. But if you don't have a lot of money then a counsellor might work too. Your doctor will be able to recommend one. If you want to private messege me about anything I dont mind. I am going through a very similar thing to you (depression, panic attacks)
  7. Hey I am exactly like you! I get compliments on how I look but still feel ugly. And I avoid eyecontact when I go out and worry about what i'm wearing and stuff. Something that helped me a bit is this internet site called moodgym. It can help with self esteem. Look up moodgym in google if you want more info or go to the site here: link removed
  8. Thats great that it helped you realise it!! Hopefully now you will be able to recognise it happening in the future and know that it is wrong and try not to listen.
  9. Wow! Thank you so much for that link turqoise. It describes me perfectly and answers a lot of questions I had about some things. People always comment that my pupils are more dilated then they should be! This explains why And I do have a lot of difficulty getting up in the mornings and then am fully awake and alert at 12am. Also I get sick sooo easily. I had the flu 4 times last year- each time it was so bad I had to sit in bed for 5 days and it wouldn't totally disappear for at least 2 weeks each time. Oh & I've had sinusitis for so long! My nose runs and my eyes are watery all the time- I cant even wear water proof mascara because it runs so easily. Anyway I'm rambling on... Thanks again!
  10. Yes think of a couple of questions to ask even if you dont really care about the answers. Employers like it because it makes you sound really interested in the job.
  11. Hmmm I think I agree with maverick. I think the only way it would work is if you already knew how to do whatever it is your getting hypnotised for. For example it wouldn't be able to make you smarter or learn a new skill. It could only help you with something like smoking... but you already know how to do that, so why waste the money.
  12. Has anyone here had hypnotherapy/been hypnotised to help them stop doing something? What was is & did it work?
  13. Hey there! I'm going to say what I think when I read your posts. I didnt want to say it in the other post of yours in case I was wrong. So if I am just ignore it ok? Well it sounds to me like you have incredibly low self esteem. And you're also very anxious. As far as I know, people only have low self esteem when something bad has happened to them, or someone has made them feel worthless, or may have even said you are worthless. Also people are usually anxious/on guard because at one point in their life there was reason to be & they've just carried on doing it. Has anything like that happened in your life that you can think of? How bad is the verbal abuse that you talk about from your family? If you are insecure, hyper sensitive etc its because something has made you become this way. Anyways i'll be quiet now. Again sorry if this is wrong
  14. Here is a site that I found that offers CLEAR definitions of emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and child neglect. It clearly tells you the difference between normal parental care and abuse. Very useful if you are unsure if you were abused or not. It also has stories and lots of other interesting things. link removed
  15. My fav is 'Very irresistible' by Guivinchy. It has a floral scent and I have had a lot of compliments about it.
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