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  1. My brother's wife never treated me respectfully. My brother never did anything about it. I tried to confront him on this issue and it didn't do any good. My brother had always been hot and cold with me so I think my sister-in-law got her cues from him, plus, she is not the nicest person herself. Over time I stopped stressing about it, just accepted it and have zero relationship with either of them. You get to a point where you are sick and tired of trying and you just treat them as the non-entity that they treat you...and it eventually stops bothering you.
  2. Never ceases to amaze me that some adults still act like they are teenagers. You deserve better than this. Don't beat yourself up about responding to his text...it is all part of the process of working your way to closure.
  3. I think in light of her reaction you need to let her go her own way. She dumped you but was hoping you would still be on the backburner pining for her. As she rebounded with you, chances are she will rebound from you. People who rebound can't handle being without a relationship. You should not be the fallback person for her. You deserve better.
  4. Six weeks is really not a long time. Remember that if someone is going to cheat, they don't need to go on vacation to do it. You either trust him or you don't. If he has never given you any reason to believe he would cheat, then don't assume that a vacation away will turn him into a different person. A 6 week breakup while he is away is not the answer, because if he did hook up with someone, you wouldn't feel any better anyway. Lots of people travel without their partner and they remain 100% loyal. Instead of worrying about what he is doing, come up with interesting and fun things in your o
  5. You joined ENA not long after I did. I think I recall the Victoria66 name.
  6. It takes time to get over a breakup, there is no set timeframe. People heal at their own pace. Over time friends and family don't want to hear about it anymore so it can leave a person feeling like they are dealing with the emotions all alone. This forum is great as there is so much good advice and people giving comfort. Also you can read about the experiences of others who are also trying to deal with a breakup. It feels less lonely.
  7. Thanks Seraphim! Got busy with work. It is nice to be back!
  8. Some people have a hard time saying the words "I love you" but that doesn't mean they don't love the other person. Conversely, some people say "I love you" when they don't really mean it or it is still the honeymoon phase of the relationship. Love doesn't necessarily have to be expressed verbally...it is the actions that speak love more than words. The caring and thoughfulness. The little things that are done and said, the special glances and special touches. Love between two people can be felt even if "I love you" is not stated in words.
  9. I have to wonder how happy your wife is and if she is trying to spice up her sex life elsewhere. Your wife seems a bit too concerned about whether or not her friend is getting laid, not about her finding a companion to share life with....but simply that her friend hasn't had sex in a long time. Your wife's priorities seem a trifle messed up. I even have to wonder if this is that much of a concern for her friend or if your wife is simply projecting her own unhappiness and rather than saying it is her, she is using her friend as the "scapegoat". It doesn't sound like your wife is a very good
  10. I agree with Chris. By agreeing to "taking it slow" and the fact that you are so excited that she agreed to that, means that no matter what you say or do she will see through it and know you are desperate to get her back. Don't be in such a rush to see her. Flirting with her will give the impression that you are trying too hard. If she is having issues with her car and house flooding then she has a lot of stuff to sort out. At this point in time, rather than focusing on trying to be "exciting" and "flirtatious", why not just offer to give her hand if she has to clean out her house etc, wh
  11. Or perhaps that is his favourite place to go with his gf as well as his other bits on the side and that is why the server was giving the looks. Experience doesn't necessarily make someone wise...and lack of experience does not necessarily mean they have no wisdom. I suspect that if you told your friends, most would not be very impressed and would realize even without experience, that this is a very bad situation that they themselves would not want to be in. I suspect that many would be giving you sound advice about ending this dalliance right away. I also suspect that you are not te
  12. The problem is that you are basing your loveability on whether or not a man loves you as a romantic partner. There are a lot of people in life who never find the love of their life, or they end up stuck in a marriage with a person who never loved them. Does that suddenly make them unloveable? Of course not. Finding someone who truly understands and feels very deeply for a particular person is very difficult...and sometimes people have it for a few years and then the interest wanes. Romantic love can last a lifetime between some people, or can be very fleeting. Just because nobody has
  13. It is not a reflection on you at all. It is a reflection of the person who is faking it in order to not be alone. This guy has been with you for a year and he keeps telling you he doesn't love you. The decent thing for him to have done was to end the relationship rather than continue on keeping a big part of himself away from you. He likes the comfort of cuddles, he likes the knowledge that you really care for him...and he is selfish to keep the relationship going in order to get from you what he can't GIVE to you.
  14. Here on ENA people often use that overused expression "love is action" and that as long as the person shows loving actions then it must be love..whereas if a person doesn't show loving actions that means there is no love. However, life is not that black and white. There are people who love deeply and yet have emotional issues which cause them to sabotage the relationship. There are also people, like your boyfriend, who do all the right things that are supposed to be done when in love...but they don't feel the love. In other words, they are faking their way through a relationship. If peo
  15. Time to move on from this woman. Would you really want to reconcile with a woman who is this promiscuous and needs sex in order to sooth herself from a break up. This goes beyond sexual gratification with her...sex seems to define who she is and define her sense of self. She is an emotional mess and you don't have to tag along for the ride.
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