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  1. As much as people like to dress it up, it's an exchange of power. Men buy dinners and movies for the women in order to get access to your ladyparts.
  2. I_S_J said everything I would have, and did so with much more humor and far less bile than my response would have contained.
  3. Autumnrose, again, no one agrees with you. I think you really, REALLY need to take a step back and logically look at your feelings and motivations. Every thread you start kinda goes pear-shaped like this. Maybe it's time to really start listening and not defend your feelings just because you feel them.
  4. No, not all do. You have to do some homework, but they're definitely out there.
  5. Spermicidal lubricant is lube that has an agent in it that kills sperm.
  6. Think of it like this. It's roughly equivalent to a guy getting you to the very edge of orgasm, and then telling you "okay, go ahead and finish yourself off" Fun, huh?
  7. When used correctly, condoms are usually around 97% effective. So while the odds are in your favor, it's not a 100% solution.
  8. Sounds like she just decided to be happy in her own life whether you were there or not. The things you did can't be forgiven overnight. It's going to take time. You want her to be around more so you can feel like you've been forgiven. Do you think you deserve forgiveness?
  9. OP, I think this says a whole lot more about you then it does about her. You might want to think about that.
  10. If it's no big deal, why would she need to keep her eyes peeled? That's just fanning flames of paranoia.
  11. I'm very confused by the strength of your reaction.
  12. Why would they regret something that made them happy? I mean, I'm sure some people realize it's not ultimately what they want, but I'd wager most are quite happy afterwards. Who wants to be in a situation that doesn't work for them?
  13. Just to throw a bit more logic gasoline on the fire here, what do you bet this couple waited until marriage too?
  14. Miss TOV, girl you know I love you more than my luggage, but if you split that hair any more, it's gonna break. There's a difference between "It's your choice but I don't recommend it" and "NO, DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL BE UNHAPPY UNTIL YOU DIE" -- Huge difference. And for the sake of biscuits and gravy, why is there this near holy thrall all you women seem to have about waiting? I mean, I know Mommy and Daddy probably beat it in (not literally, I hope) that your vagina was very very special and important and never to let anyone in it unless you had a ring on your finger! Not, you know, if you'r
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