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About Me

  1. I think he plays a roll in our fights, as well as me - we tend to trigger each other’s anxieties when we fight. But I feel a majority is me. I get this ocd anxiety whenever I’m in a long term relationship and I’ve let it ruin too many of them. If I can just get a handle on this we could get to a different place. We had something, and I don’t want to walk away without knowing that I tried everything and fought for it. It sounds so dumb looking back - one morning on the trip, he showed me a video on Facebook where a guy walked up to someone and said “now that’s a big pile of !”..and the per
  2. I live in the US and I met a Brazilian girl on a dating app, and we've been talking for several months. Things are going great between us, and it took some time (Coronavirus travel concerns) to finally get myself to decide to get a ticket and take a month vacation to see her. Regarding my travel plans, I had spoken to a friend (who lives in a different country that I haven't seen in a few years) and he also happened to being going to Brazil as well. I told my girlfriend that I would meet up with my friend for 5-7 days in one state of Brazil and I would spend the remaining 3 weeks or so with h
  3. I was with my ex for 2.5 years. We had an amazing relationship filled with many happy times and rarely fighting. We took care of each other and often were talking about a future. She kept she really sees a future with me and kids and so forth. She has been battling severe depression and anxiety for several years after her first divorce which lead her down a dark path. The depression popped up a few times in our relationship and I was always there if she needed anything. I had been reading up on how to be a strong partner and how she feels when she is depressed. She was always thankful that I w
  4. My ex and I broke up back in July because (I think) he was just no longer happy. I completely understand that, and while we no longer talk much, I thought things were amicable between us. We've talked once and I thought it went well enough. But I made the mistake of looking at my ex's Twitter for the first time in 3 months and apparently I ruined travel for him. We didn't travel much in our three years together because we're both on a budget and he didn't seem to enjoy it. But I always enjoyed exploring things with him and I thought he enjoyed it too. But his Twitter feed mentioned that I'd
  5. Hello my name is Arianna and i am 22 years old. I am extremely sorry for my bad English, in several occasions i searched some words on the internet. For obvious reasons i wont write any other name except mine. I have to apologize because in the beginning i had no intention to write such a long text but as i kept on writing i realized that my story was kinda intriguing and decided to write my story in detail and as clear as i can remember it. So … In high school, there were 2 boys that were known among all the girls as «the first» and «the second». To this day it’s still on a debate
  6. I was visiting a guy for a few days, someone I met a couple months before. He was on a business trip and invited me to come see him. He seemed genuinely excited that I was coming. I arrived and we were having the absolute best time and it was going really well. Three days in, I'm cleaning up and find a condom wrapper under the bed. My first thought is "the damn maid did a lousy job, ew" ,second thought "It's a damn good thing he didn't find it first, he'd wonder if I was up to no good while he was at work", third thought, that it WAS his.... Nah, can't be. So I asked him and he said it was.
  7. Many of you have read my post some of you called me crazy. Basically I have issues with my girlfried in many aspects and I'M FEEL I'M CONSTANTLY THINKING OF A BREAK-UP BECAUSE I FEEL THAT SHE IS WITH ME FOR SELFISH REASONS: 1. Her promiscous past and lies about that. She has white lied and plain out lied so much in this regard. 2. Her bad manners 3. Her insensitive 4. Her lack of expressing how she feels about me without me asking her to open up and seems to be rational most of the time. I thought the trip would have changed this. 5. New: Her lack of exploring new stuff sexually t
  8. Why do we act pretty much as completely two different couples online and in real life? Me and her we get soo edgy, mad at each other, annoyed, scold at each other, cry, block each other on contacts, WhatsApp, fb, etc etc. We both have like a list of promises on each other and we keep breaking themm.. But once we see each other, once we meet, we're this fun couple having loadss of fun togetherr going out to eat, to drink, travel around, joke around, make fun of each other, laugh, make out in hotels, visit cinemas, amusement parks, museums, you name it. Rareeely do we get into any quarrels i
  9. I work in the same place as my ex, so I've bumped into her from time to time. She puts her head down like I'm the last person in the world she wants to talk to, wouldn't even say hi if I didn't say it first. I'm the dumpee. I emailed her basically saying that I wished we could at least say hi when we passed and that I'd like to be friends down the road. I don't really...I'd like to be civil, but I can't handle the coldness at all. It wasn't a 'bad' breakup until I made it worse by trying to gain closure and talk to her about it. She emailed back saying she didn't think we could be as close
  10. "Sonia", "Alana", and I are good friends. S and A have known each other for over a decade and are best friends, and although I have only known them for 2 years and am not as close to them as they are to each other, I still fit in and it never feels awkward. We have had many good times together. I remember wild nights, sleepovers, deep conversations, long car rides around town. I, being on the autism spectrum, have always had trouble making friends, and I am very grateful I've met them on my college campus. They have been very understanding about my mental issues, and have been very kind and l
  11. Good afternoon everyone, I appreciate the feedback from you all. I will make this as short and to the point as possible, as I am unsure as to where to go from this point. Two weeks ago my wife and I discussed the state of our marriage(5 years), and she has decided to end it. At first, I told her we should at the very least try and work on our issues to save our marriage and for the sake of our children (5yr and 8 mo), but she was not having any of it. She is done, fed up, and tired. She pulled the common "love you but not in love with you", "want you to be happy", and "we don't make each
  12. So I was dating this guy a while ago, he was amazing however my life wasn’t together and I’d just come out of a long term relationship so it fizzled out and he moved across the other side of the world to travel which we also spoke about as I wanted to travel to, Fast forward 12 months we still speak all the time and he still randomly messages me stuff like “I seen this girl and she was the spit of you I just stood there admiring her” I think he still holds a candle for me but he’s thousands of miles away. Im due to go to university but I can’t shift this feeling of just wanting to jump on a pl
  13. Sorry for the length of this email. 14 years ago, I met a man through work who I was instantly drawn to (and him to me as it turned out- he wanted to ask me out the first day we met, but my boss told him I was engaged). We worked together for a number of years and I suppressed my feelings and we finally got together as soon as my relationship ended. We had an amazing connection, shared values, and I loved him like nobody else I had been with. However, there was one crunch- he had kids, one of whom was disabled, and could not imagine having more, while for me, it was non-negotiable. As a result
  14. We've been together 2 months .She left on Wednesday and on Thursday she sent me a bunch of pictures and told me how fun the trip was. I didnt hear from her for 2 days so on Sunday I texted her and got very short answers. Haven't heard from her since. Any idea what could have happened? Is she just in vacation mode or is there an issue? She comes back tomorrow.
  15. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3,5 years in that time he's made mention of certain female friends he had. But I've never met anyone of them. At first, I did not have a problem with it, they did not really seem to play an active role in his life. Until we had a breakup after 1,5 years and he kissed one of his female friends shortly after our break up. He did not tell me about, but I had a strange feeling about them and that's how I found out. And he then also admitted that they had kissed several times before we even got into a relationship. After that whole situation, we
  16. My story is about long distance relationship (LDR) start from i've been oversea (travel alone). And I met this guy on the street and he came to talk to me. Then, he took me to many places and he is really polite and romantic person (make me feel like I'm a princess) like he bought necklace with his name and gave to me to remember him when we apart, gave me rose, asked DJ to sang a song for me, we always hold hands. He asked to spent overnight with me, but I refused (we kissed and hugs). On the last day, I saw he was crying and he told me that our relationship won't end here. So, I gave him my
  17. I spent the weekend in another city helping a girlfriend through a difficult time. He knew this. On Friday he was looking through old photos because he has to do a brief presentation about his life history at work. I was on the train and asked him to send me his favourite photo. He sends me a photo of him and his ex-girlfriend in Portugal. Apparently he thought it would be funny because my Mom now lives there. On Sunday I'm coming back on the train to London and he texts saying "I’d love to see you tonight but my cough isn’t fully gone. I didn’t have any issues with it last night but I a
  18. Not sure who to ask about this so I'm posting here. About 6 months into our relationship my BF hooked up with another girl at bar, and told me immediately because he felt guilty. We are at a year now and he cheated on me again about 2 months ago when he went away on a trip. He told me 2 days after he got back, but I already knew because he began acting weird on the last day of his trip. That was the first time he's gone away without me since we got together and he had been texting me and constantly updating me with pictures and videos. Suddenly on the last day he pretty much stopped communi
  19. Hey everyone, I'm at a crossroads, I'm hoping you all can help me figure out the best decision. I'm going on about 4 years now at my current job. Earlier this year, our parent company chose to close down our location because of budget cuts like many businesses. If we wanted to keep our job, the employees now had to travel about another hour north to work out the main facility. My travel was about 25 miles 30 to 45 minutes one-way before, but now it's alittle more than double that distance and time on the road, ONE-WAY. I'm going on almost 5 months doing this drive now. I wasn't opposed to m
  20. Dear All, I have not been here for ages...I am 39 year old woman and dated my current partner from May till August. We parted way due to circumstances on both sides. We reconnected 1,5 months ago. We never had any issues...things were lovely this time around as well. When we reconnected, he told me he is thinking to go away for a fesitve season as he doesn't like Christmas and need some "me" time after the tough year. I was happy for him. During last few weeks we got closer and were in daily contact. Before his trip we exchanged gifts and said goodbyes. He texted me to say he landed safely
  21. I’m wondering if I am making a big deal for being hurt that a trip to Vegas my sister and I were planning on taking together, my sister, instead, plans it with her boyfriend? Granted that she and I did not book anything, yet, we were just waiting for when she had the time and money. I booked a room for us to go this December, but something came up for her that she won’t be able to go. I cancelled the room. No problem. We then talked about going during spring break. Later, her boyfriend invites her to go on a cruise with him and his family during that time. She said it to me in passin
  22. About a week ago, I posted about someone I had met up from a trip I had taken out to the East Coast. Since it was a small town and we came from the same city, he took me around and made things easier for me. I did develop some feelings for him and I asked if we could hang out again. His response was that we could meet up for coffee but he wasnt interested in a relationship or anything like that (he didn't say it that way, but I could get the gist of it). He told me to just text him so we can set it up in advance since he likes to plan things ahead of time. Since coming back, we see each other
  23. So I finally broke up with my ex and kicked him out. I had to get a protection order because of threats and violence. So now I’m not sure if I’m being too hard or what, but I think I’m fair. I have a protective order against my child’s father, only for me. However there is specific jargon about his right to see her basically saying everything needs to communicated through his sister, who is our point of contact. He’s upset because having a Protective order against him takes his right to carry or possess a firearm away from him. So he can basically see her as long as it’s not an inconvenience t
  24. Half a year ago we all went to a Ukraine ski trip with my then girlfriend’s group of friends. It was really fun and we all enjoyed each other’s company. Which is why we all decided to do it again next year. We’ve booked our tickets I think a month before my ex and I broke up. Such a bummer I know. But since we remained friends, she and I put the thought of our vacation to the side. Now that the year is about to end, our companions are already over-excited for the upcoming trip. I’m not sure though if I should still push through with it. The dates would fall on our anniversary week. In fact, th
  25. Hi all, Been a long time since I've been here. This post, as all my others is about the same relationship with the same woman. I'm 45, she's 40. I moved out. I left. Only been about a month of NC except for 2 texts from her saying she'll be taking me off the phone plan and that I forgot a few things at the apartment. So here's what happened. We had a big fight in June and we were on the verge if breaking up. She went so far as to call the landlord to ask how to get me out. Meanwhile, she booked a month long (she's a teacher and has summers off) Europe trip to tag along with her sister
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