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Thread: He's using the religion card on me

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    You should "be evenly yoked" which means both of you need to share the same beliefs, values and character qualities otherwise your relationship and marriage are doomed for failure. This concept is very basic and uncomplicated.

    You need to dissolve and exit this relationship. It's not going to work out.

    Then on top of that, you'll be studying abroad which is a 6 hour flight!

    Concentrate on your education and career and in the future, shop around. You can certainly do better, much better! Getting Ready for a First Date

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    I think if you don't want to be with someone religious then clearly this will be a problem in your relationship and marriage. It's important to marry someone who shares your big beliefs and values in life. The difference in religion in my opinion is a very big discrepancy. If you're already bothered by his religion now then why marry? If you marry then you'll actually be stuck with him and if you want to leave, you'll have to get a divorce. Also you are right regarding him picking and choosing when to bring up his religion. Because he had sex with you before marriage which I assume is against his religion. He didn’t care about his religion then because he wanted to enjoy sex. Then he changed his tune and keeps bringing up his religion. This would turn me off too, I don't like hypocrisy.

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    Apr 2016
    You are clearly not religious and neither is he really.
    If sex is taboo before marriage then why is he all of a sudden pretending to be religious?
    Have you actually asked him?

    Is this “religion” a male dominated one? Where men can screw around and women need to be virgins?

    Tell him it’s too late for him to be holier than thou.

    And that you are out!
    Let him have his naive virgin bride !
    Good luck to her!

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    Platinum Member smackie9's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Surrey BC, Canada
    Well looks like things took a turn...be grateful it happened before you invested in a marriage that would have been most unhappy with those restrictions brought on by religious belief. Girl you dodged a bullet. You can get out now, learn from it, and go forward with your life on your terms....leave him behind. You deserve your own happiness and you will find it with someone else.


  6. 08-09-2020, 11:02 AM

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