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  1. I would probably go. I don't see why not. You seem very upset still about what happened so if it's not worth it to you, then let her know that something has come up or you're not able to make it. It might help if you realize that you both owe each other nothing aside from the part that you already agreed to go this weekend. Be prepared that flaking or cancelling like that will produce more misunderstandings. You work with this person so weigh your risks and whether this excess worry or drama is needed.
  2. I don't have social media. How do you mean stalking? I thought the point of social media is to share things and have your connections or friends like what you post. If she's doing that it shouldn't mean much.
  3. Relax. This sounds very regular and unoriginal. He likes you. But take your time with each other and getting to know one another.
  4. Your disagreements seem very heated and almost uncontrollable. There's not enough respect or trust. It's hard to say who's in the wrong when there are questions unanswered. How did you both meet? Why does she have a problem with your ex? Did you have issues in the past with boundaries with your ex? Why does she have a problem with this friend Larry? Does Larry have any substance or alcohol abuse issues? Has Larry ever been a negative influence in your life? If you can't accept each other and the way you both make decisions, this is already over. Relationships take a great deal of trust. That also means trusting each others' judgment and ability to make decisions, not having to question each other to death or nitpick so savagely. Pause for awhile and think about the relationship and what it is now. Is this what you want for yourself or what you had hoped for when you imagined yourself with someone you'd be spending your life with?
  5. What was the argument about? Is she still with her boyfriend? Ask her what her boyfriend thinks. If she's asking you to travel with her and just broke up again with her bf, she may be on the rebound again and that's not a great place for you to be in. This yo-yo or back and forth continues. I don't think she likes you as a person if you are arguing, haven't even met since the argument and then her proposing to travel with you. She seems unpredictable.
  6. It's ok. Not a big deal. If you're tired, you might want to excuse yourself and head home instead of staying up and watching a movie in future. I doubt he thinks you were bored. It's not a crime to doze off. What did he mean by "that'll probably happen every now and again"? It seems a bit rude for an honest mistake. Let it go and don't bring it up again. Try to remember his name.
  7. The cycle repeats itself until you will want to break it or end it. It's up to you.
  8. I agree. This sounds tiring. You're with your boyfriend out of comfort and familiarity but he isn't good to you. The other guy is willing to have sex with you but he agrees to do it knowing you're in a relationship? Seems odd to me. Perhaps neither quite care about you or your wellbeing. Take care of yourself. It's difficult to understand why you would bother with either man.
  9. What things do you enjoy? Do you ever flirt with her or ask her what she likes? What do you do to show that you're interested in her as a person?
  10. It's usually not a good sign if you're having to ask if someone loves you. I know you are looking for answers and affirmation of love from someone you care about but if you feel the need to ask, hold still and think long and hard about whether you're in this for the right reasons. Why should you live in doubt like this for even one second? Someone will come along and appreciate you as you are, without these doubts or ever having to ask such a question.
  11. Please don't do that. His mental health isn't your business. It's deflecting care for your own health and addressing the break up. Whether he falls apart or fails in whatever he chooses to do is none of your concern. Focus on splitting any assets and ensuring that anything entitled to you is in your possession. Work on the practicalities. Call real friends. Not this person. You're also studying and working at the same time. How are these going?
  12. It is for the same reason people enter and back out of agreements or relationships that are no longer convenient. He likely said it out of convenience. Try not to put so much stock on someone's words especially if they have proven unreliable in the past. You were blindsided so these reactions and feelings are normal. He's not what you thought he was. Keep repeating that to yourself. The way you think of him has to change. You haven't fully caught up to that yet and it'll take time.
  13. This is a good thing. Take care of yourself and your child.
  14. The journal with blunt feelings will just cause more confusion and pain. I would toss that. Don't get sucked into daily feelings. See how things go and if she continues to want to break up with you, you should be more decisive with yourself and know that you deserve a bit more stability than that in a relationship. Cut your losses and do not accept someone who goes back and forth about whether they want to be with you.
  15. Are there any other issues or disagreements in the marriage? Sleeping separately is more common than people might like to believe and no reflection of the bond shared in a marriage or relationship. If you are feeling like he has checked out or lost interest in the marriage, it's usually from accumulated resentment and trying to avoid another confrontation.
  16. I don't know what either of you are doing. She has signed herself up as coffeemaker and cookie packer for a man at work who isn't taking her out. Ask her out already if you are interested but remain professional while at work.
  17. It's common to be questioning and be filled with doubt after a break up. Let the dust settle and try to avoid getting your mind overworked. Switch to different tasks, stay busy with other things going on in your life. Do you work or go to school? Focus on your work or classes and be productive. It's also unlikely someone is going to tell you they love you when they're breaking up with you. That's not how it goes even if it's the case. The truth is none of us know whether he did love you. We don't even know you. Be comfortable with the fact that you may never know or be certain. If it wasn't clear to you then, it's unlikely to be clear to you any later no matter now much digging and ruminating you do. I'd put this aside for now, look to staying productive and on track in other areas and let this issue go.
  18. Now you know. He is abusive. And please stop calling yourself stupid. You are not stupid. Don't waste your energy and self-esteem belittling yourself. Break this pattern dating or seeking people like this. This will be all that matters as you move forward.
  19. He has flip flopped in the past and yet you still ask this? If he can change his feelings for you so easily, don't you think he can just as easily flip flop right back out of your life like this for the third, fourth, fifth time? If he wants to reach out or meet with you as friends let him know that you prefer your privacy and wish him the best. Most people will be able to clue in that their presence is not welcome and their intentions are transparent to you. His friendship isn't what you need. It was his support and love in a relationship that you didn't get after pouring your heart out so be a little more realistic with yourself if this situation comes up. Have your boundaries in place and move on.
  20. I'd be more curious about the instant recoil or discomfort not wanting to see or give this a try at least if you've not spent time with his daughter's mother or the other side of the family. The strong resistance suggests there may be room to explore and grow and change the way you think about these people. Have they ever slighted you or harmed you? If not where's the reaction coming from? Did your partner's relationship with his ex end badly? Has he told you bad things about his ex in the past? You're together now so this would be a test on whether you accept him, his past and all of his family. Think about it for a few days and see where you are at then.
  21. He works but you study ft which means you often have more time to think at home. It may not always be the case but you both appear at different stages in your lives. If you moved in together (I don't think this is a good idea) how do you plan to contribute to the bills or expenses? Are you graduating soon or would you be working by then? I've been in your shoes in the past and in retrospect that person was completely wrong for me - different mindset, different values, different goals. It made for shaky ground when it came to bigger decisions. Finish your studies and do well. Should this relationship's door close, other doors will open.
  22. Lol Op, yes, there are better people out there. Lean on friends and family for support and rethink this relationship.
  23. After further thought and your newer posts, do you still think it's worth contacting him in four months? This person didn't appreciate you at all.
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