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  1. I will try and make this short. Been with this girl for 14 years. We have a 12 year old daughter. The ex receives a text asking if she’s single from a co worker” asking for a friend” she laughs it off saying who would be interested in me? A few days later she gets all lidded off with me over a YouTube video of a girl in a bikini, which I didn’t watch, it auto played into the next video which was that one. She got mad for days very cold and distant. Then says we need to talk. I knew what was coming. She starts crying and says she doesn’t love me anymore it’s been like that for awhile and she’s
  2. My best friend and I (both Girls) broke up after a 4month relationship. She her self before we met was in a stable relationship with a guy of 4 years. But from the day we met each other, we felt a connection. As we were friends, we said the same things at the same time, and had the same humor, we had the same special interests and we were meeting each other randomly. everything seemed so aligned. Our friends could feel the tension She liked me and I liked her. She was the most kind hearted beautiful girl i had ever encounter There were some problems in her relationship b
  3. Dated ex 1.5 months years loved her a lot wasn’t ready for marriage but wanted to marry her. Covid was hard on us and it was a mutualish breakup but I walked away. I tried to reconcile a couple weeks later but she was hurt and had started dating someone else. I respected her decision and went no contact. She blocked me a month after no contact started and it’s been 4 months. I saw a post through mutuals posting on it, and realized she had unblocked me immediately following her engagement to rebound. Guess I don’t understand why she would unblock me to see that. Also just kind
  4. It's a year since I was ditched by my ex-fiancee after seven years so I thought I'd put down a few thoughts that may be of use to those who are just now struggling to crawl out of the wreckage. First of all, although it may seem unthinkable right now you can survive. It seems unlikely, maybe not even desirable, but if you hang in there you will make it. 12 months ago, being here today feeling somewhat better seemed like a ridiculous fantasy, but it can happen. I think it's very important to go easy on yourself. You need to show yourself tenderness and care. At first you will - hopefully
  5. Im 27 shes 29.With ex nearly 3 years stayed in contact for 4 months after break up taking about what went wrong and so on as friends,,but a week before she got with the new man she cried in my face saying she loved me and missed me and performed a sexual act on me my mind is boggled I took her for granted in the relationship but was willing to change but she got in new relationship its public on facebook could ye help with answers maybe he's a better catch ?she wouldn't give me answer so trying find them me self she block me from everything
  6. Just wanted to know if anyone has any advice regarding my situation as I massively struggling. My boyfriend of year and a 4 months broke up with me with little reason aside from it getting too serious too quickly , i guess he was afraid of the commitment of me. I was beside myself at the end of the relationship but determined to remain in control and dignified. I spent around 4 months with no contact from him and then entered into a casual fling with another person who made me forget about my situation and how i felt but only temporarily. This 'rebound' situation did get too involved, we
  7. 10 months after our breakup and broken engagement he marries this new girl. Similar stories anyone? Ps. I was the dumper.
  8. Ok, you guys. Short backstory: Met a girl while she was vacationing in my country, she had just broken up with her bf that day, but we hit it off, she was overly affectionate with me, and within 5 days I told her I loved her. We said we were one another's soul mates, we would post love letters back and forth to one another, and things like that. She ended up coming back to my country 4 months later to spend time with me. We had a blast! We have an 18 year age difference between us, she is 30. None of her accounts online are suspicious in any way and she is very much a real person (the first
  9. and they start regularly initiating texts and calls saying sorry they've made a really bad mistake and they want you back. Any advice please? thanks
  10. I am really flabbergasted. I was dating this girl for about 9 months. She was very very much into me, maybe too much, texting all the time etc. I wanted to take it slow, her divorce was not yet finished. She obviously wanted more commitment. Then, 1 day after she claims she feels rejected by me, but does not want to break up, she enters a new relationship with some guy, claiming that "he does want a relationship and you not", then 2 weeks after that they both get name tattoos, and some other tattoo on their backs, and announce their engagement on Facebook. ???? I have lost a month sleep over t
  11. My girlfriend and I were together for 6 years the vast majority of it was great but about a year ago I got depression and didnt know about it at the time. The last six months it has gotten significantly worse and I kind of withdrew from everybody. I got complacent in my relationship and we started arguing more. She eventually dumped me said she loves me but is not in love with me and less than 48 hours later she is with her friend in a relationship. at the time she had just turned 21 and I was still 20 she was going out to bars and stuff with this guy and her other friends alot. I begged
  12. Hey I was with my Girlfriend for 1.5 years for both of us it was the first serious relationship and though we are young we discussed a lot of plans . I was under a lot of stress due to my thesis and the last few months I tried really hard to make time for her but it was not the same I decided to need it it was a hot headed decision because she had been spending a lot of time with her other friends. We broke up in November and in January she told me she had feeling for an other person so I backed of but kept LC the. In April she send me a text saying she felt bad she did not fight for a us well
  13. I want dumpers and dumpees alike to put together their stories on this specific topic Also If you could tell this: 1. Condensed story (no need for minor details) 2. How did you get back together with ex?(steps used, if your a dumpee) 3. What made you accept the dumpee back? (dumper) 4. Tell what you thought the dumpee did that helped him get you back (dumper) 5. Any thoughts on how to get an ex back for this type of situation This is gonna help me and anyone else(dumpees) who find themselves in this situation by using the successful steps used by dumpees as well as the thoughts and
  14. She knows I like her and has a "rebound" boyfriend according to her friends (I found out at a party and one of her friends specifically said that he was a rebound to make her ex jealous). They started going out two or so weeks after the break up. On to the main bit. She sometimes looks at me and she almost always looks down instantly. She is normally shy around me in school but she is normally flirty on snapchat or at parties. We were at a party (same one where I found about the rebound) and she seemed really happy when I showed up late. She also slapped my ass with a rubber chicken and
  15. Does the dumper often realize that she screwed up? Especially after a three year relationship?! She has a rebound right now
  16. Hey, I am just looking for some advice. Been together for 1.5 years. We broke up 3 weeks ago, she is 2 weeks into a rebound relationship. I am 1 Week into NC. What would be the best response and strategy in situation when my ex texts me to check out how I am doing? I know she is very happy in her new relationship, at least she says me that Should I tell her that I miss her and want to see her? I know that I should keep the messeges short. Or just chat for a minute and then say that I have to run hm. Some people say that I should stay friends with my ex during her rebound relationship, but
  17. I am not sure if this qualifies as my ex coming back, it's kind of an odd situation. However, I thought I would share for anyone who was looking for some hope. My breakup from my gf of two and a half years or so was almost a year ago, we tried for a couple months after but it didn't work. My ex got into a rebound relationship quickly, but (other than a couple stumbles) I stayed single and tried to work on myself. Stayed away from her social media, unfriended on everything, strict NC. After a few months she contacted me a couple of times. We talked over the phone once, talked about missing e
  18. Anyone ever have that gut wrenching episode of running into an ex?, I did last week, this is some 5/6 mo from the breakup, a lot was done, she rebounded, spread some rumors about me, essentially I was in acceptance stage. I was with a group of friends, she smiled and said hello , I did the same and walked past, but she looked like she saw a ghost. On the other hand, I could gauge my progress a bit as for the first time, I had accepted this and was moving on. I believe there will be more chances like this in the upcoming weeks because of the same workplace. How do people handle this?
  19. Ex gf blocked me because I called her out on being this guys rebound he broke up with his gf yesterday and was over my exes house that night. I guess that's what you get for still loving a
  20. Hi all, I was wondering if there are some people out here who got dumped after a long term relationship, and then found their ex marrying the rebound within some months? How did you deal with it, did the marriage work out, was the rebound totally different from you, did you stay in contact.... In the thread: "Reverse psychology and the "Rebound" relationship", someone writes this (sorry, not sure how to insert the link): From reading some situations on ENA it seems to me that a dumper's "rebound" relationship is more likely to last if the dumpee remains in the picture in some capacity, w
  21. I met my boyfriend Sept 5, 2016. I am older than him. 7 years age gap. I was 32 that time and he was 26. We were chatmates that time, He was nice, however, we had an argument first week of Oct 6, 2016. I cut all our means of communications. I blocked him in Facebook. After 2 weeks, I chatted him again because I missed him. We started chatting again Oct 26. We were just chatmates that time. However, he was saying that I’m special to him. I always told him that we just need to stay as friends. However, I have something special for him as well without him knowing it. We met in person Nov. 19
  22. Hello, So my ex and I were together for 20 months. When we broke up he said he loved me before we ended things and I was the best person he's ever meet. Two weeks later , I called him and he said he didn't love me more than just a friend. We then meet 3 months later and he said he was single and working on himself ( doesn't want to be in a relationship) this was in March. Later on we meet up to hang out 3 times during this time he says he wants to be my friend and continues to say he is single. Yesterday I found out he started dating this new person the first time we meet up in March. No
  23. Hey all, After reading this forum as well as other ones. I've come to the conclusion that many people confuses rebound relationship vs. grass is greener syndrome (myself included). From what I've gather thus far, these following seems to ring true. Rebound Relationship This usually occurs a few weeks to a few months after a breakup. This can happen to all age group. A dumper has a hard time dealing with the breakup and jumps into a relationship without actually getting to know the new person. This person is usually someone they just met. They do this to fill a certain void that
  24. Some quick backstory - I recently started dating a girl that I previously knew casually through a mutual friend of ours. Said mutual friend has been wanting to get us together for some time now, but the timing was never right since we were never both available at the same time. We first started talking about 6-7months ago when I was fresh out of a long term relationship - but not being ready to seriously date yet and not wanting her to just be a rebound, I didn’t pursue. While I worked on getting my self back into a good place she got into a relationship herself, that ended very badly. She
  25. I'm still dealing with my own issues right now, but I'm curious about the feedback from the folks on ENA regarding monkey branching relationships. I was listening to Dating Guy recently and he was talking about how most ex's who move on via monkey branching don't come back. I am still holding onto the hope that in about one year or two maybe my ex might reach out to me again if I've improved on myself enough to become the superhuman person I want to me. So, ENAers - many say that rebound relationships don't last - but what about monkey branching ones? Of course, I'm hoping it's the
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