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  1. I will try and make this short. Been with this girl for 14 years. We have a 12 year old daughter. The ex receives a text asking if she’s single from a co worker” asking for a friend” she laughs it off saying who would be interested in me? A few days later she gets all lidded off with me over a YouTube video of a girl in a bikini, which I didn’t watch, it auto played into the next video which was that one. She got mad for days very cold and distant. Then says we need to talk. I knew what was coming. She starts crying and says she doesn’t love me anymore it’s been like that for awhile and she’s
  2. My best friend and I (both Girls) broke up after a 4month relationship. She her self before we met was in a stable relationship with a guy of 4 years. But from the day we met each other, we felt a connection. As we were friends, we said the same things at the same time, and had the same humor, we had the same special interests and we were meeting each other randomly. everything seemed so aligned. Our friends could feel the tension She liked me and I liked her. She was the most kind hearted beautiful girl i had ever encounter There were some problems in her relationship b
  3. Dated ex 1.5 months years loved her a lot wasn’t ready for marriage but wanted to marry her. Covid was hard on us and it was a mutualish breakup but I walked away. I tried to reconcile a couple weeks later but she was hurt and had started dating someone else. I respected her decision and went no contact. She blocked me a month after no contact started and it’s been 4 months. I saw a post through mutuals posting on it, and realized she had unblocked me immediately following her engagement to rebound. Guess I don’t understand why she would unblock me to see that. Also just kind
  4. Ok girls, so I have been in a relationship for 10 years, since I was 17 years old. 7 years very good and then it just got into a routine. I can say I am 70% happy, but there are things I can identify that are missing from the relationship. We are not engaged, we don’t have kids or live together but we were looking at houses. A year ago he said to me he wasn’t sure I was the one for him and we had a break- but after 6 weeks we got back together. Nothing has improved from getting back together. I went out for a few drinks with the girls 5 weeks ago and ended up speaking to this guy- I don’
  5. Me and my ex dated for 16 months but within 2/3 days of him breaking up with me he’s got someone else, I think it’s a rebound but he’s saying I’m in denial and it’s serious. Now he keeps telling me about her and his plans to spend time with her, for example that he went shopping for clothes for their date, he then told me the whole date and the clothes he got for it, all without me asking. Do you think he’s doing it because he wants me to feel like he’s moved on or is he trying to make me jealous? I would want to get back with him, but I don’t know whether to do no contact or stay and sh
  6. Met ex randomly a little over 1.5 years ago. I had just gotten over a narc ex she was 1.5 mo out of an engagement where here fiancé cheated and she left and never looked back. I wasn’t sure if I was a rebound at that point and didn’t care tbh. We hit it off right away. Dated for a few months bf/gf after 4 months and I love you shortly after. Things were great for a little over a year and prolly at its peak around 10-11 mo. We didn’t talk a ton about the future because I’m kind of an emotionally closed off guy but we spent all our time together made memories and loved each other. Last f
  7. Hi everybody, First off, I need lots of advice. I recently got broken up with by my ex. We were together for 5 years and I thought he was the one. We also work together, so as you can imagine it is a difficult situation. In the beginning of our relationship, I couldn't shake the feeling I was a rebound from the last woman he was with. I didn't acknowledge that as much as I should of I got with him when I was 22 (he was 38). I had just got off of drugs and was seeking a stable man. Well, fast forward and we had a great relationship despite some bumps in the road. He blames a lot of my behavi
  8. Hi All, Just want some words of wisdom. I was in a 4 year relationship where we owned a home together for the last 2. The first 2 years things were pretty good. Then we bought this house and it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He became verbally and emotionally abusive to the extreme just 3 months after closing. I thought it was drugs, drinking too much, etc. Twice he was so drunk he got physical with me. I was in law school, couldn't afford to pay the mortgage on my own and honestly, I thought we could do therapy, anger management, etc. I tried to change how I communicated and my ap
  9. It's a year since I was ditched by my ex-fiancee after seven years so I thought I'd put down a few thoughts that may be of use to those who are just now struggling to crawl out of the wreckage. First of all, although it may seem unthinkable right now you can survive. It seems unlikely, maybe not even desirable, but if you hang in there you will make it. 12 months ago, being here today feeling somewhat better seemed like a ridiculous fantasy, but it can happen. I think it's very important to go easy on yourself. You need to show yourself tenderness and care. At first you will - hopefully
  10. Im 27 shes 29.With ex nearly 3 years stayed in contact for 4 months after break up taking about what went wrong and so on as friends,,but a week before she got with the new man she cried in my face saying she loved me and missed me and performed a sexual act on me my mind is boggled I took her for granted in the relationship but was willing to change but she got in new relationship its public on facebook could ye help with answers maybe he's a better catch ?she wouldn't give me answer so trying find them me self she block me from everything
  11. Just wanted to know if anyone has any advice regarding my situation as I massively struggling. My boyfriend of year and a 4 months broke up with me with little reason aside from it getting too serious too quickly , i guess he was afraid of the commitment of me. I was beside myself at the end of the relationship but determined to remain in control and dignified. I spent around 4 months with no contact from him and then entered into a casual fling with another person who made me forget about my situation and how i felt but only temporarily. This 'rebound' situation did get too involved, we
  12. 10 months after our breakup and broken engagement he marries this new girl. Similar stories anyone? Ps. I was the dumper.
  13. Ok, you guys. Short backstory: Met a girl while she was vacationing in my country, she had just broken up with her bf that day, but we hit it off, she was overly affectionate with me, and within 5 days I told her I loved her. We said we were one another's soul mates, we would post love letters back and forth to one another, and things like that. She ended up coming back to my country 4 months later to spend time with me. We had a blast! We have an 18 year age difference between us, she is 30. None of her accounts online are suspicious in any way and she is very much a real person (the first
  14. and they start regularly initiating texts and calls saying sorry they've made a really bad mistake and they want you back. Any advice please? thanks
  15. I'm still dealing with my own issues right now, but I'm curious about the feedback from the folks on ENA regarding monkey branching relationships. I was listening to Dating Guy recently and he was talking about how most ex's who move on via monkey branching don't come back. I am still holding onto the hope that in about one year or two maybe my ex might reach out to me again if I've improved on myself enough to become the superhuman person I want to me. So, ENAers - many say that rebound relationships don't last - but what about monkey branching ones? Of course, I'm hoping it's the
  16. My ex girlfriend that i dated for 2 years left me for another guy 2 weeks ago. She told me he made her feel special and realise that we were unhappy. Next day they kissed and they are together now. We did not speak for 5 days and after that i messaged her. She was very happy to hear from me and she told me she missed me and thought about me every day. She also told her new boyfriend that she thinks about me but he seems to be ok with that. She also told me she still have feelings for me and that i will always be in her heart. She told me that she dreamed that we got back together. We met 3 day
  17. Well, to make a long story short, my ex and I broke up around the 13th of December. She basically said her reasons for breaking up were "We're not compatible", which kind of came as a surprise to me as the last eight months in our relationship were filled with lots of happiness, love, and fun together. When questioning what she meant by the whole "We're not compatible" claim she was grasping at straws; "It just doesn't feel right", "WE're not right for each other"... again, I was asking what she meant but she could never give me a straight answer which only left me confused and hurt even m
  18. I have a couple of questions I need some opinions on, because sadly I'm really in need of some advice guys. 1, Me and my ex got together shortly after she was dumped by her ex. she was very affectionate, expressive and caring initially... But then it rapidly declined...She didn't want space and always wanted me around, but had no sexual drive, and became almost completely non affectionate without me initiating it (from hugs to sex). It took me to say something about it for her to notice, to which she said she'll try, but was no where near what it was like initially (this all in a space o
  19. My birthday was on the 4th september, and my two-year-ex texted me wishing me happy birthday. The wish is like this: "Hello! Happy birthday, may God bless you and may you find your soulmate soon". Well, I am 23 lol. Long story short, we broke up 2 and half years ago. It didn't ended nicely but it's a mutual agreement. We had been together for 5 years. Well, a lot happened during the first year of the breaking up. The rebound relationship is like a habit for him, jumping from one to another. (I did my stalking, shame I know. I've stopped long time ago). A year after we broke up, he
  20. I am really flabbergasted. I was dating this girl for about 9 months. She was very very much into me, maybe too much, texting all the time etc. I wanted to take it slow, her divorce was not yet finished. She obviously wanted more commitment. Then, 1 day after she claims she feels rejected by me, but does not want to break up, she enters a new relationship with some guy, claiming that "he does want a relationship and you not", then 2 weeks after that they both get name tattoos, and some other tattoo on their backs, and announce their engagement on Facebook. ???? I have lost a month sleep over t
  21. I'm going to try to make this short. I was dumped about a month ago. Still living together until my place is ready. I'm having a hard time with this. He's totally done, and it's killing me. I don't want to date seriously right now, but when is it OK to have a rebound to help you cope?
  22. My ex and I had been rocky for some time. In november last year we broke up and we both ended up with rebounds. Long story short, we get back together a month and a bit later(January). She tells me she loved me & only used him to get over me basically. Now today I have found out she cheated on me with her rebound in March after "staying away" from him after me and her had an argument. Why would she do this? Why would she do the one thing I basically begged her not to do which was stay away from him whilst I done all the things she asked of me.
  23. For a long time, I believed that love in LTR were somehow more authentic, valid or real than love at the beginning of a relationship. When I see people crushing on another person and then getting extremely disappointed when things don't pan out, I thought that it probably wouldn't be as bad as someone losing their long term relationship. But I think that's wrong now... if anything, their pain and disappointment of failed infatuation is probably equally if not more intense. Their experience of love is equally as self-sacrificial as long term love. So in that sense, it's pretty authentic.
  24. Hey guys, I've been posting on this board a couple times this month mostly because I was proud of myself for competing a month of NC and starting to feel better. My lease is up soon and my ex still had my extra key so naturally I had to break NC to get it back from her. Not something I wanted to do because I knew I wasn't totally ready to talk to her. We met up yesterday and exchanged some stuff we both had and she was about to leave, I asked her if she wanted to talk or just go. Much to my surprise she did talk. Mostly apologizing, saying she never wanted to hurt me, that she still d
  25. Hi all, Long story short: I have been in a lovely and passionate LDR with my ex boyfriend of 1,5yr. We were in so many ways each other's first and as cheesy it may sound we claimed it was our first true love. Of course we had our up and down's but months before the breakup, I felt we were disconnecting emotionally -he was always busy and didnt make an effort for skype dates. I felt for granted but as I felt we argued already too much, I rather kept it to myself. Nevertheless, all was okay until he went on a wedding and vanished again for 5 days without telling me anything. Even a day aft
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