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  1. So my sister has been addicted to multiple substances from Percocets to heroine to fetanyl since she was 19 to her current age of 28. She has two kids one four and one 3 months. She has been in countless rehab programs, jail once and recently she completed a six month rehab that gave her a place to stay and allowed to keep her children as CSS has been involved. I agreed to give her and my niece and nephew a place to stay once she graduated rehab because I thought she really changed. She has only been in my house for one week and OD today and she would’ve died but on a whim my mom went to my house and saved her life. I cannot believe she did this after all the time and work she put in. She even went to DSS today and they were gonna clear her from from their system in a month. Me and my mom are at a loss for words right now. I really thought she changed and everything seemed so hopeful. She promised us she wouldn’t do this. We told her that we would only give her one chance and she was suppose to get a job so she could eventually get her own place. Now her children will most likely get taken away and now I’m most likely gonna kick her out. What are we suppose to do we’ve tried so many times to help her. Is there anything I should do in this situation. I recently went through a breakup and she’s been helping me so much and it breaks my heart now that she has done this. Any advice?
  2. @Kwothe28No not from the road, no lot lizards or anything like that. All just from messaging. Im making some good money I hope to expand soon. If I could be ok with the loneliness I could really be successful. I don’t plan on staying on the road for more than a year. Hopefully six months. Just seems so daunting imagining being gone for that amount of time. I want to be rich and give my all to someone. It’s my dream.
  3. @boltnrunI didn’t have sex with anyone. I texted a girl on Facebook and it went from there. Never turned into an actual meetup ended up blocking her then two weeks later my ex found out. Still cheating I know. I’m just trying to stay focused on my business. I know she’s not coming back honestly we aren’t meant to be together. This is kinda an outlet for me. I hope she’s happy with whatever she does. I just miss her company and stuff.
  4. Everyone Go read my previous forum posts if you don’t mind. I changed my username. I’m sure your guys opinion will change on what I’ve posted. Honestly I know I should focus on work and wait to date and heal/learn from my breakup. But the loneliness can very very difficult sometimes.
  5. I’m 26, just got dumped, truck driver/business owner. I’m away from home a lot and my ex ended things two weeks ago. im upset because idk what to do. I don’t have the ability to hang out with my friends or see my family and I have can’t go home because I’m building my business and I have bills to pay. I miss my ex as she was the only person I spoke to while out on the road. Im taking the break up very hard and I feel like giving up. I miss her and there’s nothing I can do to get her back. im scared of her moving on which I know she will. Im above everything scared of the loneliness that comes from her leaving and my field of work. It’s hard dating in this field and I need some guidance on how I can get by. My plan was gonna be run hard for 6 months then step back and start enjoying myself more. Now that my ex is gone I feel like I need to go home more, I worry about dating and stuff because I feel like I’m gonna get left behind. All I can do is think and think because I’m just stuck in this truck. It’s killing me and it’s so hard not calling my ex. i started lexapro today cause I’m extremely anxious and depressed to the point where I can’t sleep and I’m just so scared of these next few months. Any kind words/advice?
  6. I’ll leave her alone. I have no other choice. How do I improve so this doesn’t happen to me again? What are somethings I can do to learn a lesson on how to treat people. Self reflection? Or is it pain that teaches the lesson. My brain works like this: i think about her then I think about the things I did to her then I remember how she felt then I think about why I did it then I wish I could change it/never would’ve done it then I hurt and tell myself I’ll never do it again.
  7. @MissCanuck I messaged her just now. I CANT STOP FREAKING DOING IT.
  8. @MissCanuck Yeah my mother and sister says the same thing. I hate learning lessons like this tho. Honestly I’m such a selfish hard headed person that it’s probably the only way I actually learn how to change sadly. I just have deep attachment issues from my childhood that make it hard for me to understand and de attach from negative relationships. If I’m being painfully honest it probably should’ve ended years ago but I just could never bring myself to end it. It’s so hard to admit these things because just today I told her I felt we were meant to be together maybe that’s just me being dumb. I’m 25 and I’m terrified of being alone. Just started a business and I can’t seem to focus on anything but proving to her I’m sorry and that I’m gonna change. Ugh
  9. @MissCanuckYoure right I didn’t understand it how it made her feel. I know I don’t deserve pity for what I’ve done. I just feel terrible. i have a hard time accepting my failures and a hard time accepting that I cannot change the past especially when it comes to someone I care about. i guess if someone truly cared about someone they wouldn’t cheat right or I was selfish/immature. I’m not sure. im obsessed with finding answer to questions that can only be answer with a lot of tears and time.
  10. @catfeederYeah I definitely messed it up for good.
  11. Here I am again years later. My ex of three years left me two weeks ago. I caught her talking on the phone with some unknown guy at 2am. I was upset and I didn’t talk to her for two days but then she turned cold after apologizing for one day. She then broke up with me stating the way I treated her by not committing, for not being the most attentive bf and because I cheated on her two months ago which she said she never forgave me for which I didn’t realize. I was sorry for what I did but she says that she no longer feels the same and can never forgive me. She wanted to continue to have sex but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was hurt and wanting her. I’ve tried to reason with her but nothing worked she’s says she’s happy with her life and she knows her perfect guy is out there. I apologized and I feel she has zero respect since I begged. Her tone is completely numb and she says she can’t look past the stuff and that “maybe” if it’s meant to be we can try in the future. i feel so horrible, and before we broke up we were suppose to move in with each other but she said I was to late that she had already moved on. God I know my mistakes and I corrected them but now I’m lonely and wishing I could change her mind. I’m in 1 day no contact. Any advice?
  12. I was wrong for how I treated you. You taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. I miss so much about the relationship we had. It doesn’t feel like 4 months. Feels like it was just yesterday I was with you. In the end you are right and we weren’t good for each other. I need to stop fighting that.
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