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  1. These extremes as mentioned are normal but it's better to acknowledge them than not. One moment feeling betrayed, other moment just wanting to get her out of your mind. It will get better but only with time. Don't bother forcing it or trying to make it happen in a day or a week. You both kept communicating so stop doing that first and let the rest fall into place.
  2. I'd talk to a therapist about this. If you're not sure about this point or it puzzles you (mental block), I don't know why you'd be worried about a doll. The doll is a distraction for not feeling like you deserve human companionship. Everyone has a right to choice. What you do in your personal time is your business and with what as long as it's not illegal or harmful. Just get to the bottom of why you feel so undeserving of being in a relationship. I wouldn't worry about the other stuff right now unless it's just making you feel worse about yourself.
  3. I can empathize with the frustration. She has to learn to deal with things on her own and engage with her own support networks. Unfortunately you are there in the UK and both of you have broken up so resist the urge to swoop in and help. It does more damage in the long run to you and she already has someone else. Daily conversations are definitely not recommended. She is an ex. There has to be a boundary there so stop yourself and don't react to emotions only or what you're feeling in the moment. Her suggestion to remain friends is not realistic. Move forwards and let her go.
  4. Oof. This is loaded. It's no longer a petty argument when you're inserting pieces like this. What is happening here is you're undermining her judgment about whether she can discern her own happiness and suggesting that she's not capable of being happy. In one breath. If you do feel this way, it is valid. But bear in mind that no one in their right mind would ever get back with a guy who suggests something like this. I think it's best to go your separate ways.
  5. What kind of problems is she having? There are some things you can't help or fix even as partner, dating locally. Being so far away, your gauge of whether it's appropriate to help her in the first place is coming second hand down the pipeline because you're not seeing each other in real time. If you find yourself continuously "helping" someone ask yourself whether it's appropriate in the first place or whether it's your place to help. She may need to see a doctor or speak to other qualified professionals instead.
  6. Maybe mute his messages and distance yourself. It sounds like he's not all that and he's not actually your boyfriend (or an angel) so those long conversations are out of place. You're getting too attached to someone who seems like just a friend.
  7. I think she likes your company but she's not attracted to you. It's probably not a timing issue. Interest level is not as high as it would be to pursue anything else. Something's missing. What you do is move on. Don't wait and don't second guess this. It's not what it should have been so you free yourself up to meet others.
  8. I wouldn't be comfortable either with her choices but that's her choice. You control your own life and if you have to wait it out then both of you will have to wait it out. If it keeps happening, maybe both of you are not compatible or don't share the same outlook or concerns. Even after you apologize, let the dust settle. Both of you still have to agree on how you handle these types of social situations and if you don't agree, respectfully agree to disagree and go your separate ways. I don't think you should feel guilty/ashamed/foolish/pressured into mingling with anyone who puts yo
  9. Is there something preventing you from ending the relationship?
  10. Just focus on your music career and get to a point where you are comfortable about this not working out. Why? The reason is because you want to be sure you're strong enough to walk away also from something that no longer helps you grow forward. Any time a person is looking to make up for a loss, the motive behind recovering that loss is questionable. It's a void and a kneejerk reaction to that loss. If you both decide months from now to start slow or reconcile, that's fine but that's a mutual decision not a unilateral one. Don't listen to bs online about winning her over trick
  11. I don't think you're treating her well. You're checking up on your exes or their current situations are weighing on you. Whether they have kids or not is out of the picture, past, kaput, doesn't need to have any influence on where you are at with your girlfriend. If you care that much about your exes, block, delete and get rid of them. Please don't put that on her or you or sabotage your future with your present partner. The issue about her moving in is you being a doormat. She had trouble with her current living situation and she could have remedied it on her own and found her own
  12. Are you interested in just sex or dating her? All this sounds too casual for dating, sitting on your lap etc. Maybe figure out what you want with this woman first before doing anything else or even beating yourself up about it. She might not be the right woman for you.
  13. Perhaps the down payment came from his parents so he felt influenced by his father and mother or compelled not to have your name on the deed. I would be upset also, all things considered. If you decide to marry, talk about the house and other things such as childrearing. It won't serve either of you keeping quiet or not communicating. Think of your future and your child's future. Wishing you well and a smooth birth.
  14. Wishing you the same, Darkch0c0. Lots of peace, love, light and happiness. 💛 No amount of joy can come from a union so fraught with issues like this or someone so captivated and broken by their own self. Hope you find more freedom and peace in the coming days and remain true to yourself.
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