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  1. Yes, care enough to let him be and don’t meddle. He has a new life so be happy for him. Relationships often change and evolve in families. This isn’t set in stone, children grow and return to the family and ties are repaired too later down the line. He knows you’re all there and still family but stay out of his personal life and new life with his wife. Think well of him if he was good to you or kind but focus on your own family and life.
  2. Reading the title and issues, you feel however you need to feel, OP. There’s a lot of distrust so something tells me this man lost your trust and respect a long time ago. He may be incompatible with you because he doesn’t draw hard lines when it comes to ex in laws. As you feel anger, he feels grief. It seems his ex FIL played a big role in his life and was like a father figure to him. And is he going or is he not? His son T is paying for his flight because he can’t afford it? There was talk of money issues and providing. Go back and review how both of you spend your money. Some changes need to be made but they won’t solve themselves with these texts. See what you can do for yourself and start being very conservative with your cash and look to the future.
  3. I think you made the right choice especially if you’re getting the sense he’s a serial cheater. The guy is bad news. It won’t hit you how bad until a little later because those love goggles are still on. Be with your close friends and family. Get back into the rhythm of things without any of this in the background. Your feelings of relief from closure, your instincts are all sound. You wouldn’t be here if you truly were blind to all this. You’re questioning it and that’s a stage many don’t even get to. Let the pain or missing him fade and allow yourself to move forwards. Learn from this and don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  4. I agree with the others. I’m sorry you’re feeling down. Start making some changes.
  5. I might have missed it if it was mentioned in previous pages. Do you have any support? Focusing on your career, ending it permanently for good and gaining more support like a doctor or therapy all help. I didn’t realize this person is still contacting you. I thought you finished with him and he’s gone, nada, hero to zero in outer space. Let go. Stay with your support and move on. Focus on yourself and moving forwards with your career.
  6. You have already broken up with her. What you’re coming across is extremely insecure unfortunately. She may be in shock but also realize she is better off not having you around to criticize her or the way she converses with others. If you do feel she disrespects you date someone else and let this go. She’s no longer in your life and do not drag someone along if you’re not compatible. It’s only 3 months and you’re both arguing about how to conduct yourselves on a train. Do you see what a waste of life it is continuing on believing that either one of you are right or wrong?
  7. Speak to a lawyer about property, moving and custody. You had money to change your looks and update your wardrobe so you’re not doing so badly that you can’t afford a lawyer. Don’t play any more games with one another. She lost respect for you and you’re resentful. It seems you wanted her to feel jealous and have a taste of her own medicine and reconcile. That’s what happens in the movies. It hardly ever works in real life that way. I’d suggest being more realistic and retaining a lawyer before you move anywhere permanently. Where are you moving to? Is it a friend’s place or with family? Don’t burn those bridges or use people like a revolving door and be cautious about how you proceed. Make up your mind, do it once and for all if you’re ending the rl. You’ve been living in denial for a long time.
  8. Leave it alone. Don’t contact or write a note. It was good of you to try by the way. You did not do anything wrong.
  9. Keep focusing on your life, the possible end of your marriage. Confusion usually happens when things aren’t aligned or at ease, issues conflict with who you are or what you want. Listen to your instincts. You do not have to call or think of someone as a pig or dog. Calling someone you care about or have spent time with all kinds of names ends up hurting you in the end. It’s spending way too much energy in a negative way and letting it affect you similarly. You both obviously share some chemistry but you’re second guessing acting further on it. Whenever you feel confused go back to the big picture and ask yourself where you’re going. Does this thing or situation or person fit where you’d like to be? It may have worked in a different lifetime under different circumstances but right now this is what you have so figure out whether it works for you or it doesn’t. Someone with a proven record of low integrity overall isn’t necessarily someone who may step up for you or remain on the same page. He can change and behind your back too. Is this worth a so-called “friendship” or do you have better things to do? It sounds like you’ve more or less decided not to pursue this but like the idea of knowing someone has a crush on you. And that’s fine. Nothing else needs to be done.
  10. You’re not friends, OP. You’ve admitted caring about him as more than a friend. The issue is not recognizing this has crossed far into the more-than-friends yet attempting to label it or authenticate it as merely “friendly”. We can care about individuals we meet but acting on it is a different matter. Pick your company carefully.
  11. If you have the sense that you’re getting on her nerves, just keep your distance. It’s not worth the hassle splitting these fine hairs about who was in the wrong. They need some space. Try not to judge your friends’ partners harshly. Stay neutral as it’s not your business to get that close and personal about someone else’s partner. I do think it was strange she didn’t offer you a guest room. Leave it at that and move on and spend time with other friends. There’s no need to cut anyone out and there is far too much going on to make such a drastic decision.
  12. You have some idea of why you’re like this. Try to overcome it. It’s useless if people keep telling you what to do if you yourself do not know why you are the way you are. If you knew your parents instilled that fear you also know how to change the course of your future and know examples of what NOT to be. Use it to motivate you and grow. See a professional if you want more insight such as a therapist. I’d reflect more and make changes. To make real changes you first have to understand what the issue is and for some, where it originates. Don’t stay stuck in the same patterns, thinking in the same way forever. There are new and better ways to live.
  13. What’s the point of confronting someone with low integrity? Think through this for a few seconds when you have a moment.
  14. That’s a large age gap in your twenties. Is she in post secondary school and living at home with her parents? I suggest you learn to trust her or risk sabotaging what you’ve found. If there are things you dislike or find her immature end it respectfully and move on. Why do you suspect she’s missing “a lot of your calls”? Do you call way too often and she’s genuinely busy or do you feel she’s dealing with too much to nurture a healthy, communicative relationship?
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