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  1. So? Someone doesn't need to do anything intentionally to be a turn off. Decide whether you enjoy being with a "giant flirt and people pleaser". This is a character trait he has so it's unreasonable to expect him to flip a switch and be any different. The onus and responsibility is really with you to determine what's acceptable in a relationship.
  2. You're already calling her entitled so why pursue this or feel bad? Without mutual respect this would never take off. Requiring a nice bar and telling you to be prepared is dramatic and unnecessary for a break up. The snail issue is you half in and half out, liking her company, not liking her. I think you ought to take more time to yourself and avoid picking up people who just add additional nonsense and headache to your life.
  3. I agree. It sounds exceedingly boring but you have already checked out with eyes on someone else so this appearing disinteresting or lacklustre is to be expected. If anything be captain of your own life and start steering your own ship. And please don't let random people you've never met just walk onboard willy nilly. You have not met the other "best friend". What makes you think that she won't tire of you or you of her in just a few months?
  4. You seem very nervous overall and unsure about what's happening and you're both at an age where you may have a lot of hopes and dreams about the future. What is his plan exactly at 19 in home construction? Is he training to be a carpenter for example or working in trades or completing an apprenticeship? I ask for some background to get a better idea of where his mind is at and why he's potentially prioritizing his work or other commitments over you or the relationship. What is your relationship like with his family? Have you met them? Or vice versa. What's his relationship like with your family? The jokes about breaking up seem leftfield and completely out of context. Do you want to elaborate on that more? Why would someone or anyone joke about something like that? He very well may have checked out and is no longer interested. Don't keep initiating or asking to meet with him and see whether he asks to spend time with you. A relationship should be evenly around 50/50 with partners putting in same amounts of effort, each expressing interest in the other. You both may have a lot more that is incompatible about you than a scheduling issue or his work so please do not settle for less than what you deserve.
  5. How is she doing in school? Is she doing well? Are you paying her tuition or is she on student loans? Are you a single parent? Do you need the rent or cash? Why all this bickering over money? If you cannot afford certain expenses, remove them, especially non-essentials. You lay the ground rules and determine what's non-essential if you are paying the bills. What does she do in her free time when she's not studying? Where does she get cash to go out or hang out with friends? Do you know what her plans are after she finishes college?
  6. Ok that's fine. Have your goals but learn to roll with it also. Studying non-stop with no work or play will only cause burn out. You have no life outside of school and your mind is healthy and active. Put it to good use and start volunteering or involving yourself in other activities or sports. You appear to have good drive and motivation to do well but your mind is spinning in the mud. For example, I have a niece who loves animals, specifically birds. She volunteers some of her time on weekends at a bird sanctuary for rehabilitation of wild and abandoned birds, some local and some exotic. She's adopted two parrots in the process and her work at the hospital working with people has a new dimension. She also cares for animals in her free time. Being a perfectionist is well and good but don't overdo it and live in a world of fantasy as you describe. Make better use of your time. People are layered and sometimes complex. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, you need to work on being multi-faceted yourself and keep up your motivation and drive. Your English is good.
  7. Frankly, this bridge is burned. He ruined any chance of a relationship with your parents or family in the way he treated you and there is no reasoning with an abuser. He blames you because you let him and because you're willing to listen to him or still be supportive to him as his girlfriend. There is nothing he can do to erase his own bad behaviour so he keeps piling more of it on, hoping to bully you into submission and bully your family members also. Where is the mother of his child and is she still in the picture? His anger comes from somewhere else, preceding your relationship, so don't believe for a second that it has anything to do with you. If you don't have the heart to think of yourself, think of your unborn children and your parents who have to put up with this person the longer you are with him. Are you so keen to be with someone who puts you down and affects your self-esteem?
  8. She minimizes the importance of your family relationships and she doesn't respect you overall if she's suggesting you "grow up". That alone would be reason to make me pause and think. Someone who tells you to "grow up" is also saying that you are childish and immature. She views that of you or thinks that your likes/dislikes/behaviours/interests fall under something immature and inappropriate for your age or circumstances. Decide for yourself if that is true. And if it isn't, communicate that. Buying her expensive gifts is only causing you more resentment towards her because you feel she takes you forgranted or doesn't accept you. You don't have to buy her expensive gifts. Be honest with her and how you feel. Be clear with her that your family relationships matter to you and she has to make an effort also. She may be keeping up appearances wanting to have you as her plus one but that she doesn't reciprocate or care about your family ties, suggests that she only cares about what her family thinks of her as an item with you. It's shallow and superficial and I'm hoping she has more substance than that. If you have communicated all the above clearly and it still doesn't work and she continues to belittle you or show her disinterest in your life and family, take the hint. She is not interested in you as a person. You are just a willing body playing a role.
  9. You should rethink your feelings carefully. Whatever you may be feeling may be founded more on jealousy and also feeling left out and not accepted by E (isolated from the threesome or rejected). T is disloyal, disrespectful and loose-tongued speaking about his partner the way he does. Are you telling me that you genuinely have feelings for a two-faced and unscrupulous man like that? Try finding your own accommodation but plan it and don't put yourself out in a worse situation. Have whatever and however many partners you want but make sure that you remain self-sufficient and your home is your home and a place you never have to worry about regardless of who comes and goes in your life.
  10. You're really overthinking this. Just break the ice and reintroduce yourself and go from there. Don't presume anything about her such as her looking for anything long term. You don't know this person. She's only a familiar face. Have fun with it. If you both don't get along, meet others and, again, work on staying a bit more positive.
  11. So he's an abusive hypocrite. People who do this don't feel great about themselves or have underlying issues about how they feel about themselves. You can't fix that.
  12. It sounds like you feel overwhelmed at times or aren't sure how to prioritize. It is ok to feel excited and caught up in the beginning but if you have a good routine and are committed to your work and courses or program, other items or activities take a back seat. Stay focused on your tasks. Instead of spending an entire day with someone, limit that to a few hours and then excuse yourself to tend to other commitments. If you're able to have a big picture view of what matters or what you need to accomplish, you will automatically want to prioritize what's important. Take breaks too and appreciate your partner if you're dating. It's the little things. You don't need to go all out and splurge on time and money. Be thoughtful and choose smaller bite sized pieces. It takes far longer to build trust and get to know someone than it does completing a course or a task for work so give it that time it deserves to grow.
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