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  1. The current relationship is never going to work if you're still communicating or having thoughts about going back to your ex. I think it's best to really face the end of your relationship now rather than worry about which man is better for you. One thing at a time - deal with the unfulfilling nature of your current relationship first. End it if it's not right for you and then take some time to heal from it. You may realize that neither are a good fit and surprise yourself. You mentioned being older and not wanting to lose time. What does this mean? Were you/are you intending
  2. I am so sorry, Seraphim. Lots of love to Shay as he makes his journey. What a beautiful creature... animals leave footprints in our hearts that never go away.
  3. Your question in the header is about feelings. Only you can answer that about yourself. I think you seem to be grappling more with 'the one that got away' regret and what ifs rather than deeper emotional feelings for someone. She moved on and found a meaningful relationship without you which means that you lost that fwb option that you had been accustomed to. There was a give and take and you don't have her company anymore so I think anyone would feel a bit put out even if there were no deeper emotions involved. In the year before I met my ex I met someone also and we had a similar situa
  4. You seem to still have very strong feelings for him or you wouldn't be here writing or doubtful of his intentions. I have the feeling that you want a committed relationship out of this and are questioning his actions. For those reasons I would agree with the previous comments to remain cautious but don't let it stand in the way of living your life as YOU wish to live it (independent of what he thinks, says, does or feels). There is both of you together and your dynamic involving what he thinks or feels. Then there is you, the individual who should live freely and feel uninhibited an
  5. Why don't you speak with your friend one on one and clear the air? The problem is your friendship with your friend and she means a lot to you. You carry guilt and are torn. Face this head on and don't ignore it or avoid it because that pain inside you is coming from a potential loss of friendship. If you are resentful towards your friend you'll have to be honest with her. I would ask your friend what her concerns are. Hear her out. Don't pass judgment on her behaviours yet. This is more for you than for her even though it's for both of you and the friendship. After you hear what sh
  6. As some of you know I've been going through separation and divorce in the past year and a global pandemic on top of that has forced me to rethink or restructure a lot of my life in different ways. I moved, bought a new place, taken up new hobbies and found new support networks that have carried me through. It appears the pandemic has been one of other reasons for the changes I've made and I see those changes complementing one another so I don't find things disharmonious oddly but very in sync with the type of life I've been wanting for awhile now - to live in peace and relative solitude.
  7. It looks like a love triangle. I think you should step up your game and go for the one you want. Nevermind what her friend is doing. She may be avoiding you because she doesn't want to offend her friend. Just make a move and ask her out. The fidgeting and staring doesn't mean anything so try to avoid overanalyzing right now. You could be sitting there looking and touching arms and fidgeting till the end of the school year like this. Be bold ! Or nothing!
  8. 💗 more love! ❤️ That's fantastic.. so glad to hear, Bolt. Such great news! Enjoy family time tomorrow!
  9. Maybe you're nice to look at but she doesn't want to date you. I think she's toying around with you and isn't interested in seeing anyone. Ask her to hang out and see how it goes. If she continues to be standoffish or gives mixed signals, don't bother. She may be a good friend in the end, nothing more.
  10. Yes, this is tough but the flip side is that... they are minor or so they seem to you and if they are minor and someone could walk away from you, this is even more reason to hold your head high and start walking. Give yourself a couple of weeks for the fog to clear. That fogginess and pain lingers for awhile but it'll lift! Give yourself time to breathe and feel at peace and happy again. Later on things might start to be a little clearer to you. Tell yourself that right now it might not be clear but it will be later on. Be kind to yourself, think of other things to do and stay productive
  11. Are you comparing what you feel now to what you used to feel? The reason I ask is because I think you're disappointing and stressing yourself out doing mental comparisons whether consciously or subconsciously. Why all these mental and emotional gymnastics? I agree with the previous comments about letting go respectfully if you don't feel any more interest in the relationship. That is the kindest thing to do. Yet it seems like you're going around in circles with the same judgment about yourself and how you should feel towards someone. This is not uncommon in first relationships when things
  12. The daddy's money thing feels like resentment brewing. Do I detect some underlying annoyance there? .. Good for you for being able to weather the storm. Keep up your spirits and mental health. This means not taking on too much worry or burden wondering how you can make this relationship work if it's really not meant to be. All things in good time. If you drive, make plans to visit her (if possible, considering any restrictions or house rules on her part if she lives with other people). I think this shows initiative and the intention to maintain your relationship or intimacy as a cou
  13. This isn't what you want to hear but I think the keys to your incompatibility might be those topics you were arguing about or don't see eye to eye on. You both don't see each other often and you can't get along in the few weeks you are together. I agree with you that the holiday season is not a good time to get to know anyone better. Maybe this was a poor choice in timing on the both of you but it's done. Revisit those issues you had in person with him and give yourself time to take those rose-coloured lenses off. You may still be smitten in the honeymoon stage and not able to see how in
  14. I like the face to face approach also if there is to be one and keep things simple. You mentioned bringing up examples but I'd hold off on mentioning any unless she asks. Anyway, Holly, you are such a direct/clear and kindhearted person at the same time I find it really difficult to see how this would go sideways. She would have to have some serious issues for things to get out of hand. I don't think you have anything to worry about and she probably has no idea she's doing it (interrupting you). Those other comments she's making about your life are up to interpretation so I'm not so sure
  15. Onwards and forwards, Frost. Please don't let this jokester get in the way of you living your life. There are so many amazing and beautiful things to see and experience and even more incredible people to know. Sending you lots of joy today. 😊
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