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    You'll have to start somewhere so even if it feels foreign and useless, do it. Book an appointment with your doctor and start talking. Don't brush things off and drift off into oblivion. Keep up with the job search, find volunteer work to get you out of the house and active and interacting with others. Don't just roll over and die. You have to make an effort and start somewhere. 
    Keep trying. Forget the relationship if it's not working, start working on your mental and physical health and don't make any excuses. People and jobs come and go, you have to try harder and find your place. Write here if it helps but keep trying.
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    That's quite natural to want to spend more time with a partner. He may want a more traditional role for a partner and to have a family of his own but you've already got a daughter and are in a different stage of your life. His response to you about your age and your hours of work seems peculiar. My first thought would be your safety in the ring or whether you'll sustain enough damage to not be able to care for your daughter at any time. You're mismatched in values and priorities and at different stages. If you're having second thoughts this early, trust your instincts.
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