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  1. So basically I've been dating this guy for almost four months. Yesterday he drove to another state to go and hangout with a girl he met on tinder before we met, but who he considers to be a close friend (although they have never met each other before this). He called me on his way down to talk about stuff he wanted to do if we ever went to the mountains together, but once he got there I barely heard from him. He said they got food and then they went to an arcade and then I found out he was at her house until 10pm. I drove down to my friends place to celebrate their birthday and he called me worried because he thought something happened to me. That's when I found out he was at her house and I almost broke down. I don't think he'd cheat on me, but that also sounded like a date. He asked me if I didn't want him to do that again and I said no and then he said "fine then." When I expressed to him that I was hurt and uncomfortable he was unapologetic and eventually he mocked my feelings. I was drunk by this point, and had told him to talk to me tomorrow when I was sober, but he kept pushing the conversation and I stupidly kept responding. After he mocked me I got angry and said something I shouldn't have. Then his car broke down. I woke up and texted him an apology and everything and throughout the day I've been checking on him and he only responded to me a few minutes ago. He said "I'm fine. What do you want to talk about?" I apologized again for lashing out at him but he isn't expressing how he feels or felt at all. He doesn't even seem interested in how I felt nor why. Once I got him to explain to me his relationship with the girl I started explaining why I felt the way I did and he has stopped talking to me again. The only reason he started talking to me was because I snapped his friend and asked if he was okay. Someone please tell me what to do. I don't understand why he's acting like this. He once again doesn't understand why he hurt me and doesn't seem like he cares to. If you love someone, aren't those the kinds of things that matter the most? I don't know what to say to him and I'm so frustrated that he's acting like this is all my fault.
  2. Hello, there's this girl that I've been talking to over discord for around 3 years, and I know that its cliché and even a little foolish to be saying this at my age (I'm only 16), but I honestly think that she's the one for me. Before I get into the actual story, I should say that I have autism and that the girl (I'll be referring to her as "the Woman" from now on) suffers from PTSD, ADHD, and hypersexuality (it might not be too important, but I'm mentioning it just in case). Anyways, exactly 2 weeks ago, the Woman and I were talking in dms just like every other night, and In summary, she said that she "loves me un-platonically." I was grinning ear-to-ear at that moment, for I have been waiting for her to say that for years, and I told her that I love her too. However, the next day the Woman started acting a bit odd and began not to respond to any of my messages. Though she would take her time replying to me on some occasions, not responding to me at all is very unlike her. I didn't want to seem clingy, so I played the waiting game. So I waited, I waited, and I waited some more. 14 long and painful days with no replies from the Woman. I don't know if I sounded too clingy or annoying during the 14 days because I would frequently text her things like "Mornin,'" "Night," and all of the usual things that we'd say to each other. I've asked around and learned that she has been communicating with her other friends for the past two weeks, so she isn't gone or busy. I am genuinely worried about the future of our relationship. Do you fellas have any ideas for why she would be doing this? Have a good day! P.S. I'm sorry if this was a little hard to follow, I have autism and I really struggle with putting my thoughts onto paper.
  3. Okay so first of all I would like to start with I am currently in a relationship. My current boyfriend and I have been together for about 2.5 years. However, the past couple months have been rough. I don’t know what the issue is but I feel like I am loving him less and faking my feelings more. I don’t want to hurt him, but I can’t help the way I feel. I recently developed what I think I would call a “middle school crush” on another person. He gives me butterflies when he looks at me and his smile makes me smile. I get nervous when he gets close to me but I don’t want him to stop. He has a girlfriend. We got drunk together one night and he held my hand. Neither of our significant others were there, but our mutual friends saw. They know. I never told him about it because we were drunk, I didn’t know if he remembered and I didn’t want to make things weird. The next time we got drunk together, after everyone fell asleep and it was just me and him, he told me he did remember. At this point he was playing with my hair and laying very close to me in a chair. I was very tired so my eyes were closed a lot, but every time he mentioned it I didn't want him to go so I opened them, which revealed his face just inches from mine. I didn’t act on my feelings, I didn’t kiss him. He didn’t kiss me either. But I think if he did I wouldn’t have stopped him. He gives me the feeling that you see in the movies. Fireworks. I don’t know how he feels. I don’t know if what he was doing was intentional, or if I was just a willing body and he was lonely. I feel like if I ask him about it things will be weird between us, and I don’t want that to happen. Writing this out makes me feel like a really ***ty person, but I'm so confused. I need help.
  4. Hi all, I'm confused I'll tell you my story: I (29) met a nice guy (33), polite, gentle, funny intelligent. We texted a lot and went out two times. We stayed outside because of Corona. He initiated everything, he pursued me and showed real interest (it was not toxic lovebombing). The following conversation was texting only: He asked me on a third date but because of the lockdown situation here, he invited me over to his place. He said it's just because of the lockdown, he would normally never ask this so early. I said it sounds so good, but I can not come to his place this early. I joked about there is still a tiny chance he could be a murderer. (It was just a joke..) I told him I am shy and I don't trust people fast, because the nicest guy can be a bad one and I made a bad experience in the past. He said he understands, but it gives him a bad feeling that I seem to be afraid or think he is not a good guy. He just wants to get to know me. I said sorry, I didn't want to sound harsh, it's just that I want to keep bad people outside my life, so I have some rules. I will not let people inside easily, especially because my life is a bit chaotic in Corona times. I said I am really interested in him and want to get to know him better. He said of course he understands and accepts my boundaries and he is happy to get to know me. I told him thank you and I like that he understands me. I asked about his day and plans for the week to overcome this "heavy" conversation. And then...nothing. No text, silence, he dropped of the earth for 3 days and still nothing. What's going on? Is this my fault for being so straight forward and honest about my fears? Was I too open and harsh, did I scare him away? I can not believe he ignores me after that 😞 We are adults, this shouldn't scare away a man, or does it?
  5. On Wednesday I got sad/upset because he found out last minute that he had to leave for a mission right before Valentine’s Day so our plans got cancelled. Before I could explain to him on the phone that I wasn’t upset with him, I was just upset with the situation, he hung up. He texts me that he’s done. So my initial reaction was to cry and tell him I’m sorry and that whatever the issue is, we’ll fix it. He’s very very very stubborn so he’s like no no I’m done. This is Wednesday. We still had plans Thursday to see each other, which didn’t happen. All of Thursday were going back and forth through texts, which I know didn’t make it better. His flight was Saturday (his unit is in NOLA) so we have a routine of me always dropping him off at the airport. Anyway, I asked if he still wanted me to take him since we’re broken up. He says yeah. So Saturday is my first time seeing him since he broke up with me Wednesday. I go there and my emotions are kinda high so I asked him if he’s genuinely done with me or just frustrated? He kept saying “idk” which was frustrating me and I told him when he says idk that leaves me in a confused and hopeful spot... I kept asking so he got annoyed and he’s like “no your answer is no. I’m done since you keep asking” So I got upset and went and sat in the car. He comes to the car, puts his bags up and then comes around the drivers seat and he’s like I forgot to give you a kiss... (so now I’m even more confused) I don’t say anything during the drive and he tries to put his hand on my leg. So I’m sitting there quiet more confused. We get to the airport and he leaves his vape in my car and then I got out to help with his bags, and he kisses me and is like I’ll see you when I get back... I’m more confused. Typically before he leaves, I’ll text him like have a safe flight, and before he lands I’ll be like hey did you land? Are you ok, blah blah. I didn’t ask if he boarded his flight, he texted me saying bye. I didn’t ask if he landed either, he texts me and says he landed. So I’m more confused. He typically texts me good morning but hasn’t since yesterday, I have. And the weather is bad so I’ve checked up on him. I asked him again today through texts if he will think about it and his response was “yea.” So I asked when and his response was “I don’t know when I get to it.” It’s like he reaches out and wants to talk but then when I talk or ask about the relationship part, he doesn’t. Am I being too forceful? Should I just completely not talk to him and give him space or what should I do? I’m racking my brain and don’t know what all this even means. Does it sound like he’s genuinely done or being impulsive?
  6. It seemed that we had a great connection and everything went good without pressure. After that incident, he didn’t return my calls or my texts, I told him that I just want to know why is he ignoring me in my last message and that I don’t blame him for this reaction but I want to know the reason. The fact is that he read all my messages and it seemed that he didn’t block me, it’s kind of strange, I just wanted to know the reason for his action in the end.
  7. We met a year and a half ago at work. We pretty much immediately started hanging out as we had the same circle of friends. We then started sleeping together. Neither Of us was wanting anything serious it was purely casual. We both had recently gotten out of long-term relationships. We have created a strong bond between us and I consider him a good friend. To the point where when we both needed a new place to live we decided that we would move in together to help each other. (Que the alarm) it was originally going to be three of us in the apartment. Him and I and one of his friends. That is not what happened. We ended up getting a two bedroom just me and him. We have had numerous discussions on how we both wanna keep it professional if we will be living together. I completely agreed not knowing How i really felt at that time. Easy peezy lemon squeezy right? The sexual relationship ended a few months before we moved in together. Since moving in at the end of January (so not that long); there of been some extremely awkward and sexual tension related moments. Which I completely ignored knowing full well that this could end badly. I know I’m not crazy, I know he felt it too. He can be extremely flirtatious at times and I get mixed readings on certain situations. Anyways cut to tonight where he brings a girl over to the new place. they are all ***ing over each other immediately in front of me. That’s when it hit me. I tried to act super casual and nice to the girl. I’m literally sitting on the couch and they’re all ***ing over each other next to me. He would kiss her and look at me. *** is that? I felt like a ***ing idiot. I got sick to my stomach, which is when I realized that I have feelings for him. She went to the bathroom and he was asking me how I felt about her. Asking me for advice?! ***! Then they went upstairs and I died inside. I know that I cannot say a word. He clearly does not see me as anything but a friend and roommate and that’s ok. I know that there is absolutely no way in hell I can ever tell him or anyone how I actually feel. It will ruin everything and we just moved in. So please don’t say break the lease cause that’s not an option. I know I need to just move on and push these feelings away. Idk why he is asking me for advice and this ain’t the first time he’s done that either.
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