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Community Answers

  1. That is where it's at HK! No "ifs", just decide.
  2. Totally agree Jib. And the emotionally labile exist in both genders. Yes.
  3. That's about it. I agree it would have been better not to have said you saw the Squid. On the other hand maybe it jolted you into seeing if this is the type of friend you want/need.
  4. Heh heh Tiny. I do, by which I mean supernatural "horror" . Then again given my time constraints haven't seen one in a long time. Not many are fit to keep the tension going and retain the atmosphere without going overboard. It's what you don't see that is more frightening than the in your face stuff. ..
  5. Well, Tiny, I think she just needs to get over herself. Going into a snit at her age is very childish. Btw way I had to look up what this Squid thing is. Lol. Hope you get the damage to your car sorted out. Very annoying. If I get to see a full hour of TV a day that's about it. On the move so much I suppose and out in the real world. You could be right about this: "Everyone has different tastes. I feel like if this show wasn't Korean would she even care that much? I feel like she develops an obsession with a show and then she takes it really personally."
  6. That she is watching ANYTHING 24/7 is quite worrying. She is probably completely out of touch with the outside world, and lives in the virtual world. Her brain must be fried or microwaved from the non-stop screen, and no doubt explains her reactions.
  7. Fully agree Wise. I am still somewhat puzzled as to why this fixation on seeing whether he will propose or not. That is wholly beside the point. What woman in her right mind would WANT this individual.
  8. Heartiest congratulations, JMan, to you and your wife. Terrific news! You are missed here, so please do visit at least now and then.
  9. Here we have the heart of the matter. The current "BF" is never going to be solid, hard-working, centred, grounded or anything else. You said, and I repeat: "A lot of my friends love him and us together so it's hard to get good opinions. Your friends say what they want to say, what suits them to say and all that. What is important here is your choice now, going forward, and that you clear your vision so that you can see him for what he is.
  10. Well you sure are getting good opinions here! And the hard facts of the matter are the hard facts. What your friends might love isn't going to bring home the bacon! Your friends (if they are aware of the underlying miserable problem) don't seem to have much discernment. I echo Bolt's remark: "I'm sure there are a lot of stable, hard working men who would be delighted to have a woman like you as their wife."
  11. Yes you do know full well what to do! What difference does it make whether he wants marriage "any more"?! Supposing he were to propose tomorrow, would you marry him? I have a dreadful feeling you probably would. You seem completely blind to the fact that your life would be ruined, shackled to an idle freeloader, an aimless drifter, with no care for anyone but himself. He has no dignity or self-respect. What about you? Could you/would you respect yourself if you took on this load of lead?
  12. And that is a very healthy outlook OP. Yet here you are (still) contemplating a life with an individual who has absolutely no problem whatsoever with depending financially on his father, or to be more accurate sponging off his Dad. And sponging off you as and when that occasion arises. You have objectives in life. He doesn't. He'll drift through life, aimless, maybe even drift abroad, provided Dad forks out enough for him to travel abroad and live there.
  13. I cannot believe OP that you would even contemplate remaining with this man. The fact that he would even SAY such a thing to his wife! I endorse what DF says:
  14. It's far more than frustrating Brie. It's destructive. Why do you want to continue with this unstable individual? I fail to see where any discussion with him would get you. Simply more waste of time. It isn't about marrying or not marrying. Why, on earth, would you even want to marry this individual.
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