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  1. When I’ve encountered that before, the main reasons seem to be they’re not that tech savvy and get locked out of one account, and just quickly make a new profile instead of resetting passwords/contacting support or what have you. Another is that there’s been a keyboard war with someone, so they make a new profile and re-add friends and family still loyal to them, I guess.
  2. Had a date in the capital last night. He seemed easy to get on with, we’re in similar industries….and I’ve heard nothing today. Queen of first dates at the moment haha. I’m still obsessed with Casper. He keeps cropping up on various dating apps. I haven’t blocked him yet because I keep holding out that we might meet up again. Which of course I know is ridiculous because he knows I liked him and he hasn’t made any effort to get back in touch since July. Sad face.
  3. Is there a high turnover in this company/industry? Do you feel that getting your degrees has been worthwhile, even if it’s set you behind slightly in the ‘master plan’?
  4. Needing to vent I guess. We are a very, very small team and basically one-man departments. Can’t avoid any of them because the back office is open plan. I’m probably a source of some of the grumpiness with being late with some deadlines recently. However with things like the schedule, or how we have no budget to work with, I don’t have any influence over.
  5. Yeah, although I’m not a fast walker anyway (I blame being short but more likely being out of shape haha). At least that’s something Casper did right, he dropped back and walked at my pace. I remember being on holiday with a couple of different exes, and we would go out exploring the towns we were visiting. They would complain how slow I was too, when all I was doing was wanting to take in the architecture/scenery in a new place.
  6. How do I deal with colleagues that threaten to quit every couple of days? They are peers, and we’re all sharing extra burdens right now, but I’ve no idea how to respond apart from agreeing that things are tough right now. I don’t know if they’re wanting me to come up with a solution for them…or to tell them, ok, jog on then?? Our tech guy is currently very grumpy and ***ly to be around, who also voices complaints in my direction, when I have no control over the schedule or book any events. Direct it at the boss who does! Had a ONS at the start of the week. Wasn’t as exciting as I thought it might be, but hey, got to have a bit of fun. Although being queen of bad decisions, also had a first meet in my town that I scheduled really soon after a work shift, won’t be doing that again. Hate all the rushing around. It was strange matching with someone in my hometown who I didn’t go to school with 20 years ago, haha. We went for a walk around the park. I’ve found that I’m not a big fan of walking dates - the guy tends to charge ahead while I’m waddling behind trying to hold a conversation. He seems like a nice guy, but didn’t really feel anything for him. We both seemed socially awkward, although he loosened up toward the end of the walk. So, not sure if I’ll meet with him again.
  7. Around 6 months back on dating apps and have finally had a run in with an antivaxxer. My responses to him were the digital equivalent of nodding and smiling but took a couple of days to respond to his last message, having not turned on app notifications and having no bandwidth for even talking to friends after my shifts this week. I next log in and see that he’s called me a “disgusting pig” for ignoring him. Wished him well. Blocked him.
  8. Casper changed his photos on his dating app profile. Still annoyingly friggin cute. Attraction is weird. Why can’t I feel this way about any other guy who is actually interested in me?
  9. On a positive note my weight seems to be staying where it is instead of creeping up again. Under 75kg. Would like to hit 70kg some point soon so need to work on that. Pools are still operating with lanes/timed slots which is way too organised for me.
  10. I have my laptop open at home trying to finish some editing which should have been completed DAYS ago but I can’t make the move to finish it. In an odd position at work where I’m ridiculously behind but doing extra days trying to catch up. Boss is aware of both, so don’t think I’m quite on the firing line, or maybe that’s what I’m subconsciously trying to do to myself. Had to bail on a date this week. Completely underestimated the time and effort it takes for an exhibition install, so was in no mood to head into town to spend two hours with someone I’d never met just to come home again. Thankfully the guy seemed to understand, and also works in events so is probably no stranger to things overrunning. I get into this thought spiral of hating this town and my job so need to make an effort with my social life again, but I probably have no business doing so until moving out/car is sorted and tht is so boring and tedious!
  11. Possibly! I'm not sure what that would be yet. There's bits of this job that I do know I'm good at and get good feedback from customers so need to research if that's viable
  12. Spent my birthday weekend in the capital. Definitely a buzz around town, and just aimlessly wandered with no plan. I would like to get more comfortable with doing things alone, like going to restaurants. I went to a thai place I'd wanted to visit for a few years, and got seated before a family of four because I was on my own. Cue evil eyes boring into me while eating, although I think the mum in the group didn't realise how crowded it would be inside (socially distancing is no longer legally enforced here so places are cramming people in). Put messages out to potential booty calls, and both bailed. Which annoyed me more than it should have. Telling myself I'm not good enough for a quickie, but really I think it's because neither were Casper and I really need to forget him...
  13. When I was offered the job, I was told that everyone's role was well-defined and with the profit that the venue was making at the time we were able to take our foot off the pedal and not be rushing around all the time. With the pandemic and live events industry being decimated, our freelance staff have left so everyone's chasing their tail trying to implement the same amount of work. My previous retail experience (which my boss and colleagues are well aware of) was very much boss says do this and you go and do it. Whereas now I'm getting mountains of stuff piled on and I don't know how to push back in a professional manner. I see similar roles advertised now that places are opening up again, but don't know if it's this particular venue that's a dumpster fire and I'd get better support elsewhere, or maybe the whole industry is like this. Tricky considering Scotland is so small to begin with. Gah I don't know. Maybe every career has crappy stages like this and I'm just a decade behind figuring it all out.
  14. Job is still terrible. Basically I don’t know what I’m going to be walking into each day, and it’s been making me reluctant to turn up which obviously is a complete no-no. I feel guilty for wanting to leave. I was handed this job without an interview and feel like leaving would ruin any reference I wanted from my boss. However, it seems that this sort of role has a constant baseline level of chaos no matter how organised or prepared I try to be. I guess there will be personalities out there that thrive in that situation, but I definitely don’t. Felt the same when volunteering at a film festival last year. The job is no longer what I thought I was signing up to (post covid crap) and my personal circumstances have changed - I’m looking at my 34th birthday still living in my childhood bedroom with no social circle nearby and no romantic prospects. So why the eff am I staying. Sunk cost fallacy. Admitting I’ve failed. Having to explain to people why the 180 when on paper this should be a dream job. I know I won’t act on things for a while but writing it out is helping.
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