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  1. Knew I could rely on you Dias! 😁 Last day off before back at work until the weekend. I’m sick of living here. On paper it’s idyllic: countryside, family, big house but just constantly feel that I’m on someone else’s schedule and none of it is really ‘mine’. I need to decide where to move to. The scary thing is it may mean leaving this job sooner than I thought…and worried about the reaction from the boss. But it’s just a job, they can’t have this hold over me. I’m also putting off taking responsibility for myself and going somewhere completely alone. Writing up a list of pros and cons.
  2. It would be nice to get laid sometime soon…but no leads from any of the apps. I must be doing it wrong…no one is asking to meet up and when it’s me doing the asking I get ghosted. There’s a two fold win if I start up birth control again: 1) more protection if anyone does follow through 2) libido is dulled if they don’t and I stop going crazy 😵‍💫
  3. I guess, for me, I just want to concentrate on my job and doing that well and not have other distractions at the time. Yes I’ve had to explain to colleagues, volunteers at current job that I’m now single since they last saw me, but at least there’s some distance between everyone and they’re not all up in my business as they might have been if my ex had worked at the same place. Or perhaps I just know really immature types!
  4. I hate that phrase and really don’t want to know how it got attributed to dating/sex/work haha! You seem to be able to easily compartmentalise different areas of your life, which is why you would find dating a colleague not a big deal, but I think for a lot of others drama tends to overspill and creep into the workplace in that situation. My first experience was with a long term boyfriend who got me my first full time job after uni. It was in a different department but small open plan office so it was like we were in each other’s pockets all the time. Also, I wanted to chat/vent about the work day afterwards (it was my first proper job after all) but he just wanted to switch off completely so that grated for a while. A couple of years later when I was single at a new job (retail, part time) and was asked out by someone who I had a crush on for ages. Of course I couldn’t say no. We were totally incompatible and somehow dated for three years and had a horrible break up. Thankfully we had both left that store before breaking up but I found it really awkward moving back home and running into old colleagues having to explain what happened. So now I would definitely not date someone from work. Same industry maybe.
  5. Meanwhile I’m a typical pasty Scot who can’t handle the heat or sun so I’ve been hiding indoors enjoying it through the window 😄. Temp was in the late 20s earlier! I like summer evenings, when it’s still pleasant but not unbearable and the light is all hazy. Hope you get to enjoy it some time this week Dias!
  6. Having been on furlough for most of the previous year I've not had to do much working from home/webcam calls. First time dealing with Teams today, usual tech issues happened! But the particular project concerned is very rewarding and hope we can get it off the ground. All the personalities involved are lovely and very supportive which helps but I'm nervous how much time I'll have to invest. Will just have to get stuck in. I've deleted and reinstalled dating apps about 3 times trying not to get distracted haha. I do like the attention but find myself pining for interaction when the conversation dies down...but I know I'm not in any place to start a real relationship right now and the guys have been upfront about that too.
  7. UK or Ireland most likely...although if Brexit stuff settles may consider further afield. Limited myself to this part of Scotland for years, and assumed with my ex it was going to be for the long haul. Now not being linked to anyone feel I should take the leap that I’ve always been scared about. The major draws are London, Manchester or Dublin. Unfortunately most of them are ridiculously expensive but I’ve built up a fair nest egg. I don’t have to make this decision right now. But I’m not happy in the borders, and as much as Edinburgh will always feel like home it doesn’t seem to be offering much right now.
  8. Chat with Glasgow guy kind of, erm, escalated let’s say and we were talking about meeting up this weekend when we were both off work then bam! Lockdown has been extended in his city and no one is supposed to travel in or out except for essential reasons. There’s supposed to be a review tomorrow but with cases still rising there, I bet restrictions will be kept for another week. The universe obviously doesn’t want me to get laid right now! 😆 Work is a headache right now but trying to muddle through. May have written this upthread but giving myself another year in this town for things to stabilise and decide where I want to go next. I’m considering away from Scotland for a while.
  9. I find it so interesting matching faces/voices to internet personas! You’re very articulate and legible from the short clip, but I agree that filming oneself can be very awkward. I’ve done all of three zoom calls and not in a hurry to do more. Couldn’t tell you if you sounded particularly Greek - even though I used to work with a guy from Athens years ago. I have a very nondescript accent - apparently I don’t sound very Scottish but when I go to England anywhere they’re like “...you’re not from round here!” haha
  10. I read that as “I would be running the UK like a maniac”. That’s probably what we need! You’d get it all sorted Dias 😁 I had an ex who had a similar amount of energy - he was constantly go, go, go and winging things. He was the antithesis of me and how we lasted as long as we did I’ve no idea but always admired how much he got done.
  11. Thanks guys. Update, Edinburgh guy doesn’t feel that there’s a spark there so won’t be seeing him again. A shame, wanted to grill him about his travels abroad. There’s an ongoing exchange with a guy from Glasgow but don’t think I’m going to meet him yet, have a feeling I’m going to be exhausted this weekend being swamped with work. He’s not looking for anything serious right now so maybe in a couple of weeks. Music/bands are a passion of ours so just been talking about that sort of thing.
  12. Some development on the dating life front. Travel restrictions in my country ended a few weeks ago so I thought I’d give the cute guy another message to ask if he wanted to go for a walk or coffee. I was fully expecting this to go ignored but you miss every shot you don’t take. To my surprise, he responded saying that sounded like a nice idea and I suggested that I’d be around this past weekend and gave him my number. And of course he never texts to firm up anything. I went into town anyway and walked around, people watched and visited a cafe that I hadn’t tried before. Told my friend about the guy never getting back to me and she was more annoyed than I was, haha. I’ve since unmatched with him on the app so I can’t drool over his profile and feel sorry for myself. Another guy who I had a brief exchange with on tinder at the start of April got back in touch, came across as much more enthusiastic so we met up on Sunday for a walk round one of the parks in town. He seems like a nice guy, same age and has lived abroad and in London before coming back to Scotland. I think he must also be really intelligent with the degree/work he’s done (being vague for anonymity) and then there’s me “hur dur I’m trained in drawing cartoons”. So I’ve no idea what his take away of me is and if he’ll want to see me again - not heard from him since getting home on Sunday evening. But I’m glad I took the plunge trying to get back out there and meet people I wouldn’t in normal circumstances.
  13. Not been able to get out yet, finding excuses like I slept in too late or the weather is meh. Had a productive day at work though and going back in tomorrow even though not scheduled to try to back into a routine...which should mean sleeping better and can get up at the weekend to head out! Thank you Dias, yeah needed somewhere to vent at 1 in the morning. Can’t really travel to meet anyone for another couple of weeks and the app trail has gone cold so don’t think I’m going to do anything too rash. I suppose just entertaining it in my head is part of the healing process.
  14. I caved and messaged him. Just a simple hello...no response. I’m struggling. Wish these feelings would go away. Would do anything for a connection with another human right now.
  15. Send some of that my way please, I have some serious weight to shift 😐
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