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  1. After you told him you had a crush, he would have asked you out and he didn't, so no, he's not interested in you romantically. It sounds like you might not even live locally to him, so that's a good reason dating would be unrealistic. You sound like a clingy person who expects too much. Have a fulfilling life by spending time with friends, family, hobbies/interests, a career, and enjoying time solo. Only then will you be good partner material. If you have a joyful life, a guy will want to share that with you, but he will never want to be smothered if you make him the sole center of your u
  2. Never discuss important things over text. It sometimes lacks the correct tone you're going for. It would've been okay for you to decide not to see her for 5 days to protect yourself, and that should've been the only info communicated. After that, you could've waited to see how she chose to operate in the future. If she valued your company, she would avoid being around anyone other than her inner circle, in order to spend time with you. If she didn't care about your personal rules or your company, she would've repeated the same behavior of being around more than those few friends. Time wil
  3. IMO, people who choose to date for years on end, long distance people they've never met, have emotional issues that make them avoid local dating, or because of their issues and possibly things to hide, nobody local wants to date them. Sorry, I have no advice for people who live in a cyber space fantasy world except to say that the alternate--being with someone 3D, enjoying companionship locally, is living in a real world where you date at a normal pace and get to know every facet of who a person is. If a woman is a beautiful, together person, there's no way she'd be putting herself
  4. Yes, as many things in life, breakups are hard. And you can love someone even if the relationship is unhealthy. In going your separate ways, you will mourn, heal, and then move on. Get used to it because people have to usually do this many times before getting enough life experiences under their belts to choose wisely.
  5. You can find someone to be attractive, but the chemistry just isn't there. If she felt chemistry but didn't like a kiss on the first date, she would have explained that. Instead, she said she wants to be friends, so the spark is missing for her. If she was on the cusp and needed more time to figure out if she saw you as potential dating material, she wouldn't have brought up being friends. No, do not message her again. You have enough friends, and like you said, your goal is to have a gf, so continue on that path and try with someone else.
  6. She's allowed to have her own social media life that you're not privy to. Couples should respect each others privacy and don't have to be joined at the hip in every aspect of life. You're policing what she does, acting as a private detective questioning her, and then she lies to prevent the drama that's stewing within you. When a relationship is regularly upsetting for one or both partners, it means it's time to move on. She flirted with someone else because she's likely too young to be serious right now. Many teen relationships don't last too long as people are exploring and want to expe
  7. This statement makes it clear you're not into short term relationship goals. Of course all dating is casual at the beginning, because how can it be serious when the person is a stranger? It's a wait and see game, to see if the person is a match over time. However, it is important to establish after two or three dates what a person's dating goals are, and if his don't match yours, it'll never work. He clearly stated he's not available for a relationship, so that is not a long term relationship goal, which is what yours seems to be. I mean, your way of doing things, making out only, would n
  8. If you're already wondering about what friends and family would say, I'm assuming your goal is to have a long term girlfriend, and you're not thinking fling. In that case, the articles I've read with various studies have been that age gap relationships of 20 years or more end in a 95 percent divorce rate. It would be wise to think of if you really want to pursue someone who is in a totally different stage than you because it does present major problems. I'm assuming you're even close to 28 to 30 years older, so she will be retiring decades later than you. While you're home and retired, maybe w
  9. Truly something wrong with a woman whose heart isn't wrenched out of her chest with not being there for her children, still in the nest, daily. To go from being with them daily to now a random text, without any concerns for their psychological health with this major family change--I don't even know why you'd take her back. No, I wouldn't delay in getting to a lawyer. Someone could whisper in her ear, or it could dawn on her, that she should gain custody of the kids for financial benefit, and that it will be financially trying for her to pay out custody for 3 kids. Without a custody order
  10. You stuck your neck out and asked for another date. She put a delay on it, and now the ball is in her court now. I would let her be the first now to initiate contact. That's the only way to gauge a person's interest. Because if you texted her after she turned down this week's invite, she might respond to be kind or because she's too cowardly to outright let you know another date won't be happening. If you leave her alone and she's not interested, she will probably let ghosting speak for itself. If she's truly interested but had other plans, she will definitely get back to you, not wanting an o
  11. When deciding to become exclusive with someone, it's important to discuss relationship boundaries, and if you're not compatible in that area, you break up and find someone who is. Because obviously you've expressed concerns after the fact, but she'd prefer to continue her behavior even if it risks losing you. Even if these messages didn't cross boundaries, if my partner was addicted to messaging and receiving messages all day and during sleep hours, they'd no longer be my partner. Plain annoying. I prefer a partner who has a normal hobby, and when I'm with him, he's WITH me. As in no
  12. There's never an instance where you should admonish, plead, or show anger to anyone who hasn't given equal effort to yours when it comes to someone you're interested in, or even in the case where it's a platonic friend. You simply take note. You don't keep reaching out to them when they haven't returned your serve. You observe, and then create your circle of people who give as good as they get. The ball's in their court, and if they fail to get back to you, MOVE ON. They don't owe you anything. If they choose to seek your company, it's because they enjoy it, but it should never be demanded, an
  13. Without knowing more, it means he doesn't want to put forth the energy you expect. He might think you're pushing things to where he doesn't want to go. Or he's just not into you, even if it seemed he once was. If he did want a future with you, but was truly overwhelmed by work at the moment, he'd ask for your patience and give a timeline of when he expected relief from the situation.
  14. You seem like a people pleaser and a doormat. You have to put on your own oxygen mask before being able to help anyone else. You need to speak up for yourself and don't back down. When your mother wanted to pick you up, you should've done what was best for yourself and told her to do so. You didn't need your bf's approval or opinion. His mother was wrong to emotionally manipulate you into going when you didn't feel well. Perhaps your bf learned how to behave the same by observing his mother. You say you've had many discussions about the uneven division of labor. If he cared about you and
  15. From Forbes.com In the case of marriages that are less than two years old, the foreign spouse is granted conditional permanent residence. On the basis of that conditional green card, the foreign spouse comes to live with the sponsor in America. At the two-year mark of the relationship, immigration officials review the marriage to see if the couple is still together. Those spouses that satisfy officials of the bona fides of their relationship get approved for permanent status. Those who fail are required to leave the country. It sounds straightforward enough, but often it can get comp
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