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  1. Andrina's post in My Girlfriend [F 20] of almost 2 Years says she doesnt want me [M 24] to be part of her life regarding friends. was marked as the answer   
    When you're older, you'll see that she's done you a favor by easing her way out of your life. A person who drops out of college and has to be cajoled and motivated to seek out a career won't be pulling their weight financially in a relationship. From what I've witnessed throughout my life and the people I know, a person's work ethics and whether or not they are go-getters usually don't change just because they get older. At her age, I paid for my own community college where I held a full load of credits and worked full time.
    She probably sees your "motivational talks" as just more of another sort of parental cajoling. And nobody wants to date a parental figure.
    I advise freeing yourself to eventually meet someone more mature, perhaps someone who is closer to your age, and someone who is as crazy about you as you are of her. I think it's a good idea to give yourself a good year solo to concentrate on your studies and to mourn the loss of your first love (if she was that), and get to the healing stage before thinking about dating again. Take care.
  2. Andrina's post in Should I text him , to check up on him???? was marked as the answer   
    He more likely broke up with you because he could feel you just weren't into him romantically and he deserved a gf who is. 
    If he was interested in being your friend, he would've stayed in contact. 
    Once you've dated someone, it's hard to go back to being friends, because someone new you're dating isn't going to be okay with you staying in communication with an ex. 
    New time, only date a person if you're truly into them. Being swayed by who your friends want you to date is ridiculous. You're not a puppet. Take this as a learning lesson to make better decisions.
  3. Andrina's post in Ex still caring for my boyfriend was marked as the answer   
    That should be a dealbreaker for you. You have low self esteem to put up with this. You're not fully integrated into his life, so you shouldn't be a part of his life. End of story. 
  4. Andrina's post in Girl said I was smothering her was marked as the answer   
    I disagree that if a partner waited one or two weeks without replying that you should act upbeat. That's acting like a doormat who will accept this unacceptable treatment. If a person can't properly communicate and iron out issues, going days using the silent treatment, they can't be a healthy partner. Basically they don't care, aren't as into you as you are into them, or have too many mental issues to be a good partner.
    If you have a pattern of choosing emotionally distant women, take a look at your own self worth. Maybe it needs boosting. I have a feeling your positive outlook until now has been your hopeful thinking and has been one-sided enthusiasm.
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