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Yeah, it’s the deli job. We had a real winner in last night LOL. He was beyond germaphobic, but wanted me to make him a sandwich. He stood almost in the deli to make sure that I had two sheets of parchment on the slicer, and two sheets of parchment on the scale. Everytime I did something else, I had to change my gloves. He wanted rye, but then balked because I had to defrost it and chose brown instead. He only wanted mustard and corned beef on brown bread He later explained that he has had Hep C twice and is careful... I get that, but you really shouldn’t be eating deli food or food from a public place at all if you are that worried.


Was at value village tonight after class, just to poke around. I guess someone sprayed mace or something near the front of the store, because suddenly everyone was coughing. As I walked to the exit, the air felt funny and I tasted pepper, and then I started to cough too. When I looked back in at the store, it was like a scene out of an epidemic movie! I had a tickle in my throat for a long while after that. Yuck.


I had a really productive day today I worked on the mock-up for my book, had a meeting with my directed study instructor (who keeps pulling internship opportunities out of thin air) and I finished assignments. I feel really tired tonight so I am just going to do some reading and go to bed.

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oh the joys workign in a restaurant!


i had two ladies today who came in severly pissed b/c they had to stand at the door for a few minutes waiting to be sat. our hostess was gone already and it was just me and another server on and we had a bunch of tables so yeah they stood there for a minute b/c we just plain didn't see them. i went to seat them adn they went on and on in a very snippy way how this was ridiculous, they shouldn't have to stand there, they should've gone somewhere else, blah blah.


so i turned on the mehgan charm and fed it right back to them in a way that would make them shut up but also realize they were being ridiculous for the way they were talking to me about it. i mean, i get why they were annoyed, i really do, but i'm not the manager...i didn't send the hostess home or cut our staff down to bare minimum. i just don't need attitude about it.


so i was saying things to them like "oh great, now i'm stuck with you, you should've yelled at me AFTER i was done waiting on you b/c now you have a vengeful server who's gonna spit in your food." i said it all while i was laughing so i had them cracking up. by the end, they forgot why they were mad in the first place.


don't know why i chose this post to comment on about that but yeah, i get what you mean about people who don't necessarily need to come to public restaurantts with certain fears. even if my story wasn't related haha.


at any rate, congrats on the raise!!

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It’s related, I think. Service workers have to stick together! My boss said I was definitely the best person to be serving this geezer lol.


I have spent a lot of time on Etsy tonight. I pretty much found all of the Christmas gifts for my best friends. I have no clue what to get Alex this year though. NO clue.


I browsed jewelry for a long time and eventually picked out this: link removed


I’m going to wear it all nestled up with my e-ring to add a bit more interest to it on days when I want a bit more design.


But now I’ve seen this: link removed and I think my diamond would look sooo pretty in it!

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Well today Alex and I both slept in until nearly noon. I still feel gross, and I can’t wait for bed tonight, but we had a good day regardless. We checked out this protest going on downtown, I grabbed a coffee, and we went to our eye-doctor appointments. We were there for a LONG time and I found out afterwards that the optometrist had her eyes on Alex. He was pretty pleased with himself


I found out I may have glaucoma, so I have to go back for more testing. We went for dinner at a nice restaurant in a converted firehall (like a 1930’s firehall) and discovered the best caesars in town. In my opinion, the food wasn’t anything special, other than being really fresh... but I’d gladly go back for a burger and caesars.

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i hope you feel better! I felt my throat kind of hurting tonight and I was like 'uh oh...' that's always the first sign for me a sinus infection is coming. I am battling a headache though... blah.


L and I had the best steaks while we were on our honeymoon at this Italian place... OMG. They just MELTED in your mouth they were so good. Not badly priced either. I think we had a 10 oz. Ribeye and it was $20, I think. About that.

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Try sleeping without a pillow. It works for me.


Alex and I came up with another idea for a children’s book. I love how supportive he is with this. I must have looked slightly loopy to everyone else when I was reading through a pile of kids’ books at the optometrists’ office today hahaha.

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Aw yuck! No insurance through work? I hear ya... we spent close to $300 to find out that our prescriptions really haven’t changed. I hope the glaucoma testing won’t be too much more... I have partial coverage, but I have to send in invoices and it’s a headache.


We decided to dump our content insurance. Not that we have a house full of junk or anything, but nothing is of any real monetary value, because everything depreciates so quickly. It’s not like a robber is going to be able to run off with our couches or appliances. Some things just do not hold their value and aren’t worth insuring. We’ll just have the strata insurance which protects us from fire/earthquake/flood costs. It’ll be nice to keep that $300.

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My package through school is about $250 per year, but the only decent coverage is medical. I only get $500 for dental.


Ohhh I feel even worse today. My stomach is upset and my head hurts and my ears are ringing. I have so much work to do but I have that stupid foggy brain feeling. Bleh!! *cries*

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Went to the office this morning to do an interview and to finish the news section early. Two hours later, I am bushed and ready for a nap. I realized that I really shouldn’t be working around food... my ears now hurt and I feel like I could sleep for a week... so I call in sick. Apparently I called in past the deadline. If you’re working the night shift, you have to call by 10 am now. Seems early! I feel so bad because I know what a PITA it is to get a replacement, but I have to take care of myself.


I am so not in the mood to do another interview, so I think Moe and I might go down for a nap.

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I didn’t nap, but I did laze before tackling the mountain of laundry. When I say mountain, I’m not really exaggerating. Five loads. I think at some point we just completely forgot that we actually have to do laundry. Thank goodness we don’t have to use laundromats anymore! It made me realize that I need to pare down my closets a bit. I finally parted with the many pairs of jeans I hoped would fit again, and the miniskirt I got when I was 17. I will not be a size 5/7 anytime soon, so I’m glad to have purged a garbage bag full of “hopefuls.”


When Alex came home from work, I asked him to get a Swiffer duster. I guess I should have been more specific, because he came home with a Swiffer sweeper starter pack which we really don’t need. *head desk* At least my donations made it to the thrift store!

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