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  1. (Oh look, I remembered to update!) I did the passport stuff last week so that's out of the way at least and it should be here by the end of January. Had to go to the local health department for a new long form birth certificate because I some how misplaced the one I had? Who knows. Almost three months to go!!
  2. I have that to! I broke a dish six months ago and I'll be danged if my foot isn't still somehow finding pieces of it!
  3. They are doing well, thank you for asking! A bit stressed with this new role they have but overall doing fantastic! I keep thinking of posting but then I get side tracked with something haha I'm REALLY excited to go! I'll be there 4 1/2 days (flying in on a Wed and I'll leave Monday morning). I've already looked at a few things I want to do outside the con (since that's my main reason for going) and planning some meet ups with online friends that are also going to the con. My mother is already freaking out about (then again, she freaked out about me flying up to Boston for the
  4. Oh wow, it has been forever since I updated this! I never meant to intentionally pull away from ENA but I suppose it became a subconscious thing.... Anyway, life is still going great! I've been at my job over a year now and I'm still loving it. I became a lot more active in the SCA (mostly due to the fact my aunt and uncle became Baron and Baroness in 2015 and they always have to have a retainer when at events) and I've just been enjoying single life! I have done so much traveling this year!! A lot of it was because of the SCA - I went to Myrtle Beach for an event at the end of August I
  5. Thank you everyone!! It's in the same town as I'm in now, about 10 mins away from my aunt and uncle. We moved everything this morning and I'm about to drive to my mom's to pick up the kids.
  6. So you are looking at the new receptionist for one of our local chiropractor's office!!!
  7. I have been slammed with work since we got back but can I just say - RUSSELL HOWARD!!! The trip up to Nashville was... yeah. We hit three nasty storms (and when I say nasty I mean really bad with lightening and rain so hard you couldn't even seen the car in front of you). We also hit traffic a bunch of times (only once due to an actual wreck). At one point we seriously thought we were going to be late arriving and then the universe gave us Central Time Zone. Neither of us knew Nashville was in another time zone (you should have seen my uncle roll his eyes when we told him that upon our retu
  8. Well, there's that too. 2 more days until Nashville!! We made our shirts Sunday and I've started packing (OCD, much). Just worked my last full shift before we leave (I have a short 4 hour one tonight but that's easy). Getting some laundry done now!
  9. Thanks ladies. I probably would have one day been receptacle to one if I hadn't been treated the way I was during the divorce. People fall out of love every day, it happens. It doesn't mean you have to be a douche about it. I slept all freaking day. Small flare up of hives - not too bad, Claritin was able to maintain them but it was more than enough swelling to give me that fatigue feeling.
  10. That's what I'm really taking out of it. This experience has been so vastly different to my last break up - I can remember breaking up with M and two weeks later just NEEDING to be a in relationship. It's been almost 10 months now and I'm perfectly content without a relationship. Healing was so different too. I remember counting up to like 40 days of NC with M and them being horrible. I stopped counting at the end of October this time. I have to count backwards whenever someone asks me when was the last time I talked to him. It just wasn't at the forefront of my mind this time around and I thi
  11. I am. enjoying life right now with family and friends. We had a huge girls night a few weeks back were a bunch of us sat outside around the fire pit drinking wine. It's just something I never did pre-divorce. It's easy to say with hindsight but getting divorced and having it all go down the way it did, was very freeing. It forced me to remember a lot of basic facts and helped me learn a few things about myself . We got so drunk that night though. I've never been that drunk. I had a hangover for the first time in my life the next day. I prefer to use my iPhone too (entering info on th
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