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  1. I'm patiently waiting for my turn at a first dose. It's ok though, I'm pretty low priority, working from home and no kids to worry about coming and going.
  2. Why won't you let your children live somewhere else? Do you receive cheques for them or something? It sounds like it's all about money for you. Are you a drug addict or alcoholic? I hope all those kids get out.
  3. If you want to be promiscuous yourself, break up with her and go do that. If you don't want to be with someone who you see as promiscuous, you don't have to date or be in a relationship with someone whose past you aren't comfy with. You are making this all more difficult than it really is. No one is forcing you to do anything. You two aren't a match. Let her find her person, and you go do what it is that's going to make you happy. Maybe you need to be single for a while and figure a few things out through your own experiences before being in a serious relationship. There's no
  4. Yes, I agree. This isn't a "tense household" or a bratty relative. This is abusive and negligent family members. And his mom abused his pup, in front of his niece and nephew! That's the time to stand up and make it known what you are all about. And yup, those kids are watching all this. They are learning what happens when there is abuse in this family. Will anyone do anything when there is abuse, or do people push it under the carpet and act like it's no big deal - normalize it? They saw their grandma beat the family dog and it was strangers who stood up to her. Then they had to go home
  5. Yes, that time together is precious. It did my heart good hearing about the sweet things you are doing for her. She's going to be basked in love, I just know it. Its really hard seeing a parent decline in health, man, I'd give you big hugs. It may sound weird, but as hard as it was being with my mom when she was declining, it was also a time I felt so close to her, and I wanted to be there for as much as I could. She filled me up with so much love, it's gotten me through a lot.
  6. That's exciting! Something different. And awesome that you'll be closer to your mom.
  7. ❤️❤️❤️ I'm so sorry you are going through this.
  8. If she would beat an innocent animal, do you worry she might be abusing the kids?
  9. Oh my God, I felt sick to my stomach reading that ninjabib. God I am so sorry, your mom is terrible!! That's just abuse. Horrible abuse.
  10. Honestly, what are the positives of keeping these people in your life? It'd be one thing if they had made changes and grown. But it sounds like they are negligent and lacking self awareness and responsibility as ever. There comes a point sometimes where it's healthier to just let go of the idea of ever being able to have a relationship with some people. I'm so sorry for your loss of your pup.
  11. Isn't it funny though that she is stuck on the idea of a bio child, and yet, here is her family - not "blood" or bio - willing to consider risking her health and life to make her dream for a bio child come true?! Just from my perspective, I'm chuckling at that. Maybe the gift she needs is seeing things in a new way? Her situation can be as tragic as herself and you choose to see it, or as an opportunity to look at what being a mom means in a new way. I'm not judging. I think you have a big heart. And I know her pain and longing is real, she experiences it profoundly. But she CAN st
  12. Your garden sounds gorgeous. I love reading about what others are planting. I have to wait at least another month plus to plant, and I can't wait. The aim is to slowly turn the yard into a food forrest. Everything was naked, grass only, when we moved in. I love watching it come to life, birds returned, bees, soil getting better each season. Pics of your garden! Lol. 🙂
  13. Thank you for being awesome, you guys. I've been taking a big break from online, except for what I have to for work. And I'm probably going to stick with it, as it's making it easier to maintain my mental health. I hope everyone is doing ok. This place, the people who make up the backbone of it, you've seriously helped me more than you can ever really know. There are some incredible people here. People I'd love to get to meet, in person, and more than a few I'd love to give big hugs to. Thinking about how many years I've come to this forum, it's kind of mind blowing. From my
  14. I think that's due to lack of any regulation. Literally anyone who can get pregnant can have the job. And short of practically killing a child, or even if you do, you can keep at the position. Most people are strongly opposed to any regulation on parenthood, except for adoptions, so the bad will be lumped in with the ones who do work their butts off to parent full time. Just my opinion.
  15. Honestly Jib, I was surprised to read you think mothers have a right to being financially provided for in order for them to care full time for their children. I think once that idea changes - that women that marry and/or have children are entitled to not financially providing for themselves and their children at their discretion - is when there will be a shift in valuing domestic and unpaid childcare. I don't think anyone, man or woman, is entitled to being financially cared for by others. I think part of parenthood is taking on that responsibility of being financially viable to rai
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