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  1. Yes, that one! And no, I love most history, so I'm totally going to add that book to my list. I used to read mostly fiction, and now it's the other way around. I still love a good story though. There's something so soothing about getting engrossed in a good story.
  2. Yes, I just don't want to hear about them anymore. That broadcaster was brutal lol.
  3. No, but I see I can listen to podcasts and it looks awesome!! Thanks!!
  4. Jib, it has been dangerous... I had to switch to a whole foods diet to lose the few pounds I picked up during my rediscovery of butter lol. That 1493 book sounds right up my alley!! I'll check it out. There is this book called "Sugar" that I've reread several times. It's what started my collection of books dedicated to one ingredient history. It's gruesome, but a good important read. I've come across the Townsends videos a few times, comes up in my feed now lol. Some of the recipes are super interesting! It's neat seeing someone doing what he's doing. Thanks for this!
  5. I think it's quite common, especially when first starting out dating as a young woman. There's so much attention and pressure put on us so quickly, and it can be a lot. This time right now is for you to figure all this out. Take your time. Have fun. And when someone pressures you, practise your assertiveness. It'll serve you well. No one has a special right to date you because "they really, really want to". You date who you want. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. I don't like that he begged and begged after you said no, until you gave in. That's another red flag. You are 20. The world is your oyster, and all kinds of men are going to want to date you. Some are going to be pushy about it, and unfortunately as a young woman you are faced with learning to put up strong boundaries fast. Otherwise pushy guys are going to take advantage of you, worming their way in because you are trying to be "nice". There's nothing nice nor respectful about pushy. And he doesn't take care of himself. Don't settle.
  7. I've never read either of those classics. I'm almost embarrassed to say that! I should give them a go! I've been infatuated with cook books since the first lockdown. I'm fascinated with the different ways different people approach food and ingredients. And I love anything food history. I've been on a kick of trying older recipes, ancestors of modern dishes. Jib, if you are still craving eggs, try a French omelette!
  8. I'd have a ball seeing the treasures in your house! It sounds like this baby is a rumbunctious one already lol. I hope you get some sleep though.
  9. I don't think anyone should worry about "the good ones getting snapped up early". Not everyone takes a linear path. There's no failure in not settling down early or in not being in a certain stage in your life at a certain time. I don't think it makes someone any less "a good one". It's just finding the right match for where you are at and who you are.
  10. When I was dating in my 30s, I came across SO MANY men who were looking for marriage and kids, but then again this was dating in the prairies lol. I wasn't looking for a relationship with marriage and kids as a goal though. I was looking for something that could lead to a real partnership, it's just marriage wasn't the priority for me and it didn't matter to me if that partnership ever included marriage. There all kinds out there. I really think the hardest part is getting out of one's own way enough to find the people who share your values at that very foundational level. Us human
  11. Right?! We just had frost last week and now this week is a weather advisory for extreme heat.
  12. Yesterday, the SO and I were disagreeing about something and it got a little bit heated. Then he says "Cite your sources!" and I started laughing and next thing you know, we are belly laughing. It's become a sort of shorthand now for diffusing a disagreement when it gets a bit too hot, as our most epic argument we've had in this relationship devolved into a total farce of us frantically pulling up sources to prove our positions and "cite your source!!" being repeated by both us. The rare geeky argument aside, I've never been with someone I've worked so well with as him. We really do make
  13. That's so great to hear!!
  14. I think you should hold off and when things get better (totally understand why moving was tricky this year!) move to Florida! Or somewhere else that suits your fancy in the U. S. I wouldn't get too caught up in this particular situation. Sure, it's a nice distraction. But careful.. I think there's good reason to be cautious. Just my opinion. Good luck.
  15. I mean, if you are willing to consider moving countries for a woman, why not pack up and move to a city in the U.S. with a bustling Hispanic community? You'd have the opportunity to meet all kinds of women and to date more organically.
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