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  1. Thank you and yes they are. We set up the baby registries this week. Everyone knows about it now, nothing is a secret. Jerry' oldest daughter has offered anything she can do to help, even though she's three hours away. We had a long talk on the phone about pregnancy and stuff like that. I feel that its easier to talk to her than my mom or a relative. None of my close friends have kids yet. I have noticed my sex drive is higher than normal. We've been having a lot of sex, more than we ever had prior to me getting pregnant and its been great. I would imagine that the bigger I get, the more uncomfortable it will become. Jerry had another kidney stone right before Easter which was his 50th, so I did what I could to help him get through that ordeal. Some people at work got him a card last Monday congratulating him on #50! Odd humor I guess. He's been nothing but helpful and I can tell he really wants this baby. I also get the impression that he would like to get married. Maybe it has to do with the last girl he was with, Lexi. She had the baby and gave it up for adoption. I know it bothered him and he said he wanted to marry her and proposed a handful of times only to get turned down. I have a feeling this is his second chance and he wants to make it work. Maybe I wrong, idk. Time will tell.
  2. I mean after we came back, his kidney stone seemed to be the topic of discussion. One of the guys he works directly with promised a party for when he has #50! 😅 You'd think he'd want to brag about the "good time" we had and maybe he did, but none of it ever got back to me. I would think most men would brag about that kind of stuff and exaggerate, especially younger men would I think.
  3. I think I got flustered because of the age difference and we both work at the same company. The more I think about it, you're right its no one else's business. People like to talk, but at the end of the day they don't care what you do.
  4. Exactly. And its not like he went into work today and bragged about getting me pregnant. He didn't tell anyone to my knowledge yet. He indicated to me that he wasn't going to say anything and leave it up to me.
  5. I guess we'll find out. I have no evidence to indicate that that will happen. His oldest daughter is very close to him, his 9 year old son is close to him, his two teens, not as much, but he still sees them.
  6. Yes, we're both a fault. What's done is done. Like I said his reasoning he forgot to bring them which are apparently the only good ones that he likes are that he had just finally passed that kidney stone, got a hold of me with the possibility of a new shorter trip if I said yes, which I did and then he had to hurry up and get everything ready, packed and re-arrange a bunch of other things and it just slipped his mind. I do believe he doesn't like condoms. I figured that kidney stone might have knocked him down a peg or two, but it didn't.
  7. Each one of them lives about 3 hours away, one to the north and one to the east in the next state. His oldest son who is 33, isn't married, no kids, and doesn't really associate with anyone. I guess he rarely even shows up to holidays at his mom's house. I haven't met him, but I'm told when I do, he won't say much. His daughter who is 31, is the exact opposite. She's married and has two kids that are 4 and 6. She's great for as much as I've known her the last 6 months. I've met her twice and we're FB friends. I honestly can see her being happy about this.
  8. Thank you for understanding it and getting it spot on! He was married twice, had two kids with each marriage. He's not some dead beat dad to them and like I said earlier, three of them are over 18, one is 17, one is 9. We both of good, stable career jobs as well.
  9. Please read the postings before making a conclusion. I'm a chemist. I don't want to live with him right now, as I've stated in multiple postings that I want to keep things the way they are for right now.
  10. Well, three of the kids are 18+, one is 17, one is 9. You must not have read everything. He pays child support for mainly one of them. He's the manager of an engineering department and has a master's degree in mechanical engineering. He makes six figures. Gotta get the facts out there.
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