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Nice ride! My co-worker recently got a 2015 Tacoma (4 doors as well) and I was just looking at it thinking, oh man, it's huge! lol. Too late now.


I'm absolutely roasting at work. It feels like summer up in the office. It's 17 outside and feels like 25 in here. I don't know what I am going to do this summer! I've got my socks off and a fan on, but still just feel gross.

Being pregnant in the summer SUCKS!!!! You just feel so sweaty and gross.

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Yeah it's going to be tough at work... At least home will be comfortable.


Replaced my dead phone yesterday with a Moto e. Really like it so far though I did get all my text replies back at 3 am... Not sure if the network was backed up or what.


Missing my husband today. I think ill go plant some seeds for veggies

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I was priding myself on not being emotional and cray-cray so far this pregnancy, but that's changed. Emotional roller coaster!! A big chunk of that was work stress and not enjoying Alex being away. I can't change Alex being away, but I can change my stress at work. I've accepted that not all of the sales are going to be installed this month, and instead have embraced the fact that I've got a good start on May and will have two very consistent months in terms of sales #'s. So, I won't be hitting quota as I'd hoped, but sometimes these things are out of your hands. It's too much work for everyone and not nearly enough time left in the month.


I'm starting to feel quite roly poly. I worry that it's a bit early for that, but I've been eating pretty healthfully and walk regularly... it's not like I'm sitting on the couch mindlessly eating cake lol. My friend who had her baby Christmas eve looks like she never had a kid at all. I kind of hate her haha

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TGIF Need a good sleep-in. I had coffee yesterday and didn't even feel guilty. I needed it to get through the day. Problem was that I had it a bit late in the afternoon and could NOT get to sleep before midnight. It really was nice feeling like my perky self for a day though! Maybe coffee isn't such a bad idea.


Alex is coming home tonight. I can't wait. For some reason, it feels like he's been gone a long, long time. Even though we talk and text and even face-timed once, it's not the same. He'll be away for three work weeks in May too, coming home on weekends. I think I'm going to join up with him over there one weekend and we can go out and have some fun in the city.


Had my 12 week appointment yesterday. Got to hear Smudgie's heartbeat and hear him/her flopping around. I never knew you could hear that, so I thought that was very cool.

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It's starting, yes


Alex is home! We're going to run our errands and pick up the truck today, and then later on, my mom and friends and I are going to go for a bit of a hike (weather permitting)


I'm so mad at Lush. Upon the advice of one of the girls there, I picked up a tub of Ultrabland and a bottle of toner. It's DESTROYED my skin. After using it for a week, I've broken out all over. So glad I paid $60 to look disgusting. Returning it. Actually, looking at the ingredients, returning it and probably not going to buy from them anymore. It's not natural as they claim, there are parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, perfumes and dyes. I think I'll have to get some tea trea wash from the body shop to fix my skin.

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The first looky-loo for the car came back this morning. Even he doesn't want to part it out...too heartbreaking. The car is in such good mechanical shape that parting it out seems like killing it way before its time. It's got so much life left. The guy offered $2200 and really, we want at least $3200 for it. We told him we have a possible buyer for the car as is, and not for parts, and would let him know.

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Yeah or like goldfish fins lol. It was unreal! It was very quick, just a few seconds but I laid perfectly still and couldn't believe what I had just felt!


I'm getting in the door with some of my most sought after prospects so work is going well. Got like 4 installs between now and first week of May. 😃

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There is a dog down the block who has been howling since 4 am. I really, really dislike dogs right now.


In other news, I bought Alex a technics set after his car sold to help ease the blow, and it sure worked. A little too well. He's been working on it every spare minute. I'm glad he's having fun, but I'm kind of bummed that he's home and NOT home at the same time. His head is just in lego land.

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Second trimester woop woop!

Announced on facebook, that was fun It's so nice reading all the happy responses. I'm feeling pretty bleh, very very tired, just finishing up a cold, and my stomach seems to want to be queasy. I thought I was done with that! But, bump is starting, boobs have joined the party, and only 6 weeks until the ultrasound that will show an actual baby, not just a bumblebee.


Work is going well, slow this week, but it's always like that at the beginning of the month. I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to make quota this month, so I need two or three more smallish sales to do that. My awful co-worker quit. Just sent an email saying she was going on medical leave, not coming back to work for them, and that was that. I don't know what the story is, nor do my bosses. It's left a bunch of opportunity for me, that's for sure. I hope she is okay, but I will admit I am glad she's gone.

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Hehehe I totally wanted to be awake at 5 am. Thanks kiddo! It's 6 now, and I'm debating whether I should go back to bed or just stay up. Last night Alex and I went and saw the new Avengers movie. It was really good, but I will say that I was really annoyed with Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlett Witch. That vacant expression of hers just drives me up the wall! The movie as a whole was funny, had some cool action bits, and was just as good as the others. I have learned that my movie-going days are limited though, more than I thought they would be. Two pee breaks and a water break, combined with an uncomfortable seat made it less fun than usual


Baby is growing up fast, and I'm definitely showing now. My upper belly is constantly pushed out, and I could actually feel a little lump (head or bum) on my right side last night when I was going to sleep. Pregnancy is just amazing. My midwife said he or she is growing very quickly and seems to be a bit big, but didn't seem concerned about that. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll feel more movement than just bubbles and get some real kicks going.


Tomorrow Alex is heading back over for training, so we're spending the day on the mainland together, gonna go to the aquarium and then I'll get the ferry home. He may be gone two weeks again, or he might be home next weekend before going back. We'll see how timing goes. My goal is to get all of these pesky trees cleaned up by the time he is done the two weeks of training.

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Haven't been here in awhile. Trucking away at work, getting bigger clients. Also trying to keep the yard from growing over... EVERYTHING has les! and just livin' life. We got to see our little Smudge on the 11th and it was amazing. Quite the little character already. We found out what the gender is, but we've only told close friends and relatives. For some reason, I don't feel like putting it on facebook or sharing our names we've somewhat settled on. Aside from feeling like an alien is taking over my body, I feel really good and we're both super healthy. Everything is absolutely textbook, which is a relief. I just don't have the go-go-go energy that I usually do, have to do my chores and such in shifts and some days, we say "screw it, let's watch tv." It's hot and dry here, so thankful for having a heat pump so we have a/c. I will say though, that I feel much less of an urge to get to the beach when I'm comfy inside with the cool air. I waited until 4 to go and do my yardwork today and it was still 30 degrees, and I had no clue.


We have been struggling with getting the trees cleaned up. We hired one company who falled everything and then just left a mess, then hired another to clean it up. They got it half done and said they'd have to come back and finish for extra $$. Considering the quote included complete cleanup and some other things that didn't get done, we'll not be having them back. Instead, I found a couple of local guys who have taken pity on us and will do the job for a fraction of the cost we've paid to the other companies, and they've promised not a dime over what they quoted and we don't pay until the job is DONE. After we met them, we were both like "geez, wish we had found them months ago." They're going to send their guys in periodically during the workweeks and kind of just fit us in to their schedule. I just have so many regrets about this whole thing and we're both really just looking forward to having our full yard back. It's already too late to start a garden, but at least next summer we won't have so many hurdles. We're both learning a lot about having an acreage and I've had a couple of moments where I think "this is too much for us" but then it passes and I just love all the possibility ahead for the years to come. The house itself is easy care. We definitely scored with this house, except for the sundeck railings and the stairs. Everyone who comes over says we have to get it replaced, and I know it's true. It's safe for now, but it's not safe for little ones and the stairs aren't the best. We got pretty spoiled with the duplex never needing any work but the landscaping needed to sell it, so it feels like now this is our first real house, with unforeseen expenses and a constantly growing to-do list. Anyways, just my ramblings.

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