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Yeah that didn’t happen LOL. I went to the mall to meet a friend for coffee, and stayed at the mall.. window-shopped for a long time and tried on shoes. Finally went to wal mart to get a coffee maker, and found heeled boots AND a coffee maker. Then I went to Value Village on my way home and found a long purple sweater, a t-shirt and a black suede purse. Spent less than $100 on retail therapy! I just get so sick of my runners and sweatshirts that I really wanted to update my wardrobe a bit.

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No it’s not normal for me, it just happens every few years. Makes for some crampage.


After a full day sitting on my butt in classes and in the office, I need to go burn some calories.


Wedding sites are full of crazies. My goodness. Can’t say one thing that differs from the rest without being jumped on!


I looove my new coffee maker. I had a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me when I got up today

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Coffee date with one or two friends turned out to be coffee with the whole fam-damily. It was fun, but I am disappointed that I didn’t get any one on one time with this one girl who I would like to get to know better.


My good friend was kvetching tonight about this particular girl wanting everyone to do everything around her schedule, claiming that she is so busy and stressed (she has 4 first year courses and no job) well the rest of us have a lot on our plates and WISH we had only four courses and no employment LOL.

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Kicking myself for taking someone’s shift tomorrow morning. I just worked 1:30-10. Tomorrow I work 7 am to 2 pm... am not ready for sleep yet. This is going to be one crazy week, but at least I got one major assignment done today. I got out of bed and wrote until I had to go to work. It’s like the story wrote itself again. My writing “muscles” are toned!

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This is rambling for my purposes only... Hung out with friends on Friday after eight hours of school, Saturday I worked all day and then did homework, and Sunday I worked all day, spent time with a friend I never see, and did homework. Today I got up, worked on the paper, and then worked all day. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend in the morning to go get fabric for my Halloween costume, I need to do a couple of interviews for the paper, and then I am going to study for my copyediting exam/ work on the paper tomorrow until I have class at 2:30. Wednesday I work 1:30-10 again and it’s the paper deadline as well, so that’s going to be another long day, and Thursday I have a day off!! I’m going to spend it writing this darn book so it’s ready for the meeting on Friday. Friday I’m on campus from 10-5:30, Saturday I work 6 am-2 pm, and going to a brunch for my grandparents after that, then going to a Halloween party that night. Sunday will be production day for the paper..9-5ish, and Alex and I are probably going to go see a movie. Then it all starts over again.


Christmas break is 42 days away

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Perma tired. Went to get my halloween costume fabric this morning. My friend is at work right now cutting out the pattern. It’s going to be so cool! Excited


Interviewed a mayoral candidate this morning as well. I’m not sure if I agree with his vision 100%, but good luck to him! And now to study for the copyediting exam this afternoon....

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It would never happen without my amazingly talented friend.


Exam went well I think. I went really slowly and took my time and did four check-overs/pass-throughs.


After the exam I went to the downtown library and sat down in a chair with a bunch of kiddy books for a good hour and a half. It gave me lots of ideas for what and what not to do I think I’ve been making things too complicated which is why it’s not working. I’m going to stick with my original idea for a bedtime book, but I’m going to make it beach themed. “Sweet dreams, the snail says to the starfish” etc...


And now I am going to have a hot bubble bath and read Archie Marries Veronica/Betty. I was so ashamed of myself, I went through the self checkout at the library!

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Okay so I read for a few hours. Mostly class readings but I got this book from the library called The Violets of March. SO GOOD. I couldn’t put it down. Alex came to bed at quarter to 12, demanding that I turn off the light and being a buttface in general... purposely trying to annoy me. I so wasn’t in the mood to play. I’ve been super busy, super stressed, and all I wanted was some peace to read a non-school related book. He just doesn’t get it sometimes. I stormed out, read some more in the living room and came to bed a bit later.


Tomorrow is a day off. No work, no school. I plan to spend most of the day inhaling coffee, eating sushi, and reading my class readings for Friday.

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Ha ha... yeah, that would be weird. I have a friend whose brother just moved in with her and her husband... it's great that they are doing that for him, but I think it'd be such a weird dynamic. You'll have to let me know if it's as awkward as I think it would be.

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It’s going well so far. He’s much happier than he was last year, that’s for sure.


So, I have some sad news. For those of you who are on my facebook, please don’t say anything on there. I told one irl friend, and she and Alex are the only ones who know. I have had a miscarriage. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong so I went to the doctor. I found out a few days ago but hadn’t processed it. I told Alex last night and today he asked me if I really said that. We’re sad, but we’re okay. I’m okay.

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