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Alex has been stressed and antsy today. Work is a total gongshow and his boss is away in Poland. I asked him when the last time he saw his buddy was... he got all offended, thinking that I was trying to get him to leave. Just leaving him to his video game now... :S I’m feeling a bit high strung too, so we’re better off apart tonight.


I don’t know where today went. I got a couple of assignments done, did some reading, went to the gym, cleaned, and Alex and I went to the bank and grocery-shopped. Get this: my newspaper paycheque was a week late, and they still post-dated it! I have to wait until next Monday now to deposit it. I’m not thrilled with our treasurer this year. On Sunday we’ll be sending the fourth issue off to the printers, yet we don’t even have cheques for contributors for the second and third issues. Yech! Hard to get contributors when there’s no guarantee of pay...

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We have comfort fit for our wedding bands. I actually can't put my wedding ring on if I have my e-ring on as well because when we measured my ring size, we measured at the base of my finger and having wore my e-ring for so long, the area right above were the e-ring sits is swollen and is actually a size 71/2. So I'll just wear my wedding band until we can afford to get it bigger.

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I think when I am done losing weight (this weekend really caused a backtrack!) my ring finger will be a 5. It’s a 6.25 now.


Went to the gym at 8 this morning. Not a very strenuous workout, just 15 on the elliptical and 15 on the bike at a level 5. Didn’t sleep well last night. It’s better than nothing though. Yesterday was 40 minutes on the bike at level 5...burned 300 cals. If I can find an hour every day-- I WILL find an hour every day-- to exercise, I should meet my goals.

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So last night I figured since it was Friday night, my buddies would be up for hanging out. But no. They’re all busy. I won’t lie, I felt bummed. I don’t get text messages anymore (or very rarely) I don’t get phone calls... I’m just wondering what is up. I’m really really disappointed in them.


I went to the thrift store last night because I couldn’t stand sitting down anymore. I’ve had this twinge in my back and it was driving me mental. I poked around and wound up finding the perfect pair of Levi's and a cute sweater. It feels like I have some new school clothes, since these are both brand new. I guess that’s what you call retail therapy.

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I have decided that I need a proper workspace. As a teen I had a desk and chair in my room, but ever since I’ve lived on my own, I’ve worked at the kitchen table. I’m tired of that. I want a space of my own, and a comfy chair. I found a used desk that would work really well. Just waiting for the seller to reply. I’ve been working on the house a bit here and there. Last night I put some more picture frames and photos up. I guess at some point, the nesting just stopped.

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I could never get anything out of Melatonin. I take Tylenol Simply Sleep. It's like Tylenol PM but without the stuff that damages your kidneys or something. It works really smoothly for me...not too quick working like Ambien but works fast enough for me to be able to still fall asleep at a good hour if I take it later than usual. And it doesn't leave me groggy the next day either.

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My body is completely dependent on sleeping pills now. I forgot to take my pills a couple weeks ago and I disnt fall asleep till 4 am. I hate that I'm drug dependent now but I've battled insomnia since I was a kid. My sister and my dad do still as well. I guess it runs in the family b

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Okay I slept. Thank goodness! I now have a regular work schedule (finally!) My boss scheduled me for Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for the next two weeks. Two full shifts and one half shift. Today I only work from 12:30-4:30 so that leaves me the evening to do homework/projects. I didn’t want to, but I dragged myself out of bed so I can go to the gym before work. Because my wrists are both so gibbled, I’m just doing cardio and abs. It’s kind of a nice change from weights, and more enjoyable.


Have you ever read Stuart McLean? He’s Canadian so you may not have heard of him. He’s a journalist/author/ CBC radio host and his stories are hilarious! Last night I read a bunch of stories in a second book of his that I just picked up from the library. These stories are so funny and real and the characters are all likeable. If you’re looking for a good short story read, I highly recommend McLean’s Vinyl Cafe series.

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The nice thing about Vinyl Cafe is that it’s all short stories. Found myself laughing out loud last night at a story about a simple house project that led to a wall-less kitchen and several men standing around with power tools in the dark.


I did some housework outside this morning. Tidied up the shed, covered up the bbq, put up my shiny new house numbers, swept, cleaned all the muck out of the front screen door, and dumped out the dead plants. Everything sure died quickly this fall. Sad!


Last night I made coconut cream tarts/pies and had one for breakfast. MMMM! The house smells like the chicken broth I’m making in the slow cooker. Winter is coming. Yay! I’m so annoyed that we didn’t get our deck refinished or get the yard ripped up. The goal for the spring is to refinish the deck and replace the old trim on the roof, and repaint everything. I think this weekend I am going to get out there and wash down the vinyl siding. All boring housey stuff, but I find it fun.


This winter I think I am going to tackle the bathroom. They didn’t use proper bathroom paint in there so there is this weird residue left behind... watermarks and such. That and I really want a nicer light fixture. The one we have is just the plain round bulbs and I’d rather have something that faces downwards so I can lay in the tub and not be blinded

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