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Your swimsuit pics look great!



The receptionist just called to confirm an appointment with the opthamologist. Apparently I can’t drive that day (Dec 15) and I am going to be receiving information about what they are going to be doing at the appointment. I guess this is more serious than I thought.

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I wear bikinis! In the far off part of the beach where there arent a lot of people...haha


Haha, yeah, that's me. I'll only wear bikinis in a public pool. Last time I wore one was when we were in Gatlinburg. I didn't even wear one on our honeymoon - I wore a takini with a skirt bottom.


Hers you look amazing in a bikini!

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Thanks...my legs have a lot of "rolling cellulite" in them so the backs of my thighs make my self conscious. Luckily I think my stomach is lovely so I'll usually wear a normal top but will usually wear a skirt or somethingto cover up my legs some.

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Yep, same here with jeans...


Once, I was wearing jean shorts that had little frays on them, and Jared saw a really long one and was like "Come here and let me cut that off. It's like kindling for a chub rub fire."


Such a jerk but I died laughing.

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Haha, Sherry, show ALex the blog!


My stomach has a little pooch on it...so much that Ic an't see the tattoo I have that sits just above adn to the right of my pubic line when I'm just standing there looking down.


The more I learn about him, the more I think Alex and Jared would get along famously!


I don’t really get chub rub..just when I’m wearing a skirt without tights or leggings. Hate my stomach though. I don’t think it’s ever been flat, even when I was athletic.

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Yeah that's what I mean...luckily I don't have to move my stomach to see it if I'm looking in a mirror, but looking down, I have to move my stomach just a little to see it. It used to be much flatter but I'm still happy with it.


Here's a pic that shows my tattoo on my stomach and you can kind of see what I'm talkinga bout.



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I’ve also realized that a weekend of eating junk, huge meals, and a lot of alcohol/sugary drinks didn’t do me any favours LOL.

At any rate, diet started today Had two scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of aged gouda, a piece of whole wheat toast for breakfast, no lunch because I wasn’t hungry, and a dinner of a chicken thigh, mexican bean salad and leftover stuffing casserole for dinner. My bedtime snack was cottage cheese and peach slices.

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