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  2. Usually you don't get taxed on your income when it comes to the first 10K as a Greek resident. However, I am still a UK resident meaning this doesn't apply to me and I have to pay 700 euros. Next year it would be 1000 euros. Not only Greece has higher taxes than the UK (big difference believe me), I also have to pay because I am not a Greek resident (I mean from a tax perspective). Tax return -1K. Just great. Everything is going great these days.
  3. A project manager is ignoring my messages these days. He was supposed to give me an update since the client is letting me go. He was supposed to tell me this in the first place, not the client. I get very irritated when people ignore me for no reason. When they want something they are lovely, when they don't they ignore you. He pinged me a week ago that he is searching for another project with the same client, I believe he said it just to say something which was not necessary. This irritates me the most, saying something just to say something. Don't f*cking say it. I am searching for new client anyways but I wanted to get a clear answer from him. Clear answer...Ha...in this world... what am I thinking...
  4. That sounds lovely! 😍 I think our most extravagant trip as kids was a cross country road trip to Disneyland 😆. My parents were not able to take us on anything more than that, it would have been lovely, and I enjoyed the road trips.
  5. I do it by not calling it a vacation for me. Because it is not. We do and have done and will do tons of simple stuff- I never overscheduled him as a child and I was a SAHM till he was 7.5. He didn't take classes or do structured activities to the extent I saw around me- we live in a diverse city down the block from a park like New York's central park and we were there almost daily at one of the playgrounds, feeding the ducks, just walking around - we walked over to the local museum to look at art or do art or go to the playroom. We went to the children's library and looked at books or did stuff there. But he also went to Paris when he was 7 and saw famous churches and art, exclaimed over nude male sculptures lol and subways and a puppet show in French, he went to Portugal when he was a tween and got lost with me on various modes of public transportation and went on boat rides at age 9 in Stockholm and saw cows and centuries old universities in Cambridge last summer and went to the theater in London. And got to see Justice Ginsberg speak months before she passed away in 2020. And on and on. And it was exhausting for me and so rewarding too. And still is as we plan more travels many involving my husband's business travels. Again I respect all parents' choices on how they choose to plan -or not plan! -their children's lives, schooling, playing, sports -whatever - this is how we do it. (And we only have one child!).
  6. You aren't a diva you are a mom lol. We had lots of camping trips and such without mom, so she could drink a beer in the backyard without us for a weekend, I assume 😁 Maybe sis will help or is that a hard no?
  7. Right. Yes, I always appreciated those types of outings when I was a child. Certainly have fond memories of that. Holidays though can be despairing and torturous!! Certainly lack the lovely gauze of nostalgia. I mean, there is a reason people say they need a vacation following a vacation, right? As much as I enjoyed traveling with parents as a youngster, I appreciated the at home simplicity of chicken pot pies or my Mom making mac and cheese with fish sticks and us all gathered around watching a movie and setting up a tent or playing with light sabers or making a craft. Walking down the street in the neighborhood with gas lit lanterns to grab some Italian shaved ice. These were the memories that stuck with me... But I do love the concept of exposing children to different cultures, customs, and ways of life. I'm glad that you and your husband are finding a good balance in your travels. And hey, if they ever need a break, there's always perhaps a backyard oasis waiting for you at home! 😉
  8. Me too! But as a parent I've decided my son should see the world as much as possible so I suck it up for his benefit. Other parents don't prioritize this and prioritize other things. I do love to travel aside from the family stuff -I also love to see the world but need a balance with staycations too. Now that my son is older my husband has started taking him on trips without me which is fabulous.
  9. That is for sure . I had a great sleep last night and we got the AC fixed. It was a simple fix, the furnace needed to be reset . It was 81 F in the house . Ridiculous hot for Canadians . We were all pouring sweat and my mom’s asthma was crazy and my allergies were so bad. My sinuses under my eyes had swelled so much the fluid was coming out my eyes. My eyes were pouring water all day. That is gone now . My cats feel much better . We all do.
  10. I hear you, sister! Holidays are overrated and exhausting. All that packing, planning, and dealing with family drama is just not my cup of tea. I much prefer my own little oasis at home, where I can nest and relax without worrying about anything else (my backyard, which I've shared pics with you). Being surrounded by familiar things and not having to constantly think about what to do next is pure bliss. So no, you're not a grumpy diva – you're just someone who knows what she likes and doesn't like, and that's perfectly fine. Here's to staying home and enjoying life in our own way! Cheers!
  11. Needles is finished!!!! Well... at least this revision is finished. My editor still needs to go through it and I need to make revisions based on what he says. But my own revisions are done. Revisions were so much more grueling than the drafting process. And revision can go on forever. At some point I'm going to have to decide to be happy with it. Or else it will never truly be finished. I just hope my editor will step it up a little and work faster now that it's done. I've sent him 42 chapters and an epilogue. I've gotten back 9 chapters. And I'm sure on some level he's been thinking something like, "She's not even finished yet. I can take my time." And that's fine if he is. I'm not paying him by the hour. I'm paying him by the word. How long he takes to do something doesn't really matter from a financial perspective. But now that I am finished... I'm waiting on him. Basically he will go through and make his suggestions, I make revisions based on his suggestions, and then we will have a final draft. Then I can start doing all the other things authors have to do, like file for copyright, get my ISBN, etc. Originally my goal was to release by July of 2024. Well, that's not happening. But not because I didn't work my ass off. Sometimes a goal needs re-evaluated. I would love to release it by the end of this year. But that is probably pushing it, too. There's a lot that goes into this process... and it's an expensive process, so, money might delay things even more. Like, I might have to wait to have inventory printed up to sell until I have the money to pay for it, etc. Self published authors get to keep all the money they make... but they also pay for everything. Part of me still wants to try traditional publishing. It's more like I just want to see if I can do it. Like, do I have the chops to be traditionally published? But, I don't think I need to prove anything to myself. Every author I know has told me self publishing is the way to go. And I know some who are traditionally published as well as self published. Anyway, I need to go get some sleep. Now that I'm done, maybe today when I wake up I'll paint something.
  12. I never see it as a "vacation" as we call it if my child is coming -if I enjoy too it's a bonus. It's tons of extra work for me weeks in advance if it's international. But I love doing this for my son and showing him the world - he's far more well traveled than I was by his age. My first plane flight was to the other side of the world basically when I was almost 16! My husband traveled a lot with his family -as educators his parents got less expensive charter flights during the summer and he got so much out of it. But I am with you -and the adjusting my expectations thing does help. Good luck!!
  13. Move in closer, I’m gonna tell you one thing. It’s highly controversial. Shocking, even. I absolutely hate holidays. I’m sorry darlings, there’s not a thing I can do about it! I see the public chirpily, gleefully, OBSESSIVELY, planning their next trip. Will it be, ICELAND via recycled tin cans?! Swimming with dolphins in a man made lake in Dubai?! Wearing gold speedos in Manhattan? Drinking cocktails out of a shoe on a spa day with your Dad?!?!? TANNING IN TABET?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Simply, for how adventurous I’m supposed to be, I’m a total, dry, languid, bore of a homebody. I really am. I nest, and I nest HARD. So here we go, very, very reluctantly, packing for a week in the country. I have already made 8 threats and monologued for forty minutes into the wardrobe. I went out to the car talking to myself saying, “This is bullsh*t! God help me! I can’t take it!” I should be thrilled and skipping around humming and yet, it’s nearly 1am, I have three suitcases I can’t close, clothes everywhere like the drawers have just spontaneously combusted, and I have to do everything I would normally do at home - cook, clean, entertain the kids, organise everyone, kiss away the boo boos, but without the comfort and minute away necessities of my sweet, sweet perch, right here. No, we need the blankets. We need the potties! We need some toys (it’s got to three bags?! WHAT THE FLIPPY DOODLES KIDS?!) I have a shoe bag, that’s got sandals to wellies, because hey, we’re holidaying in the delightful UK. Anything could happen in the next half hour. I’m absolutely DYING here. Dying. I throw my hands up dramatically and cry, “There’s nothing HERE for me D! I don’t have the outdoor stuff?! My mind isn’t in it!!!” (Oscar, please). And now the stupid happy once a year (this is going to be so much FUN don’t ruin it!) husband is lounging there in bed while I’m covered in moth balls and little floral shorts with polka dots, he has the nerve, the DEATH WISH, to say to me, yawning, “I think we should head off earlier tomorrow. Get a good start.” Like hell you will. DO YOU WANNA DIE?! He’s not, by the way. I told him I was going to have a panic attack. Then I told him actually, he can go early if he wants with the kids to meet my sister but, I’ll follow them up at my own leisure on the train or something, might get in the day after. Oh and; my arch nemeses, my pet peeve, the person who grinds my gears the most and the sight of her starts my cortisol pumping through my eye balls, my p*ss, excuse me, BOILING. It’s… ma sista. Tagging along, close quarters, all bought and paid for. I went out and did the food shopping today for them all. For the price of her accommodation, booze and meals, I could have hired a nanny who sung opera in Latin, French and Spanish, and Toby Stephens massaging my thighs. Instead, I have this gob sh*te at my heels for the week and I’m somehow PAYING for the privilege?! Please! I’m gone. Shipped off. You know what I like? I like days to the beach. I like woodland walks. I like putting the fire on and turning the music low. I like settling down with the three chiddlers, huddled around a nice painting set, watching them carve intricate, cute little figures, like dreams onto paper. I like lighting candles and buying flowers. I like cosy nights in with the husband, cocktails from the fridge, and ice by the bucket. I like the day to day. But, especially, just the one day. Not the week, not the four nights five days, not the fortnight - ONE DAY. One day, at a time. Here. You know what I don’t like? HOLIDAYS. Show me a good one yet!!!!! Ohhhh it’s all fine when you’re 20 and just pluck your mini hold-all on up with your four bikinis and your kimono. All you have to worry about is where you’re gonna eat and how many martini’s is too many martinis!? Next week, I will be like a stress filled hawk, in the crowds at swimming pools making sure they aren’t abducted or drowned. I’ll be on constant alert. Do this, he says, it’s just a fracture, he says! Broken femur! It is! Ohhh let’s do these quad bikes, yeah! Let’s go to the rafters and then take the chopper back to base?! How about, that’s fantastic for James Bond, but not for a 2 year old. How about, go please yourself, and I’ll be 100 miles away shopping for garden furniture, perfectly at peace, happy as a clam. Not on holiday, but clearing out the account all the same. In a good days work. I’ll need a holiday to get over this bloody holiday!!!! Am I a grumpy diva? In the genius words of our modern deity Arianda Grande - YES! And?! x
  14. By the way @yogacat and @dias! Please feel free to carry on the b*tchy approach discussion 🤣 I delight in it all even if I’m not going to comment right now because Mammy has to rant… 🥲🤣 MUMS MAD! About - going on holiday 🤓 x
  15. Wonderful news! Sleep is heaven after going through what you did.
  16. Today is a bit better. I had a lot more sleep . Just my mom being in her own room is a lot of pressure off. I could actually get some real sleep. In a few days the proper sleep should feel great.
  17. Yeah, interesting in when women reject men and when men reject women. The men here were so kind 🥰, whereas the women were so ***y!🤪😂
  18. Lol that's the typical a bit above average ***y looking girl that thinks the world owns her. Personally, I don't like that style so I have never approached in my life this type of girls (I get irritated even looking at this gal on the video lol), kudos to the guys who have the guts to feel humiliated. Having said that, this attitude is learned and can be un-learned very fast with something like this
  19. A life lived in service is not a sacrifice but an honour~~~ Queen Elizabeth II
  20. My mom to me tonight: you don’t hear as well as you used to you know. me: it couldn’t be that I’m listening to the TV and have my phone on on YouTube at the same time now could it?! her : no that’s not it. You just don’t hear that well. You better do that hearing test like your doctor wanted you to. me: I hear fine. He wants me to have the hearing test because of the tinnitus nobody is saying I have any problems hearing. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🙄🙄FM. She is in her own room tonight !!!! Yay!!!!
  21. Sooooooo glad my husband is home .❤️❤️❤️❤️
  22. Not gonna say either way 🤫 Just realised I have security gone and gave the game away and edited my above! WHAT AM I LIKE! And I’m just joking 😘 It actually looks like a really great film, specially for the cinema! Cool date film, y’know 😎 x
  23. You won’t need too cos we’ve seen the whole thing now anyway 🤣🤣 x

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