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  2. The idea of arranged marriages seems so alien. Can you imagine your parents picking your partner? It's laughable in my case. I can't imagine my parents finding me someone. They are both against marriage so the idea is preposterous in the first place, however, it would be fun to see what my parents would pick for me. I wouldn't trust my mother apparently, but I would trust my father, as a womanizer he knows his stuff lol. I wouldn't object to the idea though as long the bride is rich or very hot or take awesome blowjobs I am all in hahaha with emphasis on the last one, damn, it's mo
  3. Titled, "Why Women Don't Want a Female Boss" I think women have to fix this side, if they ever expect men in the workplace to see them as rational. https://hermoney.com/earn/careers/why-women-don-t-want-a-female-boss/ And from Forbes... "Women Bullied At Work:..." https://www.forbes.com/sites/heidilynnekurter/2020/02/19/women-bullied-at-work-heres-why-your-female-boss-dislikes-you/ From Linked In: Why Women HATE Working with Other Women https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-women-hate-working-other-roos-brekelmans *** All those articles, from legit places.
  4. 2 days of eating Willy Nilly time to back to eating like a diabetic. AIc of 6 In case the pic disappears which they do. Kidney function 101. All others normal and always the same.
  5. LOL... I wonder if he's picking up on how unpleasant it is to work for a woman. Sadly, there are many many places online you can find horror stories of either bad female bosses (they tend to be much worse and seem many more than male), but also horrible, mean, unhelpful, competitive female coworkers. I'm not sure if males are the same way to this extent. My husband has never had much trouble with men in the way women have with each other at his workplace. And it was the same at my workplace. Barring maybe one or two men, out of 100, they did their job, weren't petty, rude and un
  6. It is sad and seems we are coming to the close of the second Elizabethan Era. The passing of an old guard, an older and more glorious age. An age with honour and devotion and dedication. With the passing of her Consort her passing seems all the more real and pressing and close. When the sunsets and rises again without the modern Gloriana. I wonder what the age of a King will bring. What name shall he choose. His own name or that of his grandfather or maybe his father. King Charles III or George VII or ....what will be the essence of his reign?
  7. I scratched that itch this morning. Ordered online at 7:00 AM (LOL!!) from the same deli that used to be in my dad's hometown. It moved to a neighboring town at some point. Confirmed that with my cousin the other day. Guess this plan's been in the works for a while (subconsciously)--I just didn't realize it until the sandwich was in my hands this morning!
  8. Yes. I think "taciturn" is a fair word to describe me. My mom used to tell people that I was shy (I hated greeting people when they came over to our house. I'd hide behind her leg). So, for a long time I thought I was shy. Then one day, I described myself to a friend as shy. She literally guffawed and said, "You are not shy." I realized that she was right. I'm not nervous or timid. I just prefer not to talk to people lol. Especially strangers. Once I get to know someone, I can be a chatterbox. But not always. If I walk into a room full of strangers, I am instantly overwhelmed b
  9. So we just got back from a few hours at a huge spring party for the church. Ugh it was soooo good to get out and see people we know again in a fun environment like that. I can't believe it, but 3 of the moms I love seeing at those coops were there and came up to me to talk !!!!!!! I could have died of happiness ❤️ We got there late - after the long naptime/quiet time where I splurged on reading here. I mean there was absolutely no point in going during naptime, no one would have been happy 😂 so we waited and caught the last few hours of the event. It was so. much. fun. T
  10. I don't know... I've known some marriages where they are both incredibly happy with each other, and the man swears it's because he found an Asian wife that values things differently and treats him kind, respectful, loving, affectionate. It is possible, not sure on the statistics or probability.
  11. I don't know... in my opinion they make better wives than the typical American woman/Westernized woman. American women are incredibly selfish... not that the women from the other cultures aren't that way as well, but sometimes, you can find a better one over there because the chances are higher. My mom does come from a traditional Polish background. I do accredit a lot of things that make me different from the average (terrible) American wife/mom is due to that EE background of valuing and seeing life differently. I think there are differences though between EE and Asian women th
  12. My friend’s dog (who I used to walk with each week) was so excited to see me!!! She was thrilled! And kept coming over to see me. (C and I sat outside on the porch to chat for a few minutes).
  13. Just got back from delivering something to my friend C on the other side of town. I passed several “parties” out on the front lawns of various college age kids. No masks. Kiddie pools with unmasked college aged students. Kids hanging out with their red cups, having a great time. Watch the case rates in a week or so for Oregon. I bet they will be up! On the way across town, I counted 5 people with masks on. Out of about 80 people... The frontal lobes are not fully formed until people are in their late 20s.
  14. Haha, yeah... This decision happened last year and they had moved and boxed up my stuff last summer. I was part of the decision. In order to operate in person (and after 1 1/2 years of planning, we just now got permission to start a few weeks ago) each school in our state must satisfy 164 requirements. One of which was the “isolation room” Hopefully they will never need it.
  15. My father- in-law is being moved to a nursing home from the hospital after almost 2 years . They are emptying the hospital beds for COVID patients . I hope they can handle my FIL and not abuse him.
  16. Use the quote button and then copy-paste.
  17. Something does not add up here. Very rich people buy green cards, they don't get married for visas, this is the procedure for poor opportunist lol. She must have been a very good con artist to sell this story so well. I never really understood these men who go to Eastern Europe or Asia or wherever for the sole purpose of finding a woman to bring to their home country like the dude in this thread. This is how generalizations are created. OP's story is the quintessential story of this kind. Let's put things into perspective. A guy who can't find local women for whatever reason thinks
  18. Wow... it is almost creepy how similar we are... I'm legitimately amazed at the similarities. I mean there are differences, too... I've always had this strange sense of calm, peace, and deep deep contentment in my life, whereas MyLolita has a lot of angst, dissatisfaction when she wasn't being true to herself. I know this is going to sound arrogant, but I've always known myself, which I believe has led me to always feel a lot of confidence in my choices and quiet assurance that leads to contentment. I knew what profession I wanted to pursue at age 9... had already made serious life pl
  19. 😂 OMG I laugh at the fact anyone would be peeping at another's journal, and hating what they're reading, yet still persisting in it! WHYYYY?? How could they possibly not have anything more worthwhile in their life to give their attention to? I'm like... enjoying myself way too much reading her journal ❤️ I would never spend time reading something like that if I disliked it. Are their lives really that boring, that meaningless and empty, that they'd read something they hate? 😂 I don't know why, but that made me laugh so hard. Who on earth has time to give to something they
  20. From MyLolita again above... I think this is why I've had two close friends who were prostitutes. We both seemed to understand the deep needs of men, that all (most?) of them really want, is a woman who gives them love, respect, and attention and actually enjoys sex with them. I don't know how I learned that by staying a virgin and never being around a promiscuous environment, very sheltered actually in a strict religious environment (not prudish though! Strict on rules but eccentric and vibrant on life outlook). My mom did teach me a lot of stuff about men and how to under
  21. Ok, I have to stop cluttering up MyLolita's diary pages!!!! What the hell is wrong with me? LOL I should have been more conscientious! Anyway, because I'm still reading through her stuff and have ALL of quiet time to veg out and read with delicious delight, I'll post her stuff here and then talk to myself... LOL... like a nutcase. But I think I've been mostly talking to myself here anyway, so.... 😂 OMG!!!!! Yes... I've always thought this was true!!! I've always thought this about those strange Prince Charming types. Prince Charming is just not f*ckable. He's just not som
  22. Awww I've always loved libraries. I used to curl up in our university one and take a nap every day, it was my way of hiding from everything after being extremely social. Only a few close friends knew where to find me, and once I started dating my husband, he found me one time and I was curled up with my butt in the air (somehow LOL) and of course he made a lot of jokes about that, never let me live that one down. Ugh! But that was one of my favorite places!!! Now our house is kind of like a library. And we have a huge open space more than 20 feet high, with giant windows going al
  23. Reading through your journal in between my tasks is like my new guilty pleasure 😂 Like you already noted 6 1/2 years ago, it is really rare to meet an optimistic adult. Even realists aren't technically optimists. And when you actually study what optimism is, and I'm way too nerdy so I have tried this in effort to write a small book on the scientific benefits of it, you find out that they are very grounded people. They are not idiots. They are very much based in reality, get sad or depressed, yet have a resilient spirit that pushes through and still helps their life blossom even in the
  24. Just came back to add that I probably sound bad here, but my mom is not one to flatter people, she's told me before when I looked "Veerrrry Tired!" lol so this wasn't some form of flattery, she doesn't do that LOL Optimism really shows. The energy beautifies the person from the inside out in ways we don't understand.
  25. Don't worry about offending me... I'm very hard to offend generally. It takes serious determination to offend me LOL I have gotten along really great with non-religious people... have had two female friends who were prostitutes (one who had stopped though), and somehow we just really, "clicked." I don't even get it myself. The people I usually don't get along with are the ones who pretend to be Christian, but really aren't. And yes, I've listened to Christopher Hitchens quite a bit! But I love his brother, Peter Hitchens', take on things. Peter Hitchens is a Christian and I

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