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  2. Haha, well hope it goes well! Yep, all is going well on that front. I've lost the weight I put on over Christmas (7 pounds) so my next target is 17 stone (2 less from where I am) by Easter, and hopefully I can get back on the Lakeland Fells. I've also set up a Facebook page documenting my journey, and I've started writing a book. All very positive, and it's helping my mental health during this lockdown. Look forward to hearing how the dog walk goes.... (no inverted commas this time!)
  3. I talked with my doctor and he said if I get to 160 and above and above 100 and especially above 110 to take another half of my Norvasc and head to the hospital. He said that’s absolutely an emergency. So for now I have to monitor closely my blood pressure and if it stays up consistently to call him back. But if it’s just fluctuating and some of the numbers are good it’s not terrible. He thinks eventually I will go back down and if I don’t he can increase my dose a bit.
  4. One of my daycare moms was so sweet ,she sent me a cute little homemade card about the loss of my kitty 🐈‍⬛ .🌈
  5. My blood pressure was 109/87 at last reading .
  6. One of my other cats is looking for “daddy”. One of my daycare littles who is 7 her mom said she is distraught when she told her Shay Shay had to be put to sleep . She had a real bond with him. I feel totally numb today but went through with having daycare open. I probably should have re opened Monday. My dr’s appointment is at 4PM with my doctor. My blood pressure has come down a lot but not enough for a diabetic person . 130/95 this morning .
  7. Haha. It is actually a dog walk! The apostrophes around the outside imply that it's something more untoward 😂 Are you still keeping up the good work that you were documenting in your journal? (i.e. with the weight loss and the mindset) I don't think there's any harm in not updating your journal so often (I only do mine every couple of weeks) so long as the lack of journal updates doesn't result in you letting the good work slide. Depends if you need the journal and the feedback to help keep you on track.
  8. Z has been really depressed lately. I really wish there was more I could do to help her. I know how depression feels though. There's not much anyone can do to really help a depressed person feel better. Depression goes a little deeper than just feeling sad. She said she's been having suicidal thoughts lately, but that she would never do it. She has a pretty strong anti suicide stance like I do. A lot of what she's dealing with is regret. Today she was telling me that she is just so mad at herself for ruining her life years ago. She said she feels like a failure. I told her she'
  9. Thanks. I am devastated. But they kindly let me come in for 10 minutes and hold him for two before the vet came in to give him his euthanasia and then I got to hug him close and then hand him over.
  10. Interesting turn of events. First, I should preface this by saying that my biological sister, Samantha, is almost as cut off from our biological father's side of the family as I am. She has met the man, but she never met any one else from his family. Not our biological siblings, not our biological grandparents, aunts, cousins, no one. She lived literally five minutes away from our bio-dad and his "legit" family, but she grew up as a Big Secret. A couple days ago, I sent Samantha a link to my family tree on Ancestry. I've made a lot of headway. Not only did I find generations bac
  11. Half hour and I have to take him alone. Hubby can’t come due to work constraints.
  12. Good news on the 'dog walk', hope it goes well! Must admit I'm not a fan of the new Journal Club, I feel like it has all become hidden away out of sight. If I was visiting the forum I'd never have found it. I've pretty much given up on my journal now, find it hard enough to find it myself, let alone anyone else.
  13. Mid day reading 130/90. Coming down and staying down. I have been drinking more water and doing the breathing exercises on my watch about 10 times a day.
  14. My blood pressure is coming down. Last night was 125/90 . And this morning 130/105.
  15. Good to see you on ENA mylolita. Hope you are well!
  16. Liverpool Echo newspaper published today the photo I uploaded a few posts ago. Quite elated about it 😊 I will try to publish one or two more before I move to Norwich. I am struggling to find another part of the city as beautiful as Albert Dock though. I will wander around more… I took this new one a few days ago. The building with the clock tower is where the last Batman movie was filmed (with Robert Pattinson). The most suitable building to depict Gotham city, good choice.
  17. Thankyou! That photo was taken when he was in the pound in Spain (I had him imported) but he is very happy here as well! I met a woman, Caroline, while out walking him the other day. We exchanged numbers and have arranged to meet for a dog walk this Friday. Not a 'date' - there was no mention of that, I just suggested we meet because Branco got on well with her dog and I want him to socialise (he's had very little chance to so far - because he's big, most other dog walkers cross the street when they see him coming). But she was attractive and nice to chat to so will see how we get on. It'
  18. You know how I keep my friends? I stay the eff away from them lol 😂😂 Agreed. I think the whole mask pantomime is weird.
  19. I love your journal! So honest about the trials and tribulations of motherhood! Ok ... so I worked in virology for awhile, studied it a ton while in that environment so I could understand better what was happening in the research etc. Masks suck, they just do. They provide some protection, but you are right that the virus can still go and get through. When I worked with ebola and marburg viruses (very deadly and dangerous!) we wore NASA suits from head to toe! A f*cking mask would never help with those! Everyone who has a brain knows that. Masks are about control. P
  20. Tomorrow at 3:30 my sweet sweet kitty is being put down. 😓😓😓 I also made an appointment with my doctor about my blood pressure on Friday. It is a phone appointment.
  21. A series of "one of those days", those feelings of "me and you against the world, babe" and lots of drives out in the middle of the night has got me back on here feeling compelled to start splurging to myself, anyone, everyone, and nobody until its all out and I can rest for awhile in peace. But I fear that will never happen, and as always, I have too much to say. And everything has changed on here I see suddenly, oh God, not this as well as the rest of the world. What did someone clever and famous once say... something like, those that survive can adapt or something like that? Well, it l

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