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  2. I think he was arrested. He's gone and so is the cop. But from what I could see and hear, the officer was speaking kindly to him. Probably knows he has a better chance of getting him some help if he's in jail rather than on the street. I do wonder where the woman went though. She left about 2 hours ago.
  3. I hope he gets help too. It is always so sad.
  4. Still nothing from cute guy who I’ll rename as Casper the not-so-friendly ghost. Won’t be chasing him a third time, he knows how to reach me and that I’m interested. Still gutted though. Have tentative plans for a date with someone else through in Glasgow on Friday. Honestly I think I only agreed to get it out the way..and need a distraction from the circus in a dumpster on fire that is work.
  5. Someone must have called the police on that man. A police officer is here talking to him. I hope they can get him some help, and I hope he wants to be helped.
  6. There's a man sitting on the ground outside my kitchen window (I'm upstairs) who was smoking something (meth? crack?) with a woman and now he appears to be huffing out of a can of something. Earlier he was severely coughing so I closed my window to avoid anything infectious possibly coming inside. I'm not going to call the police because he's not bothering or harming anyone. But I need to take out the trash and the dumpster is right where he's sitting. I just hope he leaves soon. I don't want to possibly be exposed to anything infectious. And my poor brother. He's becoming the king of poor decisions. He arranged to move his furniture and belongings temporarily into a storage unit but for some reason he reserved a 360 square foot space. His house is about 2000 square feet. Shockingly, everything didn't fit. He had to be out of the house last Sunday so he had to leave half his belongings in the garage while he tries to find another storage unit and hire a service to move his things. And he rented an Air BnB for him and 2 of his kids but the place is too small for all 3 of them so he had to buy an air mattress. This is the guy who chastised me for renting too small a moving truck last year. Eye roll. He's all about trying to spend as little money as possible but with all the do overs he'll end up spending more than he would have. Then he rails about his terrible luck. I don't offer advice because I have before and got my head bitten off lol. Hopefully his house purchase will go through with no issues and soon. Beautiful day outside and I was able to get some decent sleep. I think I'll go for a quick walk after work.
  7. The number of tornadoes this year is out right crazy. I heard about one of the victims of the tornado not 15 minutes from my new home. Her son had made it into the basement but she didn’t quite make it she got to the top of the basement stairs. That’s when the wall and chimney fell on top of her. She was dug out by her son and a neighbour. She has two smashed ankles and a broken back, but alive thankfully. Seeing post and the state of her house I am surprised anyone survived.
  8. So grateful for our sweet little dog ❤️. I know he has his couch issues (LOL) but he really is such a pleasure.
  9. That's awful 😞 And yes, I'm wondering if there's an infestation somewhere of their caterpillars because this is a lot of butterflies. They're definitely not moths... and it's not migration season, and they're not migrating anyway... their flight patterns are different when they're migrating. Migration looks more like they're just, "passing through," and it has a definite direction. These ones are just flitting around, staying mostly in our yard and flying over the back at times, but I do agree the overall effect is beautiful. ❤️
  10. Yes they are good hours especially when I am in Greece. In the UK, I prefer to start at 8am and finish earlier but when I am somewhere warm it's ideal because I can go for a swim or exercise for a few hours before I start work. I go for a run on the mountain hill and then for a swim I do have a hard time working though, I want to be outside all day and exercise, I don't care about databases, I don't care about bugs in production, I just want to be outside all day long...
  11. I went with this, it was delivered last week, working well with Firestick, Netflix, Prime & Bluetooth (phones). https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/home-theater/sound-bars/hw-q60t-soundbar-with-dolby-audio-hw-q60t-za/#benefits
  12. It stands for destination inspection trip. We will be doing that the third, fourth ,fifth of August. Our pre-move inspection is the 18th. Then what I hear from my husband today our pack up is 30 August , our load is 1 September, then that night we have the cleaner come in. Our March out inspection is 2 September. Then our unload and unpack at the other end will be 6 and 7 of September. So 30 August we move into the hotel here. And from 2 September until the seventh we will be in a hotel there.
  13. That is so hard to figure out with K... women are confusing sometimes. But overall, it sounds good. I do think the best thing you can do is try to not care so much. Sounds like you're already doing that. I understand though that dates like that can mess with your head.
  14. 9 more days until our DIT. Getting excited I guess. We staying in our new home area for 3 days in August about a month before our move .
  15. Had a migraine last night. It went away and came back today.
  16. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is well.
  17. The fruit fly menace. Fruit flies can appear in the cleanest environments, often drawn by a bowl of ripe fruit on a table, for example. Mind you, I haven't seen those in years.
  18. Wow, I just realized that we saw that happen in class. The memory is so vague now. But we had a TV in the classroom to watch the lift off, and we did start watching it.... and then suddenly everything was just a jumble of information. I know the teacher told us that the Challenger had exploded, but I barely remember that. I mainly remember being confused. I had no idea that we just saw the space shuttle explode. It wasn't like watching a movie, where everything is arranged so that you understand the sequence. There was no dramatic music to indicate a sudden change in fortune. I just re-watched the launch--with some trepidation. The explosion is pretty clear. But it goes unacknowledged for long moments. The CNN commentator initially tries to explain away the fiery change in trajectory as something other than the spaceship just blew up. But they do eventually recognize that there was a catastrophe. As a kid, I would have missed that dialog. I really only paid attention to imagery and usually tuned grownup-chatter out. So, I was totally confused when the teacher told us what had happened. But I did believe her. Everybody was sad about that tragedy. Do you know the story about the soccer ball?
  19. I remember when that happened. I was 10 at the time.
  20. I haven’t been on here for a while. My summer is sliding along. I go back to work in a little more than a month! In the meantime I am trying to get myself out for walks when I feel okay. My cancer treatment is going well. But my health is tenuous. I tend to run a low grade fever, and sometimes it spikes higher. Today and yesterday it was closer to normal, so that was good. My siblings decided that they want to wait until fall for my Mom’s memorial service. So we are figuring that out. My youngest son still will not get the vaccine, so I likely won’t invite him to go. I just can’t risk him catching the virus in the airport or on the plane and then passing it on to me, or my sister (also immunocompromised due to cancer treatment), or my cousin (cancer treatment and just finished treatment for Lyme disease). I am looking forward to visiting my old hometown - haven’t been there in 4 years. My old childhood house is right next to my parent’s old church. Today I got out and walked with my friend C, but it was a more leisurely walk through an old orchard. It was nice to be in the shade of the trees. After, I dashed home and got ready to meet a few friends from church for lunch. We went to a restaurant and sat outside by the river. It was so pleasant out! Not too hot. I guess I had better enjoy it now, because the weather is forecast to be heating up again this week! Ugh! Not quite as bad as before, but close to 100 F.
  21. So, I mostly had fun over the last couple of days. Anxiety and Brain Fog Exercise. Just my luck, I signed up for a gym membership intending to go to there immediately and the place was temporarily closed for a few days. However, I ran two miles and danced for hours on 7/24. Today, 7/25, the gym reopened. In the evening, when I was done with events for the day, I went to the Planet Fitness for the first time. For the price I am paying, it really is a bargain. There are plenty of amenities: lots of equipment, cleaning stations, and actually very few people. I ran two miles on the treadmill: ~14:30 total time, then did a chest and triceps workout. It was great to get back into an actual gym! Anecdote/good memory: as I finished my run, my area was hit with a severe weather / possible tornado alert. The rain was coming down at a sharp diagonal and in droves. A few of us in the gym gathered around to watch for a minute. After a brief silence in the conversation, I asked, "so, anyone want to go for a run...?" The others laughed. That was a nice moment. The awful weather subsided just as my workout was finishing. The Fruit Fly Menace II. My new traps have caught dozens of the little buggers. And, as mentioned in a previous entry, the apartment has been thoroughly cleaned. I am being careful not to allow for any new potential breeding grounds (i.e., not throwing food in the trash, running the garbage disposal regularly, that sort of thing). That said, though they are reduced in number, they are still here. I am wondering if there is some important area I am missing or have overlooked. Relationship-Related K and Friday Night. Previously, after my last thread regarding K, I resolved to give a little time and not put so much emphasis on any "moment." I was (and am) not sure about her level of interest in me. I recollected that I find that a potential romantic partner's lack of interest in me is a major turnoff. It might sound obvious, but to many who end up "friendzoned," it is not obvious. I do not often find myself in the "friendzone," because I typically have no desire to be with someone who is not interested in me. "The one" will see me as a potential romantic partner; and those who do not are not "the one." I think myself more adept at determining interest when in person (rather than at a distance), so I resolved to go with the flow. I knew I would see K at an upcoming social dancing event (August 6), and I planned to see if the chemistry was still there and if she was showing interest. If it felt right I would ask her for drinks, dancing, or some other date. If she did not show interest, I would not. Well, on Thursday, she (pleasantly 🙂) interrupted my go with the flow plan: she invited me to go with her for a meal and social dancing on Friday evening/night. I said yes. We determined where we would be going for food, and then Friday came and we went. I paid for the meal; it was around $30. We had solid conversation this time around. Then, we went dancing: we danced with each other a lot but others too (this is normal for a social dance event). Overall, I would call the night a success: I had fun, and, any way you cut it, I have better information now. Factors possibly indicating interest: She asked only me out for the meal. We were amply flirty with one another. (Lots of innuendos, teasing - once she kissed my hand because I had cut / bandaged it; that sort of thing). We complimented one other's looks on occasion. We seemed to gravitate toward one another throughout the night. When the dances had ended, she waited for me to walk out. She said she would stay with me because I was a little tipsy from the wine I had brought. [Unfortunately - I like the guy - but another guy from the club stayed and spoke with us]. I could be wrong but it felt like more than politeness, but rather a desire to stay and chat for a bit. Factors possibly indicating lack of interest: Though she invited only me for the meal, she did invite another few (guy) members of the club to the social dancing. She could just have wanted a "group." It is fun to dance with a variety of people. During a fairly "sensual" type of dance called bachata, she moved closer, embracing me in sort of an arms-over-the-shoulder hug type of way. I moved closer, moving my arms to a sort of more sensual embrace as well. But, then she moved away and joked about it, like "this is too much haha" or something like that; she did the same with a particular swaying/"grindy" move which looks kind of like this. So, that was fine, we just danced the bachata in other ways lol. [That said, toward the end of the night, she said she was okay with the move; she even flirted to see if I could "keep my composure" lol]. After the aforementioned end-of-the-night conversation between K, a guy from the club, and me, I said I had to get home. The guy left, and K and I got into our cars, which were right next to one another. She looked at me for a moment, and then I motioned for us to go back out. We gave a few-seconds-long hug, but after that few seconds she seemed to move away (as a person would if someone were going in for a kiss and the person did not want it - I was not going in for a kiss though). When I texted her the next day that "Hey, thanks for inviting me out yesterday. I had fun. 🙂" she just replied "Thank you for coming out." Other notable information: She did explicitly mention she was still grieving while we were at dinner. She and her ex-boyfriend broke up a matter of weeks ago, so this makes sense. My overall take: There is still at least some level of interest between her and me. She thinks I am fun, and she flirted with me a lot. That said, she is grieving her most recent relationship. Additionally, some of the things I mentioned above (and just my gut feeling) say the interest level is not at its peak / exceptionally high. Moving forward: I think it is best not to be overenthusiastic. I paid for dinner and brought wine for the both of us (for the dance event - not the meal. I did not present the as a romantic gesture but more of a BYOB let's have fun dancing, you're free!! gesture. I regularly bring cabernet for the ballroom group but this time I brought cabernet and an inexpensive pink moscato). I was flirty, and for what it is worth I showed interest in her. She may need time to heal, clear her head, and determine what she wants. There is a possible future, but I am not going to rush it / be overenthusiastic about it. Back to going with the flow, I think. 🙂 FWB. My friend was receptive when I spoke with her about feeling like just a booty call. She wanted to make efforts so that I do not feel that way - we discussed plainly what would help. One of those items was that we would do one of the things I like sexually soon. Tonight, I tried to start a fun conversation, and she played along for like fifteen minutes, but around 9:45 p.m. she mentioned she was tired so she was going to go to sleep in in ten minutes or so. She apologized (and eventually with several messages) and then she herself pointed out that this probably did not help considering our last conversation. [I think she is right]. I told her that yes, it was a let-down; but, in fairness, I had not asked what she had going on that night. This is more of a "venting" paragraph -- it can sting when a conversation like that stops abruptly. I think I behaved appropriately; but, yes, this was frustrating.

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