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  1. So she just didn't have her car with her, and was just carless. I still think it's bad to rely so much on a guy (was thinking hopefully the car needed to be fixed?). Relying on him in general, is not a good idea. It only makes the relationship more unequal and he's taking advantage of it. Edited to add: I did say she, "may" still have a car and it just needs to be fixed. Honestly it's all just speculation until she answers.
  2. She says she still meets regularly with 3 friends and has an active social life with them. She was wanting "exciting new experiences and meeting new people" - both of those things are severely hindered by the pandemic right now. Not necessarily by her boyfriend who is a workaholic. So she still has her home she lives in when not in his (I'm thinking it's her parents' home), she still has her friends and social network intact, and she may still have a car that just needs to be fixed.
  3. I know this is kind of out there... but you may want to spend some time, maybe even in therapy, figuring out why you picked this man (who obviously wasn't really ready for being a husband or father to anyone), and then stayed so long 😞. If you don't figure that out, you may end up picking someone that still acts somewhat like him again in the future.
  4. I'm really interested to see if she answers. I would bet money on my first guess (no income), due to the relationship dynamic, but I could be wrong. She could be in college, but lots of college students work and make money. The pandemic causing her to have no income also makes sense.
  5. True, and it's not mutually exclusive. I think once a woman respects herself, or learns how if she never has before, bad relationships are easier to see.
  6. I agree with the other advice given to move out, that she's an addict, etc. In the future, if you're interested in children, you may want to look for women who have traits that you'd want for the mother of your future kids. Someone who wouldn't be able to go 9+ months without weed would just not be a good mom.
  7. BC... she doesn't seem to have a job (not that that's bad necessarily, but it creates a huge unequal dynamic he's taking advantage of). She tells us she "never," leaves her house unless to visit friends or be at his house. It implies zero income coming in for herself, if you read carefully, but she'd have to say that though. I could be wrong. She says he said she couldn't afford an uber (but could she? She doesn't correct him, which is odd. And if she could, why didn't she?). Why did she not get an uber and chose to allow an abusive man to drive her home. What does that imply overall?
  8. I that could be true. He's picked her out because he likes this unequal dynamic they have going on. Insecure men who tend toward being abusive seek women like this out for a reason, because an equal partner who respects herself, has her life together etc. doesn't put up with it.
  9. I agree, but the real question is: Why isn't she choosing someone who respects her?
  10. I'd like to see what she says. She implies she had zero money to afford transportation. She shouldn't be in a relationship with this man, he disrespects her. And if she's allowing that, she's not respecting herself.
  11. I think she also needs to focus on her life and getting things in proper order. When you're an adult who is broke and then also carless, it can put one in the position of being prey for certain kinds of men. Being an adult, you have to take responsibility for your own choices in life. Choices that lead to being broke. Choices that lead to not being able to afford transportation (even if it's a city bus pass). Choices that lead to getting with someone not your equal yet and who treats you badly. When you see life as full of choices you make it gives you more power in feeling i
  12. Ok... If I was a guy, this sounds like you were sleeping with some other man! I know I may be crazy... but waiting for 2 days to get back to him, and then not calling him, but instead texting him, I think he has a reason to pull back and that would seem rational. Maybe he's still wounded from his ex and it's clouding the way he sees rejections, but that was a very real rejection. Even if you were just at a friend's house... you could have texted him there saying you where you were, and that you couldn't talk because you'd wake people up. Or you could have texted him the next morning...
  13. I know you said that your dad was like that, buying you things, but not affectionate or having a relationship with you... it sounds like this guy is a little like your dad, right? I think if it's true you really were, "broke," at that time and didn't have a car also, you're relying on him too much, almost like a parent. It just doesn't sound like he enjoys it either... a parent may think their teenage child is, "annoying," when they act irresponsibly and are broke as an adult or don't have a car or money for an uber, and force them to have to transport them. But he shouldn't be in that
  14. What examples could you give of him holding money over your head? Also, what examples could you give of him being jealous or suspicious of you exactly? Overall it just sounds like you both want very different things... just not compatible.
  15. I have to say, it does sound like you both just aren't compatible at the moment. He's way too focused on building his work and finances so he can retire at 32 (that's really admirable! Most men his age can't achieve that due to getting distracted by life/women/etc.). You want exciting new experiences and aren't wanting to wait 3 more years like he's saying, so you can't, "see," the benefit he's trying to provide (it sounds like). You're not wrong at all for feeling that way, if you don't want a monotonous life with him, if he's boring you too much, and you don't want to wait 3 mo
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