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  1. I really enjoy your input on this. I appreciate everyone’s as well too. I didn’t reply back to her because I felt she’s not REALLY looking to work anything out. She’s married and I don’t want to break up a home she created with the other guy. If she wanted to be back with me, she would make efforts to do it on her own without my help. You can tell I still love her just by me talking... but its the truth. Nothing more i can do but make steps to keep moving on.
  2. [ATTACH]11645[/ATTACH] Funny.... She reached out to me while she’s married. I didn’t respond to this at all. She’s married, why reach out to me if she’s supposed to be happy with him? Crazy right?
  3. Thank you for the responses. I will have say that I wrote this out to simply show what I went through to fight for a relationship with her and yet she still ended up leaving me due to her family. I was trying to showcase the fact that the girl who wanted to have a family and live life with me decided to put her to death in order to make everyone happy instead of truly make herself happy. I was hoping to also hear other view points other than people telling me "I need to get over her and move on with my life..." I wanted someone to share some understanding of why this was a post and the fact th
  4. “I met one girl who came into my life and fit right in just as if she was a personal puzzle piece. At the time, I thought I had finally found the person I was meant to be with to create memories with and be a family of our own. I recall her even being the first woman I actually proposed to and started actually making plans for us to actually move in together. Instead in 2008, I ended up alone and feeling abandoned. However, I gave it a go alone. I did what I could and I did my best to handle mentally to keep myself happy, even though I felt like my dream was broken into pieces. I want to sh
  5. Okay well... I was trying to make sure I knew what a girl flirting with was also like. So I can tell if there was something there or not. Anyways I’m not going to pursue anything with her and I’ll shut down trying to be friends too. I’ll just say hi and bye from here on out. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  6. So I understand and thanks everyone for the advice. I will not ask her to go with me to the wedding. I will just say hi when i see her and keep it moving. But am I wrong to think that there wasn’t at least SOMETHING there at some point? I’m okay with know that and moving on. I just want to know what you all think because I feel like there was but I just wanted to ask smart people too.
  7. I could really use everyone advice on this… I will be using a FAKE Name Amy for the protection of person whom I have an interest in. So I now have a neighbor who lives next to me. She’s around my age group and she was living with a guy but now has a roommate. When I first moved in I had a friendly meet with her as I let her know that I had just moved in and I was just trying to get to know my neighbors. A few months from there went by with her and I saying hi in passing. One day, I come home and was expecting my amazon package to be at my door and it was stolen. So I made some adjustments b
  8. GOD, I’m just going to be real here I’m hella frustrated… I keep getting the … You Seem Like a Great Guy & A Real Sweetheart… But… I choose the other guy or I just want to be single or I don’t mind us being friends but they Ghost. Or the classic… I only see you as brother etc. Since I was younger, I was always told that finding someone to call your partner would get easier. Also since I was younger I’ve always said I want my own family to make memories and create something special with that same person with or without kids. I’ve dated here an there, and I’ve had serious relations
  9. I let this go along time ago so it doesn't matter but i just wanted to entertain everyone to end her lying story. lol. So as it turns out, she didn't ever go out of town. Instead what happen, she ends up getting into a relationship with a guy from Florissant, Mo and gets engaged to him. So yeah.. she just wanted what she wanted from me and that was it. I see red flags with this person so I'm glad I don't DEAL with her any longer. :D:D
  10. Thank you for giving me your advice. I don’t think it’s fair for women to be treated any different from men when it comes to sex. You are also right too... she clearly wasn’t honest therefore I couldn’t of been cared for as much as pancakes. Plus... she had to been hanging out with the guy in the other town in order for a relationship to develop so quickly after her and I. None of that matters now. I will learn from this and hopefully I can write about a success story on here someday. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your advice I will definitely learn from this. You are right. Thank you.
  12. Thank you so much for the advice! I stopped and blocked.
  13. Hello Everyone, I haven't spoke on here in a while because the last time I did, I felt like I didn't get any support at all. No one answered me and it felt a sense of rejection. So I'm going to try this again.... I'm still dating world after almost 5 years. I'm trying to date and meet someone who I can be myself with and I'm not getting positive results. In April 2017, I met this girl through one of the dating applications. Our first date, I wasn't sure about her because by mistake she kinda of came off rude. After the first date, she texted me telling me she had fun and after talking t
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