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  1. I know the feeling. I've also been under 24 hour lockdown for past few months, however, here you can go outside for "physical or mental relaxation" (it is not really promoted, but it's written in the fine details of the lockdown rules). I'm sure the same can be where you are? So I can pretty much go outside anytime and justify I'm getting exercise by walking or getting groceries... I even went out jogging in front of a few police officers and no problem But yes, I know what you mean about how it affects mood etc... really can't wait for this winter weather to be over and spring to
  2. You mention you are the owner, but do you actually both live there together? I would definitely let him know you are not happy with the drinking and waking you up when sick as it is rude and disrespectful. He then should be able to be a mature adult and change his ways and apologize. If not, then it could be a bigger issue, but I would first try and get past this incident with him so it never happens again.
  3. I think everything sounds fine and normal. Perhaps you guys were just texting a lot so she just got a bit bored and felt she didn't have to respond back immediately, or she was a bit busy with things, but that's actually pretty normal! If someone is texting me too much I'll get bored and vice-versa. Here's what I would do, I would skip a phone call, and do a video chat. Get dressed up a bit and maybe even you both prepare a dinner or glass of wine and talk just like you would on a real date and just keep it simple having a nice time and you'll know if there is any chemistry. I real
  4. It's just an annoyance and I don't think has anything to do with falling out of love because many people wouldn't want to be reminded of little things like that. Just tell him you appreciate the reminder but you are an adult and can take care of yourself and you also don't give him reminders all the time as that would be annoying.
  5. Time to move on. Life's too short! Thanks for all the advice. You are all so awesome!
  6. And to make matters even more complicated she wants me to move 1.5 hours from my work to be close to her. I said it was a bit too early for that and she said: "If I wanted easiest solution for me I would stay with my ex. He bought a new apartment few weeks ago, has a nice car, nice salary almost like you and I didn't have to work at all. I would have "everything"...." Then said she meant that she wants me instead cause those things don't matter to her 😕
  7. Yes, I did walk away. Then she says they had the baby between them so it is not as bad as it seems. Then she said she moved to her parent's because she wants to make it work and not be around him...But then she was crying and I felt bad and took her back. Three weeks later after moving away from the ex, she sleeps over there again and hid this to me. It was only when she said "It was nice and snowing this morning in (his city)" that I realized where she was that night... So yeah, maybe that was a mistake on my part...Now she is very angry at me 😕
  8. Actually, until mid November I found out she was sharing the bed together with him (even though they have a couch that pulls out into a bed). That made me want to leave the relationship and I told her I cannot have a committed relationship if she shares a bed with another guy. Her ex found out she was seeing somebody (me) and started treating her bad and yelling and didn't want to sleep on the couch, so she just decided it would be best to move to her parent's place. She assured me nothing happened, they just shared the bed together. (She told me they were separated for 6 months, maybe th
  9. Now it just got a bit more complicated... I mentioned 2 months of dating is a bit soon and maybe we should take things a bit slower. but that I care lots about her and am looking forward to getting to know her more. She then got really angry and said she now feels desperate. She said I don't appreciate her (she is tired from crying baby, work, school) and the sacrifices she made for me (I think she means moving away from her ex?) Yesterday, she spent ALL her savings which took her 3 years to save on a car apparently to be able to visit me more (but she starts a new job end of this mo
  10. Thanks for replies everyone. I appreciate your input. She wants to move in together and even yesterday said she would like to get married with me, she is only waiting for me to ask. So I think its safe to say she isn't seeing the ex then? She does have a picture of him with the baby as a picture on her phone and said he's being really nice to her lots lately, but I think it's just sentimental the picture because it was the baby's first smile...hmm
  11. Yeah the baby cries a lot and I can understand how driving 2 hours would have been very exhausting. Actually, I think she took the train... She used to live there last month and then moved to her mother's place temporarily. They have been broken up for a long time (she said maybe 6 months or so), but he wants her back now...
  12. The relationship is really new, only 2 months old, so I am just trying to better understand this. I feel that since she talked to me that day and never mentioned where she was and didn't tell me because she thought it would upset me, was deceptive and not very trusting. So I am here just wanting to know what others would think, if this is a reason not to trust her or was this just a little mistake?
  13. My girlfriend stayed over at her ex boyfriends (a 2 hour drive from where she lives) because she wanted to drop her baby off at the father's, get a corona test, and take the baby to the doctor with the father before coming to visit me. She didn't mention anything about staying the night there it was only by accident. So she would have been there all day Thursday, stayed the night, came to visit me, and also spent all day Monday there because she had to do a bit of work part-time in his city. She said she slept on the couch, but I doubt that if there was a baby there and most likely
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