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  1. Is she ok if you are texting and hanging out with girls that are interested in you? I see this double-standard a lot... Regarding how things were when you met during the pandemic, I think it just shows she is introverted that's all, maybe a bit shy, but that should get better the more you guys hang out...
  2. Stupid me, opened email from the ex.. This time she said she will hook up and move in with her ex (the one I suspected she was seeing while we were together) if I don't wanna see her... I REALLY want to write something like tell this person to go to hell...something a bit more harsh this time...so she finally leaves me alone.. So what do you think? Can I do that? This person is very toxic and psycho. Saying "Please don't contact me" is not working. Any suggestions what I could write?
  3. Why is he acting strange? Probably because he feels guilty for betraying someone he cares about...
  4. Breakup was my fault. Went through a pretty tough time last year. In just one month everything seemed to hit me pretty hard in that my father was diagnosed with cancer and was supposed to live only few weeks (luckily he is now fine), i was now running a 50M company with little experience working 70 plus hours a week, PLUS commuting 4 hours a day, plus had own small business...my uncle called me and said my father had only few weeks left and I MUST go back home, so I got a flight the next day (even though borders just closed and I had to convince the person to make a call and get me on tha
  5. So my ex contacted just now, but don't worry this is a different person than the one who caused me problems this year. This person is actually an angel and a wonderful person. She did also write me for my birthday few months ago, but that's probably just typical thing... Anyways, today she wrote me this "Hi how are you doing? What's new? I found this photo album of you and your family 🙂 Should I send it to you?" and she sent me a picture and the photo album was opened to a page with a pic of me on it..Maybe means nothing, but I'm just curious..It has been a year since I seen her
  6. It's ok to have a friend, but it would be rude texting in front of you and hanging out 1-2-1. Many many people are like this and just blame the other for being 'jealous' but it is BS...it's called being in a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries...
  7. Try organizing a little going away event for dinner and get some contacts and keep in touch...could work out Once I took this guy from Saudi Arabia to his first dance club and he was going nuts seeing all these pretty girls not covered up, so he would go up to one girl and ask for a kiss, she would say no, then he would ask her friend standing beside her, she would say no, and keep on going...until frustrated and gave up The thing is that girls talk, it will just backfire if trying to flirt with multiple at the same time when they know eachother...
  8. Nah, guys rarely get complimented so it probably made his year 😉 Actually, since guys rarely get compliments from women, he probably wouldn't even realize it was flirty and probably just think 'oh she liked my eyes not me' and not even have a clue..
  9. There's a saying that people don't change, they just become better versions of themselves.. So if someone lied a lot in the past, the best they could be is someone that doesn't lie as much... If he's physically abusive, sorry to hear that, and it will just get worse if you stay...like a ticking time bomb...Id leave...life is too short
  10. Totally agree with DancingFool, who I think btw is a total genius when it comes to offering relationship advise... Anyways, he knows you wanted a relationship and he didn't do anything about it, but continues to text. Id say there's a 97% chance he's not interested and maybe...just maybe 3% he is super passive and never initiates.. you could always ask if he wants to meet up for drinks / dinner....just be prepared he may decline, but at least you would know to move on...
  11. Purposely trying to make a man jealous and feel horrible inside? To someone who probably has feelings ... ouch...that's like mental torture to someone I'd apologize to him for that...
  12. Sorry to here this. Personally, if a girl left me after I lost a job and was therefore less appealing or whatever, I wouldn't even want that person in my life anyways.. If I were you I would go full 100% focus on getting that next job and trust me you'll find something. The only other important thing would be getting physical exercise and staying healthy. That's it for the next several months.. Also take some classes or see if you need to update your skills or resume..you can always emphasize to any recruiter you used this time to develop your skills by taking XYZ courses....also keep foc
  13. Sure give it a shot and you'll see if there are any more niggling feelings! (Sorry, that word just sounds funny so had to use it ). He's prob just shy and works a lot, so no red flags here.... no experience can be a good thing right? like no smoking, gambling, hmm lol If I dated someone who never really dated anyone, I'd feel pretty special...wait, now i don't feel soo special 😞
  14. What about a nice Italian restaurant? I haven't met a woman so far in my life that doesn't like pasta...and have a grappa!
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