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  1. you need to let this go, it just went way too fast for both of you. He wasn't looking for anything else being busy is not a reason here. if you are looking for a serious relationship you will need to put some time in knowing each other. Sometimes people just are involved casually, they might be just out of a relationship or sulking in some relationship, cheating, vulnerable, hurt, the bloody heart is not in the right place. Best thing you can do here is that accept its over and move on. Take some time off meanwhile do your own thing, let this pass.
  2. your marriage can only work if you both want to, too many influences here which is causing harm to your relationship and family environment in general. That tattoo is really bothering you and she has some issues to sort. Have you tried relationship counselling? Your relationship need to be a sacred place where nothing else should be a priority other than your marriage, kids, a loving, respectful and caring environment at home is really important for healthy growth of the family in general. What are you doing about it? Both of you need to seriously sit down and talk about this.
  3. Sometimes in our lives we talk to someone for their advices and either we take it or we go through the grind. When we go through the grind we may make mistakes and keep making them until we learn. Sometimes we just have go through the ***. Understand one thing in life you will make mistakes today, tomorrow and in future too, but when you learn the lessons never ever go that path again, protect yourself, love yourself.
  4. It usually takes lot of time for all this feelings to subside, what's more important to understand and accept is you both were not compatible and things didn't work out for the same reasons. Accept its over and block him off for your own health. Never look back!
  5. All the answers are in there , your experience, how everything turned out. if you want a healthy life, a partner that respects and cares for you, you got to get out of getting attached to people who don't want to. You will need to detach yourself from all this mess, protect yourself from seeing what your past is going through or getting involved with, when i was going around in a messy situation, many gave me lots and lots of advices and my unhealthy attachment really didn't help me much. Just disappear from all these people's life, make a life of yourself, one that is loving caring
  6. Yes she is insecure but this is who she is and let's not watch others bum's together for sometime it might escalate things better be safe than sorry.
  7. She might be with someone else so why not just move on with your life too. May be its time to look for a new person here.
  8. Abuse of any kind is not an acceptable behavior. Looks like she has some past unresolved underlining issues to seriously address so that she can stop her aggressive/abusive approach. There are better respectful ways to resolving conflicts. The problem here is the more you stay and put up with it without looking at accepting and working on resolving it, the more it will keep hurting you. It has already caused damage to you. You should look at options, talk to a lawyer, not sure how counselling or therapy can help here as there is no respect or love in the relationship.
  9. Congratulations still some years to go for me. hope you have a wonderful life ahead....photography?
  10. Prenups are for celebrities who live in mansions not for us mere mortals earning their hard earned monies and live in a small area on this planet that we take ages to buy/build. I don't think there is trust in your relationship, its the most important thing for a relationship to start with and you are talking about marriage here. Let this go, you know better by now.
  11. if she wants a contract Q& A session she can have it with her service provider, why you? lol don't worry I think you had forgot to lock one door of your home and she sneaked in. So why not just get a nice lock on it what ever that need to be. Delete her contact numbers block her off from reaching you, just disappear else you are setting yourself up for all this drama. You have lot of stuff to think about now, she isn't one on the list.
  12. Same as Lambert, looking back usually and mostly results in super disappointments. I think you have lot to work on yourself, take up some new skills instead and stay single for a while, most probably you might end up meeting new people through that. Let go of the people who have left you...you will thank yourself one day for making that decision.
  13. classrooms really, looks like both of you just want sex and nothing more. Why do you want to be in an relationship with a married woman? has she really separated or divorced.
  14. He is married so its a sign to run. You both wanted sex and went for it. Love takes time. I did say dont dwell on it, cut him off, never contact him again. Find singles and stay away from marital mess/drama.
  15. Dont be with people so unreliable and inconsistent with their behavior. I think if you honestly assess your situation here you will know that you deserve better. Take some time off from everything and just think about what you want from a relationship and what values you want from the person. Time will heal things don't go back to her, just let her go.
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