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  1. well if you keep working on yourself, physically and professionally, being diabetic is not something that will be a problem for the person who marries you or whom you date with. Am dating a person now who is not diabetic but i keep myself fit with regular physical workouts and a alternate weekdays walk either morning or evening for around 6 miles or 10 km. Just take care of yourself, be healthy, eat healthy, have nice hobbies and keep a learning, positive outlook towards life, help yourself to be in a healthy state of mind and body.Everything else just comes along with life. Good luck on dating....remember the right one need not be the next one, you both will know.
  2. the only way out of this situation is to cut all contact and get busy with your life. But you need to make that decision for yourself , nothing else matters.
  3. Happy to hear it went well, all the best 🙂
  4. Anything that triggers such reaction is not good for you, when you feel hurt find a positive way to release the feelings from your system. Shouldn't hold on to it, it might take time but with patience and effort day by day you can get there. Keep yourself busy with some hobbies or activities it could be anything. Work on yourself so you are happy and content with any situation, like for example your neighbor may own a swanky cool looking luxury car and you just drive your own fav car.
  5. Sorry to say he is sick needs major therapy to manage his sexual fantasies & desires, just cant be with someone who fantasises about my family like that.
  6. focus and priority should be your boat that is your family, you, your child, your partner, everything else is a useless distraction. There could be many reasons he is behaving like that. Address the issue directly with your BF else the same keeps lingering into all walks of your life, present and future. take care
  7. work interactions need to be completely work related, don't interact personally at work or outside with colleagues. Stop whatsapp and other chats with her, she can obviously use those against you, imagine her boyfriend looking at them and confronting you one on one. Situation can suddenly change for you why invite all the drama, let it go! if you have a friends circle may be its good time to spend time with them. Get into some hobbies or trainings that will help you with your personal and professional growth.
  8. I went with this, it was delivered last week, working well with Firestick, Netflix, Prime & Bluetooth (phones). https://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/home-theater/sound-bars/hw-q60t-soundbar-with-dolby-audio-hw-q60t-za/#benefits
  9. he wants sex, appreciating the butt is just the start, not a person with lot of value and respect for you surely looking out for a short fling. You will always find these types of creeps approaching you, once they show you who they are, just say your good byes and never look back. It takes a while to get to the right one, imagine you going shopping to find the best car for you, we generally take a while to decide, take test drive and the final purchase of the right one, mostly its the same experience with life partners 😉
  10. you really dont need to explain or respond to him, keep him blocked so he can peacefully venture out with all the ladies he wishes to :)
  11. focus on having real relationships with single people, whom you can meet up with it, these online relationships are not at all healthy. There is absolutely no future to it in most cases. Date singles and avoid married people, you will definitely have some peace in your life. More importantly just look within you what you seek from a relationship, is it kids, loving partner, family etc.
  12. if he was a decent person, Tiny , he would have paid you the day he went out with you, you following up and him ignoring multiple times just gives you a sense of what character you are dealing here. What you can do is wait for a good opportunity to get the dues from him, he will come back for sure one day.
  13. certainly not , but there is a secret saying that goes like this - being a pandemic - (ALWAYS) STAY AWAY FROM THE EX! 🙂, the impact of this pandemic is enough to rule out any adventure with any of the EXes
  14. There is no fire from his side he is not interested, next one please!...if only life was that easy 🙂
  15. well you moving on with your life got her furious and she was not getting info from anywhere so she found this way to get some news about you. Online world is really just that , anybody can bite you, its a free for all world there. Block, delete, disappear as you like, your peace is most important here. Let her find her own place to take out her frustration and anger.
  16. sounds like a script of Matrix 2021 and beyond🙂. Success doesn't make you or break you. Not all successful people are happy and not all happy people are successful, let it go and chill in doing your own stuff This weekend am looking at getting a nice sound system for my TV, all paid reviews on youtube are so darn confusing, sony, sonos, JBL, samsung, hdmi erc, digital, bluetooth 5.0, well its exciting to know there is still lot to learn about so many things
  17. He is still not over his ex to be able to completely commit to you, needs lots of time and effort to sort himself out. He shouldn't be in a relationship in first place but getting into therapy and some counselling hopefully will help him look within himself. It takes time to get out of *** but self awareness , putting an effort to have a basic understanding that you need some time to sort out things. Check your options with a lawyer, take care.
  18. the glitch happens cause blocking on messenger and FB both works in a different way, read on it https://www.facebook.com/help/messenger-app/204908296312159 I think you are really brave and lucky to have survived sending those gifts to her office 🙂
  19. its more about you here not him, the first thing my cousin did after his divorce was remove all traces of his wedding, pictures off internet and then he deleted them from his archive once he was over the relationship and ready to take on another one. there is no space for such things in your new relationship, just creates drama and unwanted insecurities.
  20. bad situation to be in, fiancé needs to be completely over and done with her ex before she can even think about you, forget about love and respect here. Thinking about staying and expecting her to change will not be a good decision for your well being. Let her go!
  21. hope against hope mate, i believe people who got back together after many years, went about their lives and then got back together in a different situation and times.
  22. if there is nothing positive about this contact or the relationship you had with your ex and you are feeling super disturbed with it which we can sense it is, just gently tell him you don't want any contact as you are busy with your life now. Thank you for understanding, thereafter block him and keep moving on in life.....sometimes setting aside emotions and keeping things simple and practical actually helps our mental well being a lot.
  23. take vacations often, sparks only work when you spent time together. try to find a balance with work and home duties, I hope the scientist community also want their families to be happy and grow along with science. Stressful work environment where you keep working for 12 hours is not good at all. Take breaks with your family, no laptops or work related matters should be part of that breaks, speak to your manager about no work life balance now. its not your work or your 12 hours shift causing this, its you, prioritize your personal life as well, don't be so engrossed with things outside it. massage parlours is not a solution.
  24. You should concentrate on finding a job and getting a job itself will be a good reason to take her out for a small celebration.
  25. take a break we are humans afterall
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