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  1. Yes that makes sense. I do expect an email when things come around for her and she feels mentally better. It truly was my fault. I should have NEVER confided in her knowing that she wasn't mentally stable. I have learned a valuable lesson from this. All the advise given here has really helped and has opened my eyes to my own behavior. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!! Thank you!
  2. This lady was not a client that I was given through my agency. She was a lady that I happen to make friends with on my own right before I got my job at the agency. She asked me if I new someone that could help her with a few things and I agreed that I would. She was not through an agency. For the record the lady I DID have through the agency I NEVER crossed the line with. She knew nothing about me personally as I did follow the agency's rules.
  3. Oh dear. There is no reason for him to keep her number. I have much experience in this as I have been through this more than once with more than one man. I am hear to talk if you want you can message me. Out of respect for you her number shouldn't exist in his phone if he is truly DONE with her. So sorry.
  4. Thank you. No benefits. I am finding that most of these small little home care agencies don't offer benefits due to the fact they don't have enough employees to make it affordable. And you are right. There is no perfect job. I think I will just keep doing what I am doing and see if I can just take on more clients.
  5. Right....yeah I wonder if getting into this career was a mistake because I really enjoy the company of seniors and maybe lacking friendship myself this could be not a good thing. I have no parents as they passed on a long time ago and have very splintered family. But you are right. I do need to protect myself in making sure I don't cross any boundaries in this profession. Trying to make friends outside of work is hard. I never had success in that at all. I'm some kind of weird creature that people are unsure about. It is what it is. But I am calling several contacts that were given
  6. Yes I am seeking a change for sure. Yes I made a mistake in making the one client into a friend. Need to make sure that wont happen again. Thank you.
  7. I have issues maintaining friendships. I currently work as a Caregiver as I have been wanting to find work that actually serves a real purpose. Many years of trudging behind a corporate desk faking it because of the pay checks. SO I have opted to be a caregiver. Its the most rewarding job I have ever had. I enjoy giving to people and if I can make the smile even better! Its been a year since I have started this career move. I made my first client on my own and had another client through an agency. My first client was a wonderful little woman who is very smart and sharp and suffered from being
  8. Yup...I'm 55. And I do not have a "career' per say. My parents never guided me towards college or any kind of profession. So I have just taken on various jobs throughout my life in order to pay my bills. Never could afford real college as I went to the local community college for 1.5 years and stopped because I could no longer afford it. My partner has a career as a mechanical engineer. He has been at his current employer for over 10 years now and has always held pretty much the same position in other companies he has worked for. He makes a great salary, one that I know I will never make
  9. Ugghhh I really need to proofread my posts first..so many mistakes..how do I edit please? Thank you!
  10. WOW thank you all for our responses I was not expecting all of these! There are some very valid points made here especially the BOUNDARIES issue! and yes the idea of suggesting property manager I think is a good idea. She is also going to be coming back in the spring (depending on Covid) to stay back in the house for a couple weeks so it might be an opportunity to suggest an alternative to me me being her property manager. She manages to get a few hours with me before she goes back to Mexico for the rest of the year so we will have a chat about things I am sure. Thank you for the MEET UP idea
  11. Exactly. How sad. This seems to be my life story. Its so hard making friends in your 50's. Although I am perfectly happy in my own house with my life partner it just saddens me sometimes. I just always double check myself to make sure I am not out of line or over reacting and maybe I am missing something.. Thank you so much for your response!!
  12. I am a caregiver professionally- so I live my life helping others. I have always thought that is our duty in life. However I feel like some people take advantage of it. Has anyone else ever had a life of being used by both family and friends? I cut ties with my half sister and half brother as over the years they have both managed to take advantage of my good nature and letting myself be put in very precarious situations with them. Now later in life (55 years) I am still finding that people take advantage of me. I don't hear from anyone unless they have a favor to ask. For example. I have
  13. Oh dear...you will NEVER come first over his x. I lived this life for 10 years with a man who still loved his x. Please please do yourself a favor and detach yourself from it all. Please...you owe it to yourself to pull away. It will only get worse. There are too many people in your relationship. I'm free to chat !
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