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  2. She just pooped a third time. Last two were a bit loose. I had bought a different version of her dry cat food and she's been eating it for only about 5 days. I think that might be the problem. I ordered her a bag of the food she was eating before. It will be here tomorrow afternoon. Hope that will solve the problem. Lots of poop talk today 😕
  3. She did it again. I was getting into the shower and my cat was getting into her litter box at the same time. I told myself "I just know she's gonna do it again." Sure enough, it started to stink like crap. I peeked out and there were two piles of poo on the floor and a sh*t trail leading out of the bathroom. Right before I had to sign in for work. I didn't have time to change the litter box so I cleaned up the poo on the floor, washed the sh*t off her paws and started working. Of course this morning was exceptionally busy. Of course it was. Then she goes into the bathroom and gets in her litter box again. I checked. Pee only. Went back to work. It started to stink again. Went back in the bathroom. She'd done it again! There was another pile of poo on the floor. I have no idea when she went back in the bathroom. So I had to clean the floor and her paws AGAIN. She also got it on the bedspread so I'll have to go to the laundry room and wash that today as well. Oh, and today is street sweeping day so I had to move my car. It took me almost an hour to find a parking spot 12 blocks away. A 15 minute walk back. So I was MIA from work for an hour. Hopefully no one noticed. She's been peeing and sh*tting WAY more than normal lately. There must have been a gallon of pee in her box and I changed it completely less than two days ago. I had taken her to the vet a while back and they quoted me almost $2,000 for tests. Can't afford that. I'm having more and more of these kind of days lately. I'm discouraged and depressed.
  4. I have a free house the next couple of days, thank goodness. Everyone’s at BEC level here. Messaged three guys on Bumble, no responses. Casper keeps appearing in the app again and still look insanely hot. I’m pretty sure he’s using old photos though. Tinder, guys who message are too far away to set up a quick date, and no one has planned as far as the weekend yet. Ho hum. I have finished a book! Spent the last two years promising myself I’d read more but would only manage a few pages here and there. This was a true crime nonfic and I couldn’t put it down.
  5. It's funny, most guys love cars, I feel the same way for yachts. I don't get what is so awesome about cars, some are faster or cooler but who cares. On the other hand when you see a yacht, man, that is a delight for the eyes. Fast cars and bullsh*t, nothing compared to cruising around the world with a yacht. Waking up, enjoying the sunrise and the serenity of the dawn whilst drinking your coffee. Come onnnnnnnnn this is the real deal. And with the real estate bubble around the world it's the best alternative. Even the docks are awesome. With so many people working remotely I am surprised not everyone is doing it. I don't get it. Let alone how awesome parties you can throw if you are this kind of person. You can move around, never settle, see the world, work remotely, make interesting Youtube videos, it's even better chick magnet than cars. Well, I will definitely make the first step.
  6. Next Sat is my son’s birthday. My husband is his units duty officer that weekend, so he can’t go 50KM beyond the base but he is taking our son to a movie. I am picking up my mom and step dad on Friday to come and see our new place .
  7. This cloud certificate for data engineers is getting on my nerves, I didn't expect to be so difficult, I studied a lot the last 3 months for this and I took a sample test and got 20 out of 100, horrible. It's a lot more difficult than I expected. I will get there though, as long as it takes. Not many people have it and I will be pretty marketable once I get it + obtain the practical experience through work (which is a pain in the ass lately, I am very busy but not productive, I get stuck in problems and I don't finish tasks). Anyway, it's not the first time I am facing this kind of situation where everything is new and I don't know anything. The key is to keep swimming regardless and whatever happens happens. I need to get this freaking certificate and 3-4 years of experience. Then I will start working (remotely) contract jobs that pay 500 pounds per day. Or maybe get a job in Switzerland that pays sh*tload of money. Many doors would open after this. I can't wait for a big yacht. I need something more tangible in the foreseeable future. With contract jobs I could afford a yacht like this. I was thinking about going to Las Vegas and spend the house deposit there but damn look at this boat. With only 270K dollars. Definitely I will buy something like this instead of a house. Yes I can see it happening, working on the yacht, enjoying the sun, the sea and a delicious iced cappuccino. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Only 5 years of dedication and sacrifices between the dream and my current situation.
  8. 3 years ago today I opened my daycare and was full within 5 weeks! So proud of my little business. Will be opening again soon.
  9. No Community at University My university is incredibly dry. I cannot work out, because although gym equipment may be used, I cannot shower afterward due to COVID protocols (frustrating that working out is allowed but individual shower stalls are not). There do not seem to be any social events going on, despite everyone being vaccinated and on-campus. I have made some guy friends and we have lunch/talk about fantasy football and class - that sort of thing. But to the other sex? I seem to be doing things that are off-putting. I don't know why or how, but signs point to that I am doing something wrong, regardless of any flirtatious intention. Career-Related Maybe law is not my thing. I feel lost here, honestly. Miscellaneous I was the mastermind behind a judicial system at my previous university's student government. Well, apparently all went to Hell there and a few bad actors manipulated the system in some ways that were allowed but not intended, and in some ways that were explicitly against the rules (but that did not stop them). I am upset that my system did not stop the bad actors from completely messing up the student government. And I am upset that I cannot really seem to do anything about it. The bad guys won, here. I hate that. Relationship/Friends-Related Silence after Offer to Call. Related to the above. Oof. I was trying to be there for a friend this evening, but I think my offer to call (to make sure she was alright after some recent dreadful events, see above student government thing) was taken as more than a friendly gesture. Yes, I think she is attractive, but I was not trying to take advantage of that bad situation to flirt or get her interested or anything. I may have been rejected despite the lack of intended "move" and, inadvertently, put more stress on her plate. Ahhh. Yikes. Dating Apps. Still, next to no likes, matches, or returned messages on dating apps. What the heck, man 😕
  10. I went to the event. There were thousands and thousands of people there. Everyone had to show either proof of full vaccination or a negative Covid test within the previous 72 hours. Then we were all supposed to keep our masks on except when actively eating or drinking, but 99% of the people there ignored that rule. I kept mine on and I saw maybe 20 other people who also kept theirs on. They had an indoor expo and people were a little bit more compliant there, maybe 30%. So I didn't stay in there very long. My biggest issue was, it was hot! The sun was beating down. Also, I had to walk a lot and my feet and knee were not cooperating. I sat down to watch part of the event and while it was nice to sit I got very sweaty. Also have some interesting tan lines despite all the sunscreen I coated myself with. I stayed about 3 hours. Bought 2 beverages and actually drank them without wiping them down first (no wipes). So, some small victories, I guess?
  11. That is where it's at HK! No "ifs", just decide.
  12. Don’t have the energy for a longer post, but this week I met up with a friend from university who has become quite successful in his industry, the same one I trained for. He said the last project he worked on was a complete doozy and shared some work stories to let off steam. As frustrated as I am with work/career, it made me feel better that I’m not the only one trying to wade forward through ****. Then at the end of my shift today my boss tells me she’s giving me a pay rise next month, saying she’s noticed how hard I’ve pitched in. There’s been plenty days where I don’t feel like I deserve that, but definitely is a nice end to the week. It won’t be a huge amount by any means but it’s a bit extra into the pension and savings. My main goals for the next couple of months - Get car fixed (next week fingers crossed). ACTUALLY drive it. Decide if I’m moving out and where.
  13. Totally agree Jib. And the emotionally labile exist in both genders. Yes.
  14. Sure it's debatable and a very broad subject. How do we define emotional? Because there are many angles on how you define someone as emotional person. Like men don't cry kind of thing? I cried when my grandmother died, does it make me emotional? dunno, maybe yes maybe no. No if you ask me. I was thinking more about facing difficult and unpredictable situations, I believe from what I have observed that women tend to be more emotional in situations like these. That is of course in general, I have seen women who are more rational than robots but in a different context, like in relationships between people. But I am saying in general, as in the majority. We can find countless scenarios which could support our opinions, I don't know what is true in reality, I base my opinion on what I have seen. Moreover, we all are emotional and rational beings, so it's about quantifying how much more or less emotional men or women are. Which we will never find out apparently 🙂 Maybe, I like crazy women but I am crazy myself on the other hand lol Good for you both 🙂
  15. I don't believe women are MORE emotional. They just feel free to express DIFFERENT emotions than men do. Men are encouraged to express anger, impatience and even frustration because those are "masculine" emotions, while women are encouraged to express sadness, loving care, compassion and heartbreak. Women are told it's ok for them to cry, while men are told they're "kitties" if they do. I don't believe for one second men don't feel heartbreak and emotional pain. It's clear from the posts we see on this forum. But how many of these men say they have no one to talk to? Or that they can't admit to feeling devastated when a woman leaves them? I don't see this changing anytime soon, btw. It's too entrenched in society. Interestingly, one thing I will never, ever do is cry at work. I feel it's unprofessional.
  16. I don't agree with that. I think it's a social construct, not biological. Yeah, yeah, lots of people set out to prove it's biological, but I'm not convinced at all. I think it's confirmation bias. I think men are told they are not emotional, and women are told they are emotional. And social convention reinforces that. But both genders have equal capacity for emotion and reason. I think crazy men like crazy women. And together, they breed crazy children. My boyfriend thinks it's sexy 😉
  17. I am excited about the new iPhone but I have until Feb to pay for this one .
  18. I wouldn't classify hormones as good or bad. There are many hormones and each one of them serves a purpose. Testo is one of the most important hormones for men, if helps you function properly and it improves your general well-being. Women are more emotional indeed, that's biology, there is a reason for that. I assume the reason is because they give birth and raise children, you have to be somewhat emotional to raise kids, you can't be like a robot, you have to show love and care towards the child, these are emotions. Even from a practical standpoint, there must be a reason why men find "crazy" women attractive, the crazier the better lol. I haven't heard a guy saying "Oh man, this gal is so rational, it makes her so hot" lol There is a purpose for everything.
  19. I think lack of change is comfortable to me. I miss J even if she wasn’t the greatest friend for me. We had things in common. But yeah, there is comfort in sameness.
  20. Not all the way yet but I am not as panicked as before. I still want to go back home to my other base though. I have to examine why that is. I am trying to fit into my new community though and have gone for walks and coffee with people I met here.
  21. I really like the new personal trainer. I think she's might be the best trainer I've had so far.

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