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  2. The province just hit 42% vaccination. Well, first vaccination . Ontario has suspended the use of AstraZeneca. So God knows what my second vaccination will be. They could be into mixing and matching vaccines now. 🤦‍♀️
  3. Well, not Ontario they won’t… lol. Ours is a provincial order. Every province is doing it their own way. And I think Nova Scotia is in a lockdown right now anyway.
  4. Ugh, I'm sorry. The young couple in Nova Scotia whose YouTube videos I watch will be so disappointed. They are itching to travel.
  5. Hey thanks! You are my forever ENA friend, too :)
  6. I hear you when we moved here we move from 4000 ft.² to 1000 ft.². And I don’t know the size of the house we are moving to but it supposed to be a three bedroom. Which usually means that the bedrooms are micro. We have a two bedroom right now and the bedrooms are pretty big. Nothing like my old house mind you the bedrooms were gigantic but good enough.
  7. One day I work overtime and the next day I don't have anything to do. I find it very difficult to spread out my workload, when I have a task I can't think anything else until I finish it. Anyway, I was thinking how interesting it would be to meet ENA members in real life. I would like to meet everyone at least one time just to see who is behind the keyboard and whether their ENA persona matches their real self. And more importantly to see whether the advice is coming from a person of substance. Jib would be the first one of course, we have many years of ENA friendship, I believe we
  8. I'm trying to purge too. I moved from a 2 bedroom 2 bath house with a garage to a 1 bedroom apartment with no garage to my brother's house where I've been living in one room with only one kitchen cabinet and now to a studio apartment. I have to get rid of things I really love but I just have no space. And I can't afford to continue to pay for my storage unit. So, I feel you!
  9. To be fair the military has somebody pack up the stuff ,move it and unpack it and they pay for everything. But I have a 11 years worth of stuff piled up that I need to purge there’s stuff I haven’t even unpacked from the last move. Stuff I don’t want them touching, like my jewellery and stuff from my other son’s funeral ,my cats ashes my grandmother’s tea cups ,my wedding glasses and they don’t move my backyard play equipment etc. So there’s a lot to do. Then I have to have this place professionally cleaned when I leave. And you have to leave it exactly as you found it so we have to seed the
  10. Yeah, I am only moving myself and I've been packing up all week. No way can a family of 3 pack up and move a household in two days!
  11. So we are # 24 on the priority 1 list which is great! My son says it is a good luck number it was Jeff Gordon’s number. I think we will go close to on time. My husband is pushing me to work to the very last second I can but it isn’t fair to anyone and I am doing it fair for me and them. He’s not going to be the one at home getting the house ready to move. They get two days off before the move and two days after the move off work big woopy doo. That leaves me doing everything like the last move forget it. I need about three weeks to a month to get everything ready. So he’s just gonna have to su
  12. *flew*Argggg this is what happens when I am tired...it pisses me off
  13. Thanks, this is just a great example, ours only has 4 spaghetti squash and isn't this widespread yet... fingers crossed it works out and ends up looking like this 🤞😍
  14. Yup. That's my motto these days 😄
  15. I love this ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
  16. What a great idea! And it looks beautiful!
  17. Dias, Chasing money is definitely not going to make you happy, but as you say, unfulfilled potential will make you feel, less than. As if you have cheated yourself. I get that. Also, don’t be so sure your corner restaurant is high flying above you. Someone we know, a little old simple software engineer, founded England’s largest software business. He sold it in 2003 for 195 million so, y’know, some of them don’t do too bad 😉 Not too shabby for a geek! Lo x
  18. Whilst I was drinking my coffee in the garden this morning, a tiny bird crashed into my bedroom window and fell to the ground unconscious. I ran to see if it was dead, fortunately it wasn't, it was standing there without moving at all, I thought it would try to fly once I get near but it didn't, I guess it was too scared and dizzy from the collision. I stroked it's belly for about 5-6 minutes, it seemed to like it, it closed its eyes and sat there. Suddenly it started jumping around the garden, it did a full circle and came back to me. I mumbled "I enjoy your chirp in the mornings outsid
  19. This morning my husband built me two arched wire trellises for the squash vines, pumpkins and melons to grow on. The spaghetti squash is already 7-8 ft long I think? It looks beautiful draping over the arched trellis! Vertical gardening has a magical effect!
  20. Don't you love hearing this stuff? My former boss told my successor that I was "all woe is me" because I insisted on upholding the company mandated standards and practices. I thought that was hilarious. Another former supervisor who was pressed into firing me was repeatedly asking my friend who still works there "Someone explain to me why we fired Boltnrun!" because my successor kept making mistakes. All I think every time I hear something like that is "I'm so happy I don't work there anymore! "
  21. One of my coworkers at my last job, Hassan, started giving me updates on the sht-talk that's been going on there since I left. I'm largely uninterested, but I'm not going to ask him to stop updating me. It's good to have an ear to the ground sometimes. Hassan is going to be giving his notice next Monday. Simon is going to sht his pants. He has been kissing Hassan's ass for the last couple of weeks, telling him that he's going to be a manager soon, that he's getting experience there that he won't be able to get anywhere else... One time, Simon actually said to Hassan, "Don't be like Jibral
  22. I'm afraid to be happy... yet. But so far, I like what I see.
  23. I 've been craving eggs lately. I guess I need the nutrients. A couple of days ago, I saw this recipe on youtube. I made it this morning and I can't believe how good it was.
  24. So far, the new job seems really, really good. This place has been a lot more orderly than any other architecture firm I've worked for. The people seem nice. It's not as rough and rowdy as some of the places I've worked, but nobody seems uptight. There is a lot of talent here. The owners are talented.... and more importantly, they are involved. They don't just sit there like entitled royalty. They don't seem to expect their employees to miraculously save the day. They don't seem to panic very much. I'm almost afraid to think (or write) any of this because I have a tendency to

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