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  1. Haven’t made split pea in years. Unless you use a crockpot, you have to stir it constantly to keep it from sticking. But - yumm! Maybe that will be my next project. I must be feeling a lot better, because today I got all the recycling out - months worth of Amazon and delivery boxes! Have not dealt with the return bottles yet - I’ll wait until my immunities are built up after my second shot. But - now that the clothes bags and the piles of cardboard are gone, my house feels bigger, haha! It is such a beautiful day out today - lots of sunshine!
  2. I get my second dose on Wednesday. I’m eligible for it tomorrow, but postponed it a few days closer to the weekend - in case I get hammered with symptoms. Many of my coworkers get it tomorrow.
  3. So glad to be off work for the weekend. Next week I get my second shot, so we’ll see how that goes! Our school is gearing up to go hybrid instruction soon. I am on one of the committees that is planning for it. There are 90 page documents of regulations and conditions we must have in place for it to happen. It is so overwhelming, and I am not sure how we are going to pull it all off. Of course, I won’t be there in person this Spring. Maybe next Fall if my doctor says... Taxes are complete now, thanks to my ex. I got my treatment shot last week, and you are su
  4. Busy work week. Lots of meetings. 2 of my colleagues are retiring at the end of the year, so we will have some changes next year. Ex has done my taxes - a few random questions from him this week, but I think he got it mostly done. Went to my doctor appointment yesterday and got my treatment shots. My doc told me that the shipment of chemo drugs was held up because of snow and ice, so they had to reschedule some chemo patients. It wouldn’t have made a big deal for me to delay for a week, but I feel bad for the infusion patients that couldn’t have their scheduled treatme
  5. I am so grateful for those that have shopped for me for the past year!!! Also, many years ago I worked for a senior center and I did their shopping, took them to appointments, and did visits periodically so we could support the elderly living on their own as long as possible. It was very fulfilling. I was in my 20’s then...
  6. It occurred to me that Valentines Day came and went without fanfare for me this year. No special person in my life and honestly, being sick consumed this year. I usually send a text to my sons, and wear red or pink to work. But it wasn’t a school day and really I forgot. My younger son called that day - he usually calls on Monday nights but called a day early. But neither of us mentioned anything about Valentines. I had gotten on to my email to take care of something and there was an email from my ex, asking for some forms for taxes. It was late and I ignored it until the n
  7. Oh my goodness! How can you forget your own son’s birthday!!! That is awful. I wonder if they are trying to make a point about something, but even so, that is horrible. I’m so glad your own parents are so good to him.
  8. I would like to think that my MIL would have been amused by the exchange too. She had a good sense of humor.
  9. Yes, I believe you are right on that. And maybe it is terrible of me, but I was amused by the whole email exchange (not to him, of course! I would not want to hurt his feelings!) The poor guy. He really tries to be so thoughtful to everyone.
  10. My sister was born on Christmas. She hates that it is on a holiday. She always felt like she was missing out. And she had a point on some of it - the focus was more on Christmas than her. But- as we got older, that was often the only time the family could get together for someone’s birthday. We are all scattered elsewhere the rest of the year.
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