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  1. Two of my coworkers flew on trips last week, and they both came down with symptoms. They’re both vaccinated. They won’t be back to work for a while. And - one of our students tested positive, so that whole class is in quarantine. But they will be back tomorrow.
  2. Good visit with my oncologist this week. Treatment is going well, and I am done with the higher dose of meds now. The dr said that the vaccine for kids is going to (likely) be approved in the next few days. And - the booster for the Moderna will be approved soon.
  3. My older son called. His gf broke up with him. He didn’t seem too unhappy, although that is probably why he called. 20 minutes into the phone call and then he told me. Im sad for him - I actually liked her. But she is in law school and has a long road ahead of her for studies and her work.
  4. He seemed to understand. It helped that I offered to give the other two sets, which he declined. He just enjoys the Brio kind, so he will just buy those connector pieces himself.
  5. Bolt, I was going to say that. Back when I got so sick in 2020, one of the viruses was intestinal. I couldn’t eat for months! I’m sure it was a form of COVID, but I didn’t qualify for testing then.
  6. Happy Birthday to your son!!! You have brought him up to be so supportive! Im sorry your move is so stressful. I think I remember when you moved to your last place, but somehow I think this move is more stressful. Hope you can get your business going very soon!!
  7. Ex husband called me today to see if he could borrow the Brio train set for his nephew’s son. It was a hand-me-down set from my (deceased) dad, and I didn’t want to send that over. In my experience things like that get broken or lost with that family. I did offer him 2 other train sets (Playmobil, and a different one made of plastic) for them to keep. But he is going to look for used Brio to go with what they have. Our boys and their dad used to set up elaborate track configurations - so I can see why he would want that. Great memories. Anyhow, first time I’ve spoken with my ex in almost a year. We talked about our sons. He and his gf are trying to convince my youngest to get the vaccine, to no avail.
  8. 3 inches of rain in 24 hours! Now I’m digging out my Fall clothes.
  9. Weird. Perhaps mental health issues then, or dementia.
  10. We got our first rain in about 9 months! It really poured all night! I hope it put out a lot of the wildfires! Yesterday started out as a nice day, but then the wind direction changed, and started blowing the smoke our way. The air quality quickly changed to the very unhealthy category. It was getting to lunchtime, and we couldn’t have students eat inside without masks. But we couldn’t send them outside because of the AQI. So our admin sent them all home at noon. And parents were appreciative!
  11. Work is coming along. Despite the risks, it is really great to be back in person! I thought wearing a mask all day would get to me, but mostly it is fine. Sometimes I switch to another mask halfway through the day. My new assistant is working out great, for the most part. I did ask her to photocopy a lesson book so I could scan it into my drive (in case we go remote again) but she balked on that, so I did it myself. But she has been working pretty hard otherwise - she just hates copying (and I didn’t mind).
  12. I have Facebook friends from church (elderly) who seem to be more susceptible to clones - I have received about 5 friendship requests from one in particular, but I just delete because I know it is not her. But - some people fall for it and accept the friend request. So maybe that is the case? I also have older church friends that forgot their passwords so they just made a new account.
  13. So true… I am on a slightly higher dose for the next month- just to use up some medication from last year. It just expired, and one month’s worth is about $3800. Insurance pays most off that, but I just couldn’t let it go to waste. So I asked my doc for permission. So I take the higher dose at night, and my regular dose in the morning. Once I use it up, I’ll go back to the lower dose.
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