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  1. One more month and then I have to go back to work. In some ways I am looking forward to it, but I still have lots to do at home. In the meantime, I am taking care of dentist and dermatology and car appointments. I should also schedule a furnace tune up…
  2. Church is supposed to be in person tomorrow- with masks and socially distanced. Because of the Delta variant and my tenuous health, I’m going to watch from home though. I may go once in a while in person, but not tomorrow. I’m glad they will continue to stream online.
  3. I haven’t been on here for a while. My summer is sliding along. I go back to work in a little more than a month! In the meantime I am trying to get myself out for walks when I feel okay. My cancer treatment is going well. But my health is tenuous. I tend to run a low grade fever, and sometimes it spikes higher. Today and yesterday it was closer to normal, so that was good. My siblings decided that they want to wait until fall for my Mom’s memorial service. So we are figuring that out. My youngest son still will not get the vaccine, so I likely won’t invite him to go. I just can’t risk him catching the virus in the airport or on the plane and then passing it on to me, or my sister (also immunocompromised due to cancer treatment), or my cousin (cancer treatment and just finished treatment for Lyme disease). I am looking forward to visiting my old hometown - haven’t been there in 4 years. My old childhood house is right next to my parent’s old church. Today I got out and walked with my friend C, but it was a more leisurely walk through an old orchard. It was nice to be in the shade of the trees. After, I dashed home and got ready to meet a few friends from church for lunch. We went to a restaurant and sat outside by the river. It was so pleasant out! Not too hot. I guess I had better enjoy it now, because the weather is forecast to be heating up again this week! Ugh! Not quite as bad as before, but close to 100 F.
  4. Glad you were able to get there. Arnold is such a keeper!
  5. A fairly quiet Independence Day here so far. I didn’t do anything special - I saw friends yesterday and my son is coming over for dinner later this week. It felt good to have a quiet day. I think they banned fireworks this year due to the fire risk. I do hear a bit, here and there, but it has been strangely quiet, compared to most years. My cat is hanging out with me though - he doesn’t like hearing the little bit that is going on. I've been doing an online class this summer for my work, so I do a bit of that each day when I feel like it. I have to make a lot of appointments- for my car, my cat, and myself. All of it got delayed due to COVID and me being sick. I guess I will be busy with such things this summer. Yesterday I did have a nice hike with friends. We saw evidence of beavers (chewed trees). Saw some blue herons and turtles sunning on a log, baby geese and ducks, and a nutria swimming around. No foxes this time though.
  6. So glad you got him to do the first one!! My son is coming over for dinner this week, so I need to talk with him about it. Hope I make some headway!
  7. Maybe. Only she would know. She might be shy around men, or worried that she would be the third wheel, or maybe she is gay and had designs on you. Lol on the “cliffhanger “. We won’t have that story tied up until you check with Adrian about why she left. Just tell her we all need to know, haha!
  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. Keeping you, your husband and your son in my prayers.
  9. Oh ugh. Wow. He was probably with other women. But he really did miss her after she was gone - he grieved for years after her death.
  10. Ack! You leave us in limbo! (I think I remember you did that once before…)
  11. Relief from the oppressive heat is coming tonight!!!!!!!!!
  12. I need to look that up! She must have been a saint! Because I am sure he was a handful, behavior-wise. There are some home movies one of his students did about him at one point. Maybe a documentary??
  13. Yes, I have learned a lot this week! But also, I’ve learned that I knew some things that my older brothers did not - because they left home earlier.
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