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  1. I did get out to mow the lawn but I wore a mask for that. Then I did a saline rinse when I came back in.
  2. Ugh. The pollen is crazy here and my allergies are really annoying! I’ve been coughing and wheezy for a few days now. But I have not been anywhere for a few weeks except for no contact grocery pickup in the grocery parking lot. So I know it is allergies. Plus, my temp is normal. A member of my Zoom book group was so miserable, complete with red nose from the symptoms.
  3. Yes, very sad. Sounded like a nice guy.
  4. Yes, my friend that had COVID had a reaction to the first shot but not much on the second. I had a mild reaction to the first one (sore arm, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, slight elevated temp). Then the second packed a wallop for me- fever for 36 hours, then boom - it was gone. However, combined with my cancer treatment, I had fatigue for 6 weeks. My coworkers didn’t though.
  5. Yes, he hinted at that when we had so few doses on hand, so we could get everyone at least partially vaccinated. But now he recommends both doses.
  6. I follow this guy too. I don’t always agree with him and I find him to be full of himself at times. He has at least changed his mind on some things as the science comes in, so I appreciate that about him. I’m thinking of introducing my son to his videos, because then at least my son would be exposed to real science. And I think he would appeal to my son... By the way, a friend of a friend is a nurse that worked with him and the nurses adore and respect him. Mrs Doctor ZDogg is also a physician.
  7. OMG Unfortunately I was so right on this! Many parts of Oregon have just entered into the Extreme status for COVID. So they are shuttering down places again. It doesn’t really change my habits - although I did order grocery pickup to get stocked up. Apparently it doesn’t change our school plans yet. I don’t think we have had any cases at the school, although I think they sent a few students home that were coughing or something like that. I would probably concern them too - something is blooming here today and I have been wheezy and coughing! (But I have not been anywhere so I know fo
  8. Oh shoot, I just read that he died. Ignore the joke. Sheesh! Very sad!
  9. And next you will be calling him Mary...
  10. My friend’s dog (who I used to walk with each week) was so excited to see me!!! She was thrilled! And kept coming over to see me. (C and I sat outside on the porch to chat for a few minutes).
  11. Just got back from delivering something to my friend C on the other side of town. I passed several “parties” out on the front lawns of various college age kids. No masks. Kiddie pools with unmasked college aged students. Kids hanging out with their red cups, having a great time. Watch the case rates in a week or so for Oregon. I bet they will be up! On the way across town, I counted 5 people with masks on. Out of about 80 people... The frontal lobes are not fully formed until people are in their late 20s.
  12. Haha, yeah... This decision happened last year and they had moved and boxed up my stuff last summer. I was part of the decision. In order to operate in person (and after 1 1/2 years of planning, we just now got permission to start a few weeks ago) each school in our state must satisfy 164 requirements. One of which was the “isolation room” Hopefully they will never need it.
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