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I don’t know for sure... 6-8 weeks probably. Life is so weird sometimes. Instead of setting up a nursery upstairs, we have a roomie up there. Now that I’ve had some downtime today, I feel sad because I’ve had to stop and think about it. I would wholeheartedly accept and embrace a little one, but it wasn’t meant to be. I feel like I’ve failed.

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Today was an okay day. Despite being on campus all day, I didn’t get a whole lot done. My instructor was very underwhelmed by my first draft for the kids’ book. We seem to have very different ideas. I was going for something very simple and illustration heavy, but she wants me to stretch myself and create this whole storyline. I understand where she’s coming from though, so there is much more work to be done. I can’t concentrate.


I went to a true story slam tonight and I’m so glad I did. It was fun! We’ve all been so stressed and overworked that it was so nice to laugh and munch and support those brave enough to get up in front of the crowd.

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I hate, hate, hate, having to see friends going through breakups. It’s always the ones I never expect! These two had been engaged for 3+ years and just never quite made it to the altar. Sad. There are no guarantees in life. None.


I feel like garbage today. Couldn’t get to sleep until 1... up at 5. Feel sick and tired. I made coffee (on a timer) but I can’t stomach it today. Must today be the day I visit family? :S At least there is a halloween party tonight and my mermaid should be done. I looooove it!

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Oh mylanta. Got up, went to work, got to work....they had cancelled my shift without telling me. Went home, tried to sleep. Napped till noonish. Alex and I both had an awful night. We went to a family lunch/brunch dealy for my grandpa/grandma's birthday... visited with relatives and got asked “when’s the date” over and over and over. Oh, and the, do you have a job lined up, when do you grad, what do you want to do..... Oh man.


We left feeling just absolutely exhausted. I know they don’t know, and they mean well and are curious, but we’re processing a loss, and processing having his brother suddenly living here, and, just too much right now. I told Alex that if I had a dollar for every time someone asked when the date is, we’d have the wedding paid for lol. On the positive side of things, my niece now calls Alex uncle Alex. It made me so happy to see them playing together. He’ll be a good daddy one day


Going to a halloween party tonight. Sweet relief! BSing, little bit of booze, and costumes!

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Got up at 6:30 this morning to do homework/newspaper. I work at 1:30.... LOL Alex is already up and gone. His company is sponsoring a technology award tradeshow today. He’s got new fancy pants... he’s also got a very nice bum I told him we had better get him an engagement ring to fend off the ladies who will be taken in by his lovely butt.

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The good: Got a raise!

The bad: Got denied this promotion my boss lured me back to the store with. I’m not upset, just a little bit...disappointed because she decided this based on one night. It’s all good because I do not want to be in charge/responsible for the noobs.

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