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  1. big big big hugs for you Vic. Thinking positive thoughts for both your mom and your boy.
  2. This is a really interesting conversation! I can't remember if I already said this (sorry if I have) but as stupid as it may sound, until I watched Parenthood and observed one of the boys with Aspergers (obviously acting) I had no idea what it was really all about. I figured it was just social quirks and maybe a bit of obsessive behaviour. I had no idea what parents go through and how tough it is because it's not like you're fully autistic, you're functioning, you're quite intelligent, but you just don't quite fit in the mold of society. I know Aspergers is getting much more awareness and I think that is so wonderful. Vic, I have every confidence that your boy is going to do just fine in life, better than fine, because you've raised a strong and smart guy.
  3. Feel better Vic. I take it you got that monster cold that's sweeping the nation? It's a bad one, but you'll be totally fine in about a week
  4. I was thinking of you today Vic. Listened to the radio the whole way this morning, just stunned.
  5. 17 already? Wow!! Happy birthday to him
  6. Okay really? What do they do? Adopt kittens and when it’s not “cute” anymore, throw it away like garbage? Disgusting!! Grrrrrr
  7. it would sure be nice to get those back taxes. I like to think of it as good karma for all that you went through in your earlier years
  8. Between you and I, we wish that the house next door would burn down so something new could go in. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, but it is so hard to appeal to buyers when the house next door is run down and has 7 dead cars on the lot. That house is weighing down the whole neighborhood. Good for you for documenting everything!
  9. Man, my neighbours may be annoying, but at least they keep to themselves. One of them yelled at Moe to shut up this morning. I laughed. Hypocrites. I hope your neighbours move away soon, or get some brains.
  10. ^ Yup. I know that would work miracles! Children who are told they cannot, grow into adults believing they cannot.
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