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  1. Thanks. It's a little better but not out of the woods yet.
  2. Thank you for helping me today despite all of the stuff you were going through. You're wonderful.
  3. Oh god, don't get me started on trendy baby names. I will get on a soap box and it's impossible to get me off!
  4. Didn't he change his name on here?
  5. I think this is an absolutely perfect response!
  6. My dad's dog was sick a couple years back and even though my dad makes well over $100k a year and owns 2 houses, 3 cars, and a motorcycle, not to mention 4 expensive pure bred dogs, he posted on facebook to ask for help to pay for his dog's treatment. My sister's husband went off on him, commenting how my dad won't even put the money on my nephew's college fund that he promised he'd start when my nephew was born and won't even acknowledge my nephew. My dad hasn't talked to my sister since then I believe. He deserved it though.
  7. I'm glad things are going so well. I love that painting! Good luck!!
  8. image removed I love books with dogs as main characters haha
  9. This oen is from "The Secret of Everything" by Barbara O'Neal, and it also very much sums up my feelings on dogs: link removed And then yet again, dogs (surprised?) (Also from "Saving Sailor") link removed I just randomly will find passages I like that stick out to me and will take pictures of them. It started with the Circle of Friends exchange about always wanting cakes. Not profound, I suppose, but they are pretty on par with me.
  10. From "circle of friends"--this exchange is so me. From "saving sailor"--a book about a girl and her dog. It's exactly how I feel about dogs.
  11. I can't see you on my fit bit stats. But I also can't figure out how it works still haha
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