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  1. Hi, please help. I want to take myself off enotalone, how do I go about it? I have been judged and questioned for the last time. I have just been accused of writing off a whole gender, which is not only ridiculous, but I was then JUDGED on how I will raise my own child (seeing as I am pregnant). WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE GET OFF?? They have no idea what an awesome mother I will be and if they can jump on posts so quickly and start to judge the person who wrote them on such PERSONAL MATTERS, then that say's something very wrong about them, NOT ME, so they can go jump off a bridge. Please r
  2. I miss you for some parts of the day, but I still know I made the right decision in leaving you and I know I will be happier for it once I get over this initial loneliness.
  3. I would like to say that I don't know if I can forgive you for not being there for me after we lost the baby and how you were so selfish and just tended to your own needs, never cared about my long journey to work and how tired I was. How you would get so frustrated about my driving skills and make me upset about it. How you were so in love with me and could never even think of hurting me, but you did. And after everything I have been through in my life..... I never expected it from you. Will miss the person I thought you were.
  4. I'm so sorry for you that you are going through this right now, it must be awful, such a shock. I bet it feels like a whole new world has opened up to you, a very scary one. Has he been sleeping with these other people behind your back then whilst in the relationship with you, or was it before you? If so, then that is very bad and it can well be looked at like any other adulterous behaviour, which is very hard to forgive in itself, but to find out its other men must be so shocking. I guess finding out your man is attracted to both men and women makes it very hard to trust them, even
  5. You don't have to tell him about your dark side, or maybe not yet. It sounds like its a good idea to maybe not and just concentrate on being happy, like you said. He sounds very nice and you already say that you are much better in this relationship than the last one, because you probably learned a lot from the last one. However, on the other hand, you should be honest with your partner if you find you are feeling bad a lot and need to share it with someone. Maybe the last boyfriend couldn't handle it very well or reassure you properly that you are 'worthy'. Hate that word, makes us sound li
  6. You are seeing the texts as validation of her wanting to be with you. You can't rely on texts in this way. Are you an impatient person anyway? We have all been here at some point though. Not everyone can reply to texts straight away as it may mean anything, that they are busy, asleep, on the toilet etc! I dont think people should have to give up EVERYTHING in order to text you back just because you will get upset. She will start to resent you if you make her feel like this, so be careful. You are focusing too hard on that contact being confirmation of her liking you, when it's not. I
  7. Hi wishlist, I have seen this before, I've even been like that myself even, but I'm not anymore. You won't see any change in him until he accepts that he has a problem. If he is still at the stage of "blaming you" for this, then I can't see any way forward. My boyfriend started to act like this a little bit recently, but not to that degree, and it was largely due to me being quite distant and afraid of commitment, but I knew that I wanted to be with him. We had an honest chat, friend to friend, and he understood and admitted as to how he was acting. I was totally honest with him about h
  8. you are worrying over nothing. she was defending you and so what if she thinks youre not that hot. not everyones boyfriends are hot. but she thinks you are the sweetest guy ever, which is a much better compliment that anything to do with looks. You are worrying over nothing, unless you are insecure about your looks anyway. she probably only said it as she kind of worries what other people think a little bit thats all. x
  9. no you dont have much to complain about really, at least you have friends. your just growing up i guess and everything seems like a big problem when it isnt really. cheer up and enjoy everything and stop moaning x
  10. i totally agree with that. this happened in my relationship of six months which i have just ended. i feel so sad about it that it didnt work, but i found that I would find things annoying after a while etc. i think if you really love someone, then yes you get annoyed with them, but you never get really irritated by them.
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