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  1. A few years ago, I was experiencing what many visiting this forum are going through, I was depressed, shocked, and felt hopless after I got "dumped", (4 year relationship) enotalone helped a lot, I shared some advice with people and received a lot, it helped me get through those dark times. During the last few years I tried dating and all that, but whether it was bad luck, bad choices or I wasnt ready yet, maybe all the above they didnt pan out. But as fate would have it, I received a hello call from a female friend and ex work companion. and to make a long story short, we got married 2 months ago, since we already knew each other, and always had great chemestry in the past it was smooth sailing after finding out we were both single. anyway the point of this post is, dont give up hope, i know the dark place that some of you are at, but these experiences happen for a reason. I have learned and grew a lot from that phase in my life, and if things didnt happen the way they did I wouldnt be in my happy relationship now.
  2. This Woman and her family seem to have issues that your just not responsible for, you want things to be smooth between both of you and expect her to change. She not going to do it anytime soon, and do your really believe you can change her? of course not! Yes the baby screams and yells and throws a fit, unfortunately in that household thats the norm and is completely acceptable. As for this "condition" this woman has, sometimes people will justify their actions with anything, this way they do not have to feel responsible for their actions. I suggest you find a friend that is someone you wouldn't mind having around you and your child.
  3. The words you use to describe yourself is how you feel internally, you have been put down so long in past relationships that you believe that the only thing you have of value is your body. Even though you want these guys to like you for your other good traits, you need to believe yourself that you have them, you have to love yourself and respect yourself before others can. Once you can bring up your self esteem and really value yourself as a person, once you can erase from your mind that you are not who your Ex made you think you are, then you will start attracting the right kind of guys and not scare them away. Yeah guys like sex, but they will only take a woman serious if she doesnt push it, or give it up so quick. value yourself and men will value you. I like your list, and its a good set of rules, but this should come naturally from inside because of your values, and not because "this is what i have to do" and your right, the past doesnt have to be the present or future, today you can be reborn into who ever you wish to be, your on the right track.
  4. Well in no way 30% of the population is cutting and burning themselves maybe thats what he wants to believe to feel better over what he is doing to himself. This man is not a hurt puppy you can fix, yes he is hurt and obviously has issues, he is not in control over his emotions and knows this enough to even "warn" you about it. He needs to seek out proffesional help, you'r "kindness, love or pity" is not going to help him with his problem.
  5. Why would you even consider having sex with someone you have already left because he doesnt respect you? you say "he is not who you made him out in the past" and this is true, you made (saw) him the way you wanted and not the way he has always been. From his comments its obvious he puts you below him, in no way does he make you feel special. So IF he calls again, tell him he can stay with his hands, and not to call again. Put this guy behind you and as you said in your post find someone thats "respectful and you can care for" , but I will also add, that this someone also care for you and not only about himself.
  6. Being responsable and knowing when and when not to joke around is what separates childish immature behavior from that of an adult.
  7. Be confident in your actions, but be humble in your statements, don't "sell" yourself.
  8. Remember that old saying, "the grass is always greener" just because your distant doesn't mean your out of the loop completely, if she is selective and your her type, doesn't matter how stiff the competition, you'll be the one she will focus on. sometimes being around someone all day jeopardizes your chances, you may not get to see her often, but just enough to spike her curiosity and interest. be yourself, be confident, and show a bit of interest but keep her guessing a bit (thats your bait). if she thinks your not her type, than basically your up the creek, but this isn't a total loss, after all, you do want someone that your compatible with also don't you? any reason beyond that is an indication your just looking to score.
  9. Well, like i mentioned beside the obvious signs, i mean if a woman squirts thats a proof positive. as for squeezing, and noises, a woman can do those things at will whether she is having an orgasm or not, and is typically how women fake orgasms. There are more subtle involuntary indicators that a woman is really aroused or not, lips, pupils, skin color, even clit size (yes it increases in size) labia, breathing.
  10. In the 70s and 80s water beds were popular, I don't know one person that uses them now, I tried a couple times sleeping on them, I hate them myself. Making love on a water bed is not the same as doing it in a pool or beach etc. actually the buoyancy is what makes it fun, its like being in zero gravity, you can do some weird positions you couldn't normally do on dry land. There is another excitement also, for example when you make out at the beach, your basically having sex with people all around, even though it only looks to them like your "hugging".
  11. I agree with this also, about 5 years ago while dating my Ex (the one that made me seek help here) I was friends with another girl, I knew she was attracted to me, and I liked her too, but it never went beyond friendship, guess who I am dating now for the last 6 weeks? thats right! during the last 2 years or so, we both been into other relationships that didn't pan out, actually she had gotten married and divorced in that period. Anyway one of the things she told me was that she knows I'm someone she can trust, because I didn't make a move on her when i was with my GF years back, so what goes around comes around.
  12. While giving oral i can tell almost every time, but during actual sex its difficult, as the other signs are way more obvious (heart beat, breathing, expression) sometimes i feel a little involuntary trembling through her body when that happens it usually mean she had a super great orgasm.
  13. well just get a small plastic bottle with a pop lid on it, and fill it with lub, squirt some on when you need. I had to chuckle with the image you planted in my head, someone basting his member with a brush.
  14. thats my kind of water sport!! go for it! get some aromatic bath salts, light up some candles, and make sure you get a big puffy sponge, make the most from the experience!! most water based lubricants will wash away in the tub, i used to live in a beach town, me and my ex GF used to make out in the ocean, actually our first time was in the water lol. anyway, we didn't have lubricant, and frankly we didn't need it as things went smoothly anyway with all the natural lub she had inside her.
  15. Here is a question, are you attracted to women/men that flirt with people other than their partner? there are two kinds of people, those that flirt with others while in a relationship and those that don't. So it is simple logic, if someone in a relationship is the type of person that will flirt with you behind his/her partners back, thats the kind of person they are period. I find it curious the double thinking that goes on with lots of people, If they are in a relationship and their partner cheats on them, most of the time that creates a lack of trust and ends that relationship. but if that same person cheats on someone else to be with them, they somehow trust them!! its still the same "act" to put it another way, if you know someone is an active crook but has never robbed you personally would you trust them with your belongings? so why trust a person with your heart that has broken someone else's heart with lies and deceit? The excuse of "I'm not happy in my relationship etc" is not a valid reason to cheat, if your unhappy in your relationship and have tried everything to fix it, than just end it, say goodbye and move on BEFORE finding a replacement. Another thing, people that don't put "spaces" between their relationships usually never heal or let go of issues caused by the past, they bring that into your relationship. plus there is the fact that the reason they get a replacement before breaking off with their current one could be because they fear being without someone. I say this from wisdom I gained from learning the hard way, I can say right now that I deserved what I got. very simple rule, if they can do it to someone else, they can do it to you, and they most likely will.
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